(10+) Best iPhone 6 Tricks You Must Know

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iPhone 6 tricks

When iPhone 6 launched in early 2015, they were sold like hotcakes in the market. This time iPhone 6 came with updated iOS 8. It also contain some secret iphone 6 tricks which you must need to know as a iPhone user's.


So lets learn how to use iPhone 6 better by using our best iPhone 6 tricks. This tutorial will show you the best iPhone 6 features and secret tips that your didn't know your iPhone 6 can do.

The only thing you know about iPhone 6 phone right now is that, it offers bigger display, updated iOS and added some amazing new features that is enough to amaze anyone. I agree with you, but not only this.

As we know apply delivers iPhone 6 with iOS 8 and 8.1 and this contains lot of new features which really change your way to use your iPhone 6.

Now if you do not want to spend your whole day in reading apple iphone 6 manual, then you can use our tutorial to learn more about iPhone 6 tips and tricks. Now obviously to use these iPhone 6 tricks, you need iPhone 6 handset (or higher version) or you need mac OS X Yosemite. So, are you ready to use 10+ amazing iPhone 6 tips and tricks which are really out of the box ?

P.S There aren't hundred's of iPhone 6 hidden features but there are few which I found handy, useful and worth sharing.

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Some iphone 6 tricks are already turned on, I will just show you how to use them. But to use those tricks and features, you have to configure them.

Best iPhone 6 Tricks:

Trick 1 :- Use iPhone 6 with one hand
As you guys know iPhone 6 is bit larger than iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. So, holding and using it with one hand is bit difficult for iPhone 6 users. Apple understood this problem and invented one amazing trick called reachability.

This allows you to reach apps and buttons, by using one-hand only which otherwise was not possible to reach to the apps without using second hand or without adjusting the grip.

To use this trick just double tab the iPhone 6 home button.

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Trick 2 :- Use one-hand keyboard in iPhone 6
The above trick will just help you to reach to the top of the apps or to the home screen but still as iPhone 6 screen is too large its also pretty difficult to type sms or chat on it. So to overcome this situation you can download one-hand keyboard from iTunes. They are available for $1.99 dollars only.

Trick 3 :- Attend or make calls from MAC or iPad
This is an amazing feature with is been recently added in iPhone 6 and higher version's of iPhone. Now you can attend and make calls from your mac as well as iPad. Just think when you left your phone for charging in another room or you kept your phone in your bag, at that time you can miss some important calls right.

But what if person can also call you on your iPad and mac ? Yes this is possible with iPhone 6. To enable this feature, just login to iCloud with same account from all your devices and at the very next moment all your devices will get connected.

Trick 4 :- iPhone 6 - instant personal hotspot
Now iPhone 6 can act as a personal hotspot, like any other iPhone. True nothing new in that. But iPhone 6 can act as a instant personal hotspot.

Consider a scenario where you want to connect your iPhone with mac or iPad. What you use to do ? You use to grab you iPhone anywhere you sit right. But iPhone 6 secret feature has resolved this problem.


Just ON instant personal hotspot atleast once by visiting, setting >> Cellular >> Personal hostpot >> on.

Trick 5 :- Charge your iPhone 6 fast.
Generally iPhone's required lot of time to get fully charged and so do iPhone 6. Even this is the most asked question (how to charge iPhone 6 fast) by frustrated iPhone users whose battery get drained very fast.

So, you can easily reduce charging time by half by using iPhone 6 tricks i.e by using iPad charger which supports 2.1A/12W of power. Try it once and see the results.

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Trick 6 :- 8 iPhone 6 camera tips and tricks
iPhone 6 came in the market with some amazing new feature which also includes improved camera feature. 

  • HDR Photo
  • Lock Focus & Lock Exposure
  • New Filters
  • iOS 8 Camera Timer
  • iOS 8 Slow Motion Video
  • Panorama
  • iOS 8 Time Lapse Video
  • iOS 8 Burst Photo

This is the real gift to the iPhone users who love to take selfies and photos all the time.

Trick 7 :- iPhone as a remote control
Your iPhone does not have IR port as android phones but still you can use your iPhone 6 as a TV remote control.


Download below mentioned apps to use iPhone 6 as a remote control,
P.S If you have apply TV at your home, then you can download Remote App for Apple TV.

Trick 8 :- Find my iPhone
What if your iPhone get stolen ? What will you do ? Have you ever thought for it ? Don't worry now you can always trace your iPhone with this best iPhone 6 tricks called "Find my iPhone".

This is basically an app, which you can easily download from iTunes for free or you can also access it from iCloud.

Trick 9 :- 6 iMessage tips
iPhone 6 added some cool feature in messaging application. They are listed below,
  • Do Not Disturb for a single message – Open message -> tap on Details -> turn on Do Not Disturb. 
  • Block iMessage or text – Settings -> Messages -> Blocked -> Add new.
  • Share your Location – Open the message -> tap on Details -> Share my Location.
  • Leave a group message – Open the group message -> tap on Details -> then click on Leave this Conversation.
  • See all photos in a conversation – Go to the message -> Tap on Details -> scroll to the Attachments section -> Tap on one to scroll through like photos.
  • Check texts on Mac, iPad or 2nd iPhone – Settings -> Messages -> text forwarding -> toggle on and then enter the six digit code which sent on the second device.

Trick 10 :- iPhone 6 Landscape feature
This is another useful feature from iPhone 6 tricks. As a iPhone users, you would be regularly checking you emails, reminders, calender etc stuff right ? So, now you could use landscape feature of iPhone 6 to read more content and divide you screen into 2 panes.

Here is the magic, consider a scenario where you're reading an email. So, your iPhone will be divided into 2 panes in landscape mode. So, in pane 1 it will show all the emails while in pane 2 it will show you the opened email. Isn't it is amazing ? Do write about this feature in the comments below.

Trick 11 :- Use bluetooth keyboard
Do you know you can use iPhone 6 with a bluetooth keyboard ? Yes, this thing is possible with iPhone 6 tricks. This will definitely let you type faster and it will also make work easier for you.

So to use bluetooth keyboard using iPhone 6, go to Settings >> Bluetooth >> Tap on the keyboard to add it.

P.S I recommend you to bookmark this page as I will add some new cool iPhone 6 tricks soon. So, you make sure to not miss any of them :)

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So these were 10+ best iPhone 6 tricks you must know. I hope you found this tutorial informative and worth reading. Honestly, these tricks will definitely give some boost up to apply company for selling iPhone 6 and it will also give an extra reason to people for purchasing it.

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