How To Hack Whatsapp Account On Android Phone Free 2018


whatsapp hack or whatsapp spy ?

Really is this possible ? Well the answer is yes. Through some tricks it is possible and you can access anybody's whatsapp messages / account.

I got many mails in last couple of months about how to hack whatsapp account and from then I was preparing this easiest tutorial for you. I have basically divided "hack whatsapp" tutorial in 3 parts or methods. 

I will describe all the methods in this post and I would recommend you to go with the first one if you don't understand the rest 2 because the rest 2 methods are a bit tricky. But you can easily hack someone whatsapp messages via method 1 too.

whatsapp hack

Before moving a head I would suggest you to read these amazing hacking tutorial too,

Now lets quickly see how to hack whatsapp.

How To Hack Someones Whatsapp Account To Read Chats / Messages:

Note : Do not misuse this trick. Please take permission from your friend - girlfriend / victim before accessing their chats. Respect the privacy.

Well I must hacking whatsapp is not as easy as hacking someone's facebook account. But still you can try by reading this step by step guide. You can always ask your dough's in the comments below :)

Method 1 :- Get the database file.
Note :- This is the easiest method to get whatsapp messages. But with this method you will get the messages/chat records of just last 7 days only.

Whatsapp maintains one database file in your phone itself. So, suppose someone has deleted their whatsapp chat to hide it from you and you wanted to read that chat badly. What to do in that case ?

Simply, burrow his/her phone for a while and go to file manager quickly. Now, go to whatsapp folder >> Databases.

You will see the last 7 days database history with the name "msgstore-date.db.crypt8". There would be similar 7 files with the different different dates. Select all and send to your phone via bluetooth or xender.

Now, you have victims database containing last 7 days chat. Now the game begins. The database is in encrypted format so you can't read that simply by getting it on your phone. You need somethings which decrypts it and made it in readable format. 

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Simply go to website. Here click on "select SQLite File" and select the db file which you wanted to read. Accept the term and click on proceed.

whatsapp hack

That's it the whole chat will be opened in that software and you can easily read it.

Wasn't it was simple one ?

Note : whatsapp is updating day by day and making it more secure so if you are facing any problem in uploading this fully secure encrypted database 8, do let me know in the comments below or you can also email me. I will provide you the solution.

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Now lets move for method 2.

Method 2 :- whatsapp spy

This is an excellent but paid tool. There are dozens of whatsapp spy software's are available but "Mspy" is my favorite. You can visit the site " " and see the functionality and demo of working.

Few Feature of mspy,
  • Spy on whatsapp messages, group messages, etc.
  • Spy on internet history.
  • Spy on social media sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • You can also track GPS location.
  • Spy on photos and videos too.
Basically victims whole phone will be your.

whatsapp hack

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How does mspy works ?  

Well you have to somehow burrow victims phone and quickly have to download and install mspy app in his/her phone. This will take few minutes only. After the installation is completed, victims all the data from now will be store into your mspy account.

You can simple login into your mspy account and monitor all his/her activities. His whatsapp chats, social media activities everything you can monitor easily just from one place.

Isn't its simple too ?

Now lets move to the last but not least method 3.

Method 3 :- Spoofing the MAC address:
This is a bit tricky as compare to the above 2 methods + you will require rooted android phone.

Every phone have one wifi mac address. So, you have to get victims wifi mac address some how. You will find this address in phone setting.

  • Setting >> about >> status >> wifi MAC address.
  • Setting >> general >> about >> wifi address.
  • Option >> Device >> Device and status info >> WLAN MAC.
Hope you all found this mac address. Now simply copy victims mac address and replace it with you phone's mac address for a while.

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You will need busybox app for that. Android users can get it from Google play store. Now after changing your phone's mac address you have to re-install whatsapp (un-install it before changing mac address).

This time register on whatsapp with victims mobile number. Ofcourse a confirmation message will be sent on his phone which you have to get anyhow. That's it just type that confirmation message and go ahead. 

His/her number's whatsapp is also now running on your phone and you can see all the whatsapp messages he/she is getting. Now you can change you phone MAC to previous one to ensure that no problems occurs in future with internet connectivity.

I know this was a bit difficult and you do require some technical knowledge for that. But if you do not wanted to go with this method and you select the first 2.

So, this was all about how to hack whatsapp. Hope you found this tutorial worth reading and informative. Do let me know if you are facing any problem in any of the above mentioned methods in the comments below. I would also like to send you superb hacking tutorial into your inbox in future. You can subscribe for free solvemyhow newsletter here.

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