3 Best Mobile-Friendly Test Tools To Check Mobile Friendliness

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If you have blog/website then you understand the importance of responsive design.

In April 2015, Google official announced that your site should be mobile friendly else it will be neglected in mobile search results. So, make sure to run mobile friendly test for your site once.

Google is very serious about smartphone users as the market is been shifted on that side. If I personally talk about SolveMyHow, then I am getting double traffic from mobile phone as compare to desktop.

Make sure your site's ready for mobile-friendly Google search results - Google.

So, I must say if you do not have responsive design for your blog/website then you are really making huge loss. In last couple of posts, we saw some blog optimization techniques to speed up your blog or website. Just read the below mentioned guide in case if you missed,

For a newbie blogger, responsive word may sound new.

Responsive design is an auto adjustable template of your blog or website. It adjust its size according to the screen. So, if you are opening your blog in desktop, mobile or tablet it will adjust its size accordingly.

Earlier developers had to install different template for mobile and tablet but now you can develop just one template and make it responsive. Make sure to do certain compatibility tests on it. For that I will show you 3 best tools today.

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Best Mobile-Friendly Test Tools :

Tool 1 :- Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This is an amazing tool powered by google. It will actually tell you, how Googlebot are going to see you mobile page rather then smartphone/mobile phone users. 

So their feedback will really help you to correct your blog SEO.

If your mobile site test is passed, you will get a message that says "Awesome ! This page is mobile-friendly".


else it will show you red color message saying "Not mobile-friendly".

In case if your blog or website failed in mobile responsive test then it will give you specific failure reasons such as :- content is wider than screen, links are closer to each other, width should be in percentage etc.

So, according to me this is the best tool that will show if google consider your page mobile friendly or not and if it says "no" then your site will be pushed down in mobile search results.

Tool 2 :- Bing Mobile-Friendliness Test Tool

This is second recommended tool powered by Microsoft. This tool will tell you how Bingbot will see your blog. If you are serious about getting traffic from bing search engine then you should not neglect this test.

If your mobile site test is passed, then you will get the message in green color that says "This page is mobile friendly", look at the snap shot below.


Else it will show you red color message saying "This page is not mobile friendly".

Bing basically consider 4 parameters to test any website,
  • Viewport configured correctly
  • Page content fits device width
  • Text on the page is readable
  • Links and tap targets are sufficiently large and touch-friendly
If these 4 parameters are in green then you're fine and if any of them is in red color then you need to work on it and make it responsive. Its pretty simple right ?

So, according to me this is the second best tool to check whether the blog design is responsive or not.

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Tool 3 :- URLitor

This is the third best tool I found. This is actually a bulk mobile site test tool. So, you can enter N number of sites and after that just press on "submit" button.

This is popularly know as "Bulk Google Mobile Friendly Test with Score" tool.

You will get the score of mobile friendliness. This is really an amazing tool and it will give you table view format result. Not only that you can also download .CSV file of your result.

It will basically calculate following parameters for you,
  • Status
  • Google's Mobile Friendly Score (overall)
  • Mobile Friendly?
  • # of Resources
  • # of Resource Fetch Failures
  • Viewport Configuration
  • Font Legibility
  • Use of Incompatible Plugins
  • Content to Viewport
  • Size and Proximity of Links
This is must recommendable tool when you are checking more than 1 blog or website.

So, these were 3 best mobile-friendly test tools for you. Hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial. I recommend you to use responsive design template only. If your template is not responsive then make/download one. They are available for free on the web.

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