How To Add rel=nofollow Tag To All External Links Automatically

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In blogspot blogs all external or internal links are dofollow by default right but it is extremely important to make all external links rel nofollow.


Yes you heard me right at the first place. It is extremely important. Let me tell you why ?

Few days back I wrote one post about downloading free movies and free music. After few days suddenly I received one email from Google webmasters team and they said,

"you are promoting unwanted content and we can't allow you to do so. So please remove it within 3 business days else we have to disable your account".

I analyzed why I received this mail. They also gave me one url of my blog which was promoting unwanted/illegal content. They said this is just one example there would be many.

So I quickly started analyzing my blog posts and somehow I survived by deleting 4-5 posts. But in the mean while I thought how I was promoting these sites. It was because I was not adding nofollow tag to external links.

So from the warning or mistake I had gone through, I do not want you to go from the same.

But you must be thinking how to make all external links nofollow. I mean I understand its pretty tedious and tiring task right ? But don't worry I have wrote one Jquery code for you. Which will make all external links as nofollow tag automatically.

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So you just have to paste this code once and forget everything. This will make all external links nofollow automatically not only that, this will also open all external links in new tab.

So are you ready to do that ? Then just follow the simple step by step guide given below.

Add Rel Nofollow Tag To External Links Automatically :

Note : You have to make changes into your blogspot template for this. This is pretty easy just follow simple step by step guide.

Step 1 :- Go to blogger template.
You have to install Jquery plugin into blogger template. Just go to Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML

Note :- Take backup of your blogger template before editing it.

Step 2 :- Find </head> into your blogger template.
Simply paste below mentioned code just above </head> part.


The code should be between <head>.

For Example,


      ..... paste code here ....


Step 3 :- Customization in the above code.
Just replace with your blog url. You have to make these changes twice.

Step 4 :- Save you blogger template
That's it. Now it will automatically make all external links as nofollow and it will also open all external links in new tab i.e target="_blank".

It requires lot of efforts to write such code. So please do respect privacy. If you want to use this code on your blog then don't forget to give proper credits to SolveMyHow. We only want this thing in return :)

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Frequently Asked Question :

Q) How to check nofollow links ?

There are couple of ways to identify whether the links are nofollow or dofollow but I have mentioned the easiest one.

You can install firefox add ons for firefox browser users and chrome extention from chrome browser users to identify the same.

Firefox add ons :-

Chrome extension :-

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You can visit these links and download/install them on your browser. It will make red dotted lines on all external nofollow links.

Q) Why to add nofollow attribute ?

As I shared my bad experience with you in the above part of the post. So think twice before giving dofollow link to any website. The website may look good today but it may violate Google search terms tomorrow. So Google will also banned you as you are promoting those sites by giving them dofollow attribute/link. So that's why it is important to add nofollow attribute.

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Q) Is it good for SEO ?

Indeed I must say. Why not to play safe ? Think twice or thrice :)

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So this was all about how to add rel=nofollow tag to all external links automatically. I hope you found this guide very useful and informative. Please do share this post with your social media friends on Facebook, Google plus and Twitter. I will appreciate your help :) 

Do let me know if you don't able to install code in your blogger template. Also write about your doubts and queries regarding this post in the comments below.

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