Maximum Adsense Ad Units Allowed Per Web Page

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Maximum adsense ad units

We all know that adsense to date is the best contextual high paying ad network.

Though adsense terms and conditions are bit difficult to satisfy still bloggers are dying to apply for adsense as its the highest paying ad network. I guess initially out of 10, 7 bloggers go with adsense.

Only rest 3 with think for any other ad network or any affiliate program.

maximum adsense ad units per web page

When a newbie start a blog, one of the most common question asked by him is "How many maximum number of adsense ad units allowed per page" ?

Well frankly it depends on number of pageviews your blog is getting. But in general adsense allowed 6 ad units on single web page.

Note :- 3 ads of content unit and 3 ads of link unit.

The count is not same for every blog. There are numerous number of blogs who can put more that 6 ad units per page but they are premium adsense publishers. Those blogs are well reputed blogs on the web and they're getting 1 million+ pageviews/month.

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Inside Adsense:

Google adsense allowed different types of ads, generally categorized into 3 formats.
  • adsense content unit
  • adsense link unit
  • adsense for search

Adsense content unit:

Content units are available in different sizes, you can choose according to your niche. The different sizes are,
728*90, 468*60, 125*125, 180*150, 250*250, 300*250, 336*280, 160*600

Personally I have found that 300*250 (medium rectangle) and 336*280 (large rectangle) will give high CPC than any other size, when kept below the post title.

P.S you can place maximum 3 content units per web page. There are also responsive content ads available.

Adsense link unit:

This ad unit works best when kept above the fold, specially in the navigation bar. You can read about the different sizes and directions (horizontal and vertical) available for link ads on official google page.

P.S you can place maximum 3 link units per web page. There are also responsive link ads available now.

Adsense for search:

You can place maximum 2 adsense for search. It really works best for big sites.

Quick Guide:

  • Try to keep minimum number of ads for getting higher CPC. 2-3 maximum.
  • Place atleast 1 ad above the fold.
  • Try to make combination of "image and text" ads. It works better.

P.S adsense is very strict about its terms and once if they found you violating it, you will be penalized by google penalty algorithms. This will also banned your adsense account and there are very rare chances to get it back. So follow adsense guidelines and policies very carefully in order to avoid getting banned.

So, this was quick guide about maximum adsense ad units allowed per web page. How many ads do you keep per web page ? Let us know in the comments below. You can also subscribe for solvemyhow newsletter to get latest update about money making tips right into your inbox !

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