How To Create Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogs


Hello friends as you know at solvemyhow, my goal is to teach you how to start a blog and that's why here I share each and every basic and important blogging tutorial and tricks. So, today we will see how to create social content locker in blogger blogs.

What is Social Content Locker ?

Well you have seen many blogging sites which do not let your read the important part of content until and unless you don't share their content. That is the example of social content locker.

It was introduced in wordpress first obviously, you can use readymade plugin called content locker but in blogspot you have to do some copy paste ;-)

Don't worry you don't need any html or technical knowledge for that. I will show you how to achieve this content locker for your blogspot blog in step by step procedure. 

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But before sharing this, I just wanted to show snap shot of content locker that how does it looks. Look at the snap shot below,

Now I guess everybody is clear with this. Now lets see how to add it in your blog post.

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Steps To Add Social Content Locker In your Blog Post:

You might be having the question that why should we lock our content instead why not we just ask people to share our content if they like it.

Well I guess till now you had already tried asking people and I know you haven't get that social exposure of your content that you want. People must be forced sometimes to share our content. 

Before starting I just wanted share few tips with you,
  • Do not lock whole content. Only lock important part. Let poeple read some what and let them have idea what they gonna get after sharing your content.
  • Don't lock each and every post. Lock only those post for which your are very confident enough.
Now, Lets see the step by step guide to get the social content locker for your blogger blogs.

Step 1 :- Go to
Now open your template.

Step 2 :- Now search </head> part in your template.
Simply press " Ctlr + f "and search for </head>. Now you have to paste the below mentioned code just above </head> portion.

In short it should be between starting and completion of <head>,
For example,


Step 3 :- Customization in social content locker.
As you can see I have added one "button" option in the above code. It contains 3 buttons Facebook link, Twitter tweet and Google Plus +1.

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But if you wanted to add linkedin button or facebook share button then you can add it in the above "button" option only. Just separate it with commas (,) .

Supportable button,


Note :- You can add all the buttons too.

Step 4 :- Replace my url's with yours.
Just below the "button" option you will find, 


url's. Just replace it with your url's.

Step 5 :- Edit text message (optional).
After editing url's now your can also edit text message which will be shown to the users. I have already added one good message and if you are satisfied with it then no need to edit it.

Step 6 :- Edit theme (optional).
The last step of customization is theme editing.

theme: "secrets"

Here I have already added "secrets" theme which is particularly my favorite one. But you can also try below mentioned themes.

  • "flat"
  • "glass"
  • "starter"
  • "dandyish"
Just instead of "secrets" write any one of the above mentioned theme.
That's all about editing/customizing the code. Now, lets see how to apply this lock on the particular post.

Step 7 :- Copy the below mentioned code.

Now replace the " - ADD YOUR CONTENT HERE - " with anything text, video, link/url, image etc which your wanted to place behind the social button's locker.

That's it. Now simply publish your article and if one has to see the hidden content then he/she must have to share it on desired social media first and due to this you will must get good social expose for your blog post.

I hope you found this tutorial informative and also learned very well, how to create social content locker in blogger blogs. If your are facing any difficulties in getting this locker do let me in the comments below. You can also subscribe for solvemyhow newsletter to get blogging tips and tricks right into your inbox.

I haven't kept any locker to share this trick with you but I would love, if your share this tutorial with your social media friends. After all "sharing is sexy" right ?

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