How To Email and Print Whatsapp Chat History Easily


Whatsapp has really become an important source of living these days. Not only youngsters but professionals also love whatsapp. Normally people used to communicate/chat with their friends on whatsapp.

Recently when facebook acquired whatsapp, its bringing new and most important changes very oftenly. You must have heard about recent updates in whatsapp i.e now you can send documents and PDF too. They also updated couple of new emojis. You can read much about the same by visiting below mentioned link.

So whatsapp has all age of people and that's why in this post I'm gonna show you how to use whatsapp professionally.

You might be using whatsapp for business purpose or you might want to save your whatsapp message and media. So how to do that ?

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The solution is pretty simple. You can easily email your whatsapp conversation from whatsapp app itself and from email you can easily print whatsapp messages. To do these things you don't need any external or third party software's. You can do these things by using your whatsapp app only. Isn't this sounds amazing ?

So in this post I'm gonna show your how to email and print out your whatsapp conversation history.

Just think how useful and easy it can be. You can close deals on whatsapp only and later just email it and print it. That's it, no paper work nothing. How simple it would be.

So if you are impressed with the above description then just read the complete guide on how to email whatsapp chat and how to print whatsapp chat.

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Email and Print Whatsapp Chat Conversion :

To email any of your whatsapp chat is pretty easy. In fact its the built in functionality of whatsapp. By following the below mentioned steps by step guide you can email your whatsapp chat history to any of your email address.

Step 1 :- Open your whatsapp account from your android phone.

Step 2 :- Press option and go to settings.


Step 3 :- Now go to Chats and calls >> Chat history >> Email chat.


Step 4 :- As soon as you click on the "Email chat" option, it will ask you to select chat/contact that you want to email.

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Step 5 :- After you chose your chat, it will ask you whether you want to attach media files or not. Simply click on either of button i.e "without media" or "attach media".


Step 6 :- Now choose email app i.e default email or Gmail.


Step 7 :- It will now ask you to enter email address where you wanted to mail chat conversation. Simply enter email address and press "send" button.

Step 8 :- It will attach .txt file of chat conversation with your mail.

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Step 9 :- Now you have whatsapp chat history in your email from where you can easily take print out's.
Simple login to your email account and open the mail. After that click on "print" button to print that chat. Isn't its really very simple :)

So this was all about how to email whatsapp chat and how to print whatsapp chat easily. I hope you found this tutorial worth reading and helpful.

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