How To Setup WhatsApp Web For PC - Whatsapp Web Version


whatsapp web / whatsapp for pc

The meaning of the above two terms is same.

Whatsapp messenger, I guess this term doesn't need any introduction. The app was made for smartphone users and currently it has 1 billion+ active users. Recently the company has launched its web version called whatsapp web. So, now people would be able to use whatsapp on pc also.

whatsapp web

I have seen people doing parallel task like they do some work with one hand (may be surf on internet) while hold their phone on the other hand to communicate/chat on whatsapp with friends as they do not wanted miss any single message from them.

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Personally I feel very irritating while doing this and thanks to whatsapp web, I do not have to do such things anymore.

Guys wouldn't you also wanted to avoid this problem by using whatsapp on pc. This is the only solution for the above problem. You can surf on internet and you can also chat on whatsapp at a time. 

For example :- You can also compare it with facebook chat. whatsapp web is pretty similar to it.

Now you can connect your smarthphone's whatsapp app with computer virtually and you can use whatsapp in your web browser. Are you ready for that ? Just follow the simple step by step guide mentioned below.

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WhatsApp Web For PC:

Step 1 :- Visit
You will get below mentioned screen,

whatsapp web

Step 2 :- Open your whatsapp app on your smartphone.
Now look for option "whatsapp web".

Generally you will find here, open whatsapp >> press option.

whatsapp web

Step 3 :- Scan Q-R code.
Now scan you phone's Q-R code with Q-R code. 

Once you finish scanning you will see the following screen.

whatsapp web

P.S you can also enable or disable notification on browser.

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The whatsapp web version is responsive and size is automatically adjusted on computer, tablet and phone.
So, this was all about how to setup whatsapp web for pc. I hope you found this tutorial informative and worth sharing. What are you views on whatsapp web version, do let me know in the comments below. You can also subscribe for solvemyhow newsletter to get latest updates about whatsapp, android and IOS tutorials.

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