Website Traffic Checker Tools: To Find Traffic Of Any Website

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website traffic checker tools

How much traffic does a website/blog is getting ? Do you wanted to find out how much traffic or pageviews does a blog/website is getting for competitive analyis ?

If yes, then this post is really important for you to increase your blog traffic by following there analysis.

website traffic checker tools

Here are some benefits why you need to put an eye on your competitors website traffic,
  • You will know how much unique visitor does a blog is getting.
  • You will know which keyword is sending more traffic.
  • You will check its world wide rank and compete it with yourself.
  • You will find out their targeted audience.
  • You will know what content you should write by following theirs. 
I hope you found above reasons suitable and if you wanted to find website traffic of any blog then read the below mentioned guide.

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Amazing Free Website Traffic Checker Tools:

I'll show you 5 tools and you can go with anyone which you like the most. But I really recommend you to use top 3 tools only (starting from top-bottom).

Tool 1 :- SEMrush
This is most recommendable tool to find out traffic of any website. This is actually paid tool but upto some extent its free. Like you're allowed to search 10 sites daily else you have to pay but its worth each penny.

It gives you following information,
  • Number of pageviews daily.
  • Number of backlinks blog/site has.
  • Traffic information :- Organic/direct/referral/other.
  • Keyword :- which keywords are sending more traffic with CPC.
  • Paid search information.
  • Competitors sites or blog.
In short it will give you each and every information you need about the site. Look at the snap shot below.

website traffic checker tools

Here I have entered my domain and its showing you my daily traffic i.e 12.8K pageviews/day

Try SEMrush

Tool 2 :- SimilarWeb
This tool is second most recommendable tool in the list.

This tool was previously used for finding similar site as the name tells the whole story, but now its giving whole traffic analysis report in the clean interface.

It will give you following information,
  • Global Rank
  • Country Rank
  • Category Rank (example :- tech category)
  • Traffic sorted by countries (example :- India, US, etc)
  • Overall engagement on site
  • Top referring sites (links coming from)
  • Top destination sites (links going to)
  • Social media traffic
  • Organic or paid search
  • Most important :- Similar sites
Not only this, you can also download whole report in PDF format.
So, these were some pros of using "similar web".

Tool 3 :- Alexa
I think bloggers doesn't need any introduction for this tool. This is well known tool and always remain most discussed on blogosphere.

Just visit alexa and enter your domain name. It will calculate your blog's global rank. It follow its own algorithm for ranking the sites. But mostly the algorithm calculates daily unique visitors and number of pageviews blog is getting.

Here location of the traffic is also considered. So, if the traffic is coming from US then your alexa rank will be good.

By improving alexa ranking 0f your blog, you will also start getting private ads. So, try to come under 100,o00 sites of the world.

Try Alexa

Tool 4 :- Compete
If you wanted to find out the US traffic only then this is the best tool to use. It will give you estimation of US traffic. 

Compete fetches data from ISPs and uses its own data source to calculate the website traffic.

It offers very few information for free. The information such as number of pageviews, demographics, etc is only for paid users.

Try Compete

Tool 5 :- Google Display Planner
Display planner is an amazing advertising tool by google. You need gmail id to login.

Now simply enter the domain name for which you wanted to know the traffic, next set "campaign targeting" by default it is "United States" and click on "Get ad Ideas" button.

website traffic checker tools

Now Google will show you the average impressions a blog is getting in a week and if you multiply it by 4, you will get the estimate of the site's monthly hits/traffic.

Try Display Planner

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So, these were the top 5 website traffic checker tools. I hope you found this tutorial informative and worth reading. Which tool you like the most and which are the other best tools available to find website traffic. Please do let me know in the comments below.

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