How I Earned $982 with Google Adsense Last Night


Google adsense is one of the amazing way to make money online. Any newbie who has basic knowledge of SEO and blogging can start his/her own blog and make money with google adsense

I'm not telling that its very easy way to make money or you won't face any difficulties in this field, but one thing I can assure that it will definitely give you a dot com life style which you ever dreamed for.


Now one thing I noticed by seeing too many landing pages and ads of many marketers uses fake adsense income generator. It will look a like genuine adsense income proof but trust me they are fake. They just create it by using Adsense fake income generator tool and sell their ebooks and other stuffs.

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So I just decided to write this post for awareness, for all newbie bloggers. So they can't get into such scams which ultimately gives no money but only crystal dreams.

Fake Adsense Income Generator :

There are many online tools available with which you can create fake adsense income screenshots. But I have found these two websites very accurate and useful,

1) Ehowportal (
ehow portal google adsense money generator. This is an amazing website which let you create fake income screenshots.

You just need to enter how much money do you want to generate and rest will be handle by this tool. I have already shown you the output in the above snapshot.

The other things which you need to enter are,
  • Today so far
  • Yesterday
  • This month so far
  • last month
  • next payment
  • most recent payment

You can see the snapshot below. Isn't it looks real ? Now do think twice whenever you see such snapshots.


Do use found this tool helpful ? Do write your reviews in the comments below.

2) Google adsense money generator (
This is the another tool which let you create fake screenshots. This is pretty old tool which generate snapshots of 2011-2012 adsense reports. 

Look at the snapshot below,


You need to enter two things only,
  • money you wanna make today
  • money you made yesterday
by entering above two things, just click on "generate cash" button and it will generate adsense income report screenshot for you.
Note :- publisher Id, CPC, CTR will be blurred as you do not want to reveal it.

Just think who won't get shocked by seeing above snapshot. This is the strategy commonly used by many fake marketers. Do not get into such scams. Do take care of yourself :)
Anyhow, next time if anybody try to shock you by showing their fake incomes, you use this tool to show your income.
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Adsense Income Generator - Working :

So this was all about Adsense fake income generator tool. I hope you found this post informative and worth reading. Do you know any such fake adsense earning tools ? Do write about it in the comments below. Also don't forget to write your experience regarding adsense income screenshot scams.

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  1. Hey Piyush,
    It means you did not earn $982 huhhhh

    So how much you get from your blog? Hmmm waiting to hear from you.

    1. He might get around $2000+ every month as i heard :)

  2. I have to ask do you have your own real proof.