Top 5 New Best Android Application You Must Download


Do you want best android apps for your android phone to make it super phone like Jarvis (iron man).

These days we are very dependent on our smart mobile phones right. In that apps has changed our way of living. Now we are totally dependent on apps for everything, that's why mobile usability has also increased like nothing.

There are around 1 billion active android mobile phones across the globe : report 2015. This is really a very huge number. This shows how much people are crazy about android.

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These days not only famous sites like amazon or Flipkart but also bloggers are creating their blog apps because they know with this how much traffic they can increase as mobile market is very huge.

People like to spend couple of hours on his/her mobile phone whereas they feel pretty tiring in opening the laptop. So, that's why by looking at the importance of this I bought one amazing post for you today called best android apps you must have in your phone.

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Nowadays you can pay bills from your mobile phone, you can recharge your DTH, phone etc, you can learn coding, cooking, music, exercise etc, you can do shopping, book movie tickets etc.

But finding the best app from the Google playstore is a bit difficult. As there are already plenty of millions of apps on playstore. So selecting each one of them, then downloading and then installing them would might waste lot of time. So, by keeping in mind that I decided to write this article.

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There are people with different different taste, on internet. So that's why I have decided to categorized this post and apps. I have 5 categories mentioned below and each category contained one best app.
  • best camera application in android
  • best music player application in android
  • best communication application in android
  • best dating application in android 
  • best news application in android 
Note : The categories are decided by keeping people in mind. People like these categories mostly. So now lets see all the above categories one by one.

5 Best Android Apps You Must Download:

 1) Best Camera app :
Camera 360 is the amazing free image or photo capturing app which you must download. This app has editing images feature, you can store your images on cloud. 

best android apps

More over with just one click you can share your snap/image with all your social media friends. 

Download Camera 360 app

2) Best Communication app :
There are dozens of apps available on playstore for communication like whatsapp, we chat, line etc but none of them is like google hangout.

best android apps

Google hangout allows you to have audio, video or text communication all in one app. You must once try it.

Download Google hangout app

3) Best Music Player app :
Poweramp music player is the best music player app in 2015. This is paid app but trail version is available free with high configuration equalizer and 4 different widget. 

best android apps

You must try it once.

Download Poweramp music player app

4) Best News app :
Flipboard - its obvious. No other app can take its position in news apps. It comes with amazing UI + real time news. I guess every news lover already have this app in his/her phone.

best android apps

Download Flipboard app

5) Best Dating app :
Badoo is the best dating app due to its real time effectiveness. It already has more than million members and it automatically shows you nearby people ;-)

best android apps

Download badoo app

That's it. Donwload them, install them and enjoy.

So, these were the 5 new best android application you must download. I hope you found this article worth reading and informative. Do let me know which is your favourite app out of all 5, in the comments below. You can also subscribe for solvemyhow newsletter to get best android and IOS tips and tricks right into your inbox. You can catch us on Facebook too.

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