Stylish And Attractive Email Subscription Box For Blogger

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feedburner email subscription box/widget for blogger (fully responsive).

"Subscribe to newsletter" I think this is the most common term you have seen almost on every blog and as you already know feedburner is the free email service powered by google.

I guess you have already configured your blog with feedburner right and maintaining one mailing list to send free newsletters to your loyal readers.

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Why maintain mailing list is important ?

Well when any visitor came to your blog he/she just reads and disappears forever. So your whole efforts has been wasted at that moment only. 

But what if instead, you just keep one stylish and very attractive email subscription box on the right side of the blog ? So, they can enter their email id's and subscribe to your blog. Now you can reach to them in future whenever you publish any new post.

feedburner email subscription box/widget for blogger

You just have to remember one simple math. "More email id's = More traffic".

Isn't it cool and profitable ?

Two more ways to collect more and more email id's is by keeping popup email subscription box or by adding stylish email subscription box below every post. If you are the regular reader of solvemyhow then you might had read that post already. Due to popup email subscription box, I'm able to collect almost 30% more email id's.

So, you can also configure that on your blog. You can visit the above links to do so.

If you haven't configured your blog with feedburner then you do it first. I will write one complete tutorial on it very soon. But for now you can ping me via contact us form. I would be glad to help you :)

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But for now lets remain to the point and lets create best subscription box for blogger. The o/p (look) you had already seen in the above snap shot.

Stylish Feedburner Email Subscription Box/Widget For Blogger :

This widget is created by using html and css that's why it looks this stylish and attractive. I hope you liked this widget. Please follow the simple steps mentioned below to install the same on your blog.

Step 1 :- Go to blogger.
I recommend you to take backup of your blogger template.

Step 2 : Go to layout.
  • Blogger dashboard >> Layout >> Add a gadget 
  • Add HTML/JavaScript
Look at the snap shot below.

feedburner email subscription box/widget for blogger

Step 3 :- Copy and paste below mentioned code.

Step 4 :- Change feedburner name
Now look for the comment,

<!-- ********************************************** Change Feedburner Name********************************************************** -->

<form action='' method='post' onsubmit='"", "popupwindow", "scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520"); return true' target='popupwindow'>
<tr> <td width='100%'>


<!-- ********************************************** Change Feedburner Name Ends********************************************************** --> 

Change the highlighted part with your feedburner name.

For example :-

The above mentioned is my feedburner link. 

Step 5 :- Save the gadget.

Congrats. Widget is successfully installed. Now visit your blog to see.

If you wanted to share this code on your blog then please give proper credits to solvemyhow else you may be caught and google may penalized your blog and may be de-indexed it forever. 

So, this was all about adding stylish and attractive email subscription box for blogger. I hope this will help you to get many email id's and with this you will be able to increase your blog's traffic too. If you have any query regarding this code please do let me know in the comments below. I would be happy to help you. In the mean while, you can also subscribe for solvemyhow newsletter to get latest updates about blogging, SEO and hacking.

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