(30+) Best Apps For iPhone 6 You Must Download


best apps for iPhone 6

Are you a iPhone 6 user ? OR are you a iPhone user ? Then you must download below mentioned (30+) best iphone 6 apps.


Below mentioned, are the best apps for iPhone 6 to showcase the apple's current flagship. These apps will definitely bring new change in your life. It will also help you to give more productivity to our iPhone 6. I have also mentioned few security apps, to protect highly credential data on your iPhone. After all, in real world data is everything right.

I'm mentioning 30+ best iphone 6 apps which are free, except 1 or 2 apps.
In my last post we saw " (10+) Best iPhone 6 Tricks You Must Know ". I recommend you to must read that guide, if you missed it somehow. It will explain you some amazing tricks for iPhone 6.

So, are you ready to see best apps for iPhone 6 ? If you just said yes, then do read the below mentioned guide.

Best Apps For iPhone 6:

With these iPhone 6 apps, I personally take better advantage of social media sites, easily communicate with my friends and colleagues, manage my websites and business, etc what else do you want right ?

So, I personally recommend you keep these best iPhone 6 apps into your iPhone. They will definitely help your a lot and make you work easier.

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iPhone 6 Apps For Social Media:

1) Facebook
I think Facebook needs no introduction. A no.1 social media site with 2 billion active users. Whenever I wanted to use Facebook, I login from iPhone 6 official Facebook app. Its pretty compatible with the large screen and that's why the content looks clean and beautiful.

2) Twitter
Do you use twitter as much as I do. Then you definitely install this official twitter app for iPhone 6. Its pretty easy to open the app instead of going on its official site. More over recently company has made some amazing changes and after that design looks more professional and user friendly.

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3) Instagram
Do you love to take photos, selfies and videos. Do you wanted to share it with your friends easily. Then you must install official Instagram app from iTunes. Its amazing and pretty faster.

4) Hangout
Google Hangout is the app, I use to handle my business. I used to communicate with my clients, with my co-workers etc. Without this app this would had become difficult for me. In hangout, you can chat with you Gmail and Google plus friends.    

iPhone 6 Apps For Security:

1) Find iPhone
Find my iPhone is an amazing app to keep track of your iPhone 6. For example, if your iPhone is stolen and you wanted to trace where it is, you can do that with this app. Isn't its really very useful ? Must download this app.

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2) LastPass
LastPass is basically password managing apps. So, if you wanted to secure your passwords you can download this app. I'm using it since last 2 months and I'm pretty satisfied with it. This help me to select right and strong password all time + it also store it for me in my account for ease use in future.

If you work on some credential data and always keep two-step authentication like you do in Gmail account then HDE OTP is most important app for you. Download this app as this is the easy and quick way to secure all your accounts. 

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iPhone 6 Apps For Health:

1) Calm
Occasionally, I've very stressful day so I often open this app which teaches me how to stay calm and cool. It's a free application and every iPhone user must have this app. It will teach you how to live stress free and tension free life. 

2) FirstAid by American Red Cross
FirstAid by American Red Cross is an amazing and very useful app which provides very important tips which would be very useful in emergency. It's an offline app and a must have application for all iPhone users.

3) Sleep Cycle 
Sleep cycle is my favorite iPhone app. It analyze my sleeping hour's pattern and wakes my up when I'm actually ready to awake. This is also called "intelligent alarm clock".

iPhone 6 Apps For Entertainment:

1) Remote
Remote app helps you to connect your iTunes and Apple TV with your iPhone. So, you can control you Apple TV with your iPhone. A must have app, if you have Apple TV.

2) YouTube
YouTube doesn't need any introduction right. In android phones it came per-installed but for iPhone 6 you have to install it from iTunes. I watch tons of videos from YouTube official iPhone 6 app. The interface is pretty clean, I must say,

3) Audible 
Audible is the best app to listen audio books and etc stuff.

4) Xbox Smart Glass
If you have Xbox one or Xbox 360 then you must download smart glass app right now only. It will allow you to control your Xbox with your iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Apps For Shopping:

1) Amazon
If you like to do online shopping then amazon official app for iPhone users will definitely improve your user experience. Though the app is bit heavy but amazon is continuously fixing the bugs and updating the app.

2) ebay 
This app really helps me to give proper price for whatever I'm buying online. Now I can easily check bids and auctions with this app.

3) FedEx
If you order and receive tons of packages like me. Then you must download FedEx. It will help you to keep an eye on your package.

4) PayPal 
I personally use PayPal to send money to my developers, friends and family. This is a best and secure way to transfer money online.

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iPhone 6 Apps For Weather:

1) The Weather Channel
This is free app and will give you an estimation about rainfall, snowfall etc. So, if you live in such sensitive areas, you must download this app.

2) Dark Sky
This will do the same task as above app do but the only difference is its paid app.

iPhone 6 Apps For Travel:

1) Google Maps
Apple maps are improving and getting better day by day but I still rely on Google maps for accurate traffic estimation and proper navigation. Its one of the best iPhone 6 available.

2) Sigalert
This app will give you detailed traffic reports and offers traffic cameras too. It also allows you to personalize your route. Its perfect app for those people who commute to much.

3) Waze
Waze is amazing real time app for the people who like to do road trips.

4) Uber
Get a car/cab wherever you want. No need to exchange the cash. Everything is handled via app.

iPhone 6 Apps For Photography:

1) Afterlight 
This is amazing app to give extra effects to your photographs. Its pretty cheap and worth paying.

2) Touch Retouch
An amazing app to give re-touch to your old photos. 

3) Camera+
I often use this app only to edit my photographs taken from iPhone 6.

iPhone Apps For Sports:

1) NFL Sunday Ticket
2) StubHub 

iPhone Apps For Music:

1) BandInTown
2) SoundCloud
3) Spotify

iPhone Apps You Will Love:

1) DropBox
2) Google Search
3) Swype
4) Evernote

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So, these were (30+) best apps for iPhone 6. I recommend you to download and install best apps that suits to you.

It really require lot of time and hard work to collect these cool iPhone 6 apps. It took me 2 days to collect, sort and arrange it category wise. We haven't kept any content locker on SolveMyHow because I don't want you to share my posts forcefully.

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