20 Best launchers for android 2017 You Must Download


best launchers for android 2017

Android launcher is the most amazing thing invented in the android phone. It literally gives the news look and feel to the phone. You feel as such you have new phone into your hand. So, don't you wanted to go through such feeling and experiences daily ? If I was at your place I would definitely go with it and download and install best android launcher suitable for my android phone.

You might be thinking which launcher is best for you or which android launcher you need to install as there are N number of launchers available in the playstore. My mail box is full with these requests only and that's why I decided to write one complete post about best android launcher 2016 :)


I hope you are enjoying reading this tutorial so far because the fun part has just began. Today I will give you 20 best launchers for android which you definitely download and install on your phone.

P.S I recommend you to bookmark this page, as it will be updated as soon as new android launcher will come in the market. So, just make sure you don't miss them at all.

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20 Best Android Launcher 2016:

Note : I will show you top 20 best android launcher 2016 today, whose priority is from top-bottom. So start using launchers from top only.

1) Action Launcher 3 :-
This android launcher is seen on many best android niche specific sites. According to android central "action launcher 3" is best android launcher 2015. But this still is ruling in 2016.


This is more powerful and flexible then any other launcher and it oozes material design too which gives it an amazing look. You can search for your favorite content i.e music, contacts, social media apps etc directly for the action bar. Action Launcher 3 replaces your homescreen with a colorful, customizable and speedy app.  Not only this the flat icons made it best launcher for android 2016. Try it out for free! 

Download Action Launcher 3 from Google playstore.

2) Apex Launcher :-
This is second recommend android launcher you must use. There are couple of reasons why you use this launcher,
  • Simple and free
  • Customized grid size home screens
  • Unlimited scrolling 
  • Customizable icons 
  • Scroll-able docks
  • Awesome customized icons

Look at the snap shot above. Isn't its awesome ? Try it for free !

Download Apex Launcher from Google playstore.  

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3) Go Launcher - Theme, Wallpaper
Stylish, Smart, Slim, Let’s GO Launcher! (amazing tag line, Isn't it ?).

Its new flat interface design with interactive control experience, enhance the performance and efficiency significantly, insert more awesome and useful features to get the users closer.  So, now say goodbye to the past and previous apps. It provide you a brand new personalized mobile operating experience.

GO Launcher is the common choice of 200 millions users over the world. I'm sure you do not want to miss this.


P.S Do you want to give you phone new iphone look, must install Go Launcher

Download Go Launcher from Google playstore.

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4) Google Now Launcher :-
Google Now is developed by Google Inc. as the name tells the whole story. Google Now is fast and has clean home screen that puts Google Now a must use launcher.

Some more interesting features are,
  • Quick access to search from home screen
  • Say “Ok Google” to search with your voice, or tell your phone what to do: send a text message, get directions, play a song, and much more.
  • A-Z ordered apps list
  • Clean design (as developed by google)

5) Nova Launcher :-
This is becoming most favorable android launcher 2016. You can't beat this. Nova is highly customizable, performance driven, home screen, embracing full material design. It will replace your home screen with one you control and can customize. It will change icons, layouts too which gives it more real look and feel.


Some amazing features,
  • Fast
  • Icon Themes
  • Subgrid positioning
  • Color controls
  • Backup/Restore
  • Widgets in dock
  • Infinite scroll  
  • Import Layout
Download Nova Launcher from Google playstore.

6) Smart Launcher 3 :-

Speed up your device with Smart Launcher 3. This innovative launcher, makes your android device more intuitive and well organized. It had already been downloaded by over 20 million people and still counting.

Smart Launcher Features,
  • Low resource requirements, save RAM and battery
  • Material design
  • apps list sorted automatically
  • Quick access to your favourite apps
  • Double tap on an icon to start a second app
  • Notifications on homescreen
  • Turn off the screen with a double tap or just by leaving your device on a flat surface (unique feature)
  • Integrated lockscreen with notifications
  • Highly personalizable

7) Yahoo Aviate Launcher :-
This launcher is developed by yahoo engineers. Yahoo Aviate automatically organizes your apps and information so you can save time and quickly find what you need, when you need it.

The Yahoo Aviate launcher is not only gorgeous, but smart too! This homescreen anticipates the information and apps that are useful to you based on where you are and what you’re doing.


Some amazing features,
  • Simple, beautiful navigation
  • Smart Stream
  • Organized content
  • Gorgeous look
  • Favorite People — Swipe up instead of digging through your contacts.
  • Better everyday — Your homescreen will look and feel very different.
  • Convenient search box.
  • Never Miss a Thing — Log in to see package notifications, bill pay reminders, and more personalized information.

Give your android phone a windows look. Launcher 8, is an excellent app for you to experience the Windows phone UI style on your Android devices. It will make your Android phone's homescreen looks like a windows phone. Its fast, clean and you can customize personalized Windows phone layout for your Android phone.


Just surprise your friend with the new desktop on your android phone! 

9) Line Launcher :-
Line is popularly know for stickers and doodles. This is official Line launcher made by Line Inc. Its time to convert your dull android screen into brand new twinkle.

This was previously known as dodol launcher. This launcher will give you 3000+ wallpapers, stickers and themes. So, if you're a theme, wallpaper or sticker lover. Nothing can be best for you except this launcher.

Download Line Launcher from Google playstore.

10) Z Launcher :-
This is Nokia Inc. product. A re-imagined way to use your Android. It is faster, launches anything in one second.


  • Scribble – Scribble a letter to find what you want 
  • Launch – Apps, contacts, or websites 
  • Adapt – It learns to promote the right stuff at the right time 

Are these launchers for android are useful ?

Indeed they are useful as you can see it really gives new look and feel to the phone. You can customize you phone as you want. This is really the plus point of android launcher's.

So, these were 20 best launchers for android 2016, you were looking for. I hope this tutorial helped you to give new look and feel to your android device. Just use 2-3 launcher's at initial stage and if you liked it, try other launcher's too. Keep one launcher for a week then change it and use another. In this way you can give new look to your phone every single week.

Finding and sorting these launchers, it really requires lot of time and hardwork. But we do not want anything from you except appreciation. Please click on social media buttons below and on your left side to give us vote of appreciation :)

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