Trick To Unsend A Sent Email From Your Gmail Account (With Pictures)

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Unsend gmail emails. can you unsend an email ? Well yes, with gmail this is possible now. But let me ask you first, have you accidentally clicked on "send" button before you're finished writing an email ? or have you ever send an email to wrong person for which you regretted later and thought to have an undo button for email ? 

If yes then congratulations. Gmail has just introduced an "undo send" button and in this tutorial I'll show you how to unsend an email in gmail. So you can undo emails at first place and send emails later or also delete them, if send accidently. 

The trick is pretty simple, you just need to login into your gmail accounts and open up your gmail inbox. So are you ready to learn, how to unsend an email ? Just go through the basic steps written below,

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Unsend A Sent Email In Gmail With Undo Feature:

Till now "undo gmail mail" feature was only limited to gmail labs section, but now with the official update, it came into general setting. So, lets quickly learn this feature. 

Step 1 :- login into your gmail accounts.
Just go to and enter your username and password. Then click on "sign in" button.

Step 2 :- look for "gear" icon and go to settings.
Now click on gear icon, which you can find in top-right corner and then click on settings.

Step 3 :- Scroll down abit and find "undo send" option.
Just scroll down a bit about 9-10 option is "undo send".

Step 4 :- Working with undo send button.
  • Click on "enable undo send" check box button.
  • Set "send cancellation period" t0 30 seconds.
Send cancellation period is the time you want to prevent email to be send by gmail. The minimum time you can set is 10 seconds while maximum time is 30 seconds. So it is recommendable to set it for 30 seconds, so you can get maximum time to undo/unsend.

Step 5 :- Save changes.
Scroll down a bit and click on "save changes" button.

So that's it. You just set undo send feature. Wasn't it was simple and easy ? Now whenever you send email from gmail, it will wait for 30 seconds to send. Till that you get a chance to change or undo the mail. Though I agree the time given by gmail is pretty less or setting time feature should be in our hand, means we can set the amount of time to undo the sent mail. What do you think about it, please comment below.

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Now lets see undo send feature working.

How To Undo Sent Emails In Gmail:

Let me show you the quick view or working of this amazing feature. Just do remember you have max 30 seconds to unsend the sent email.

Step 1 :- Compose an email.
Simply write an email to yourself for testing this feature. So, simple click on compose and write the mail. 

Step 2 :- Click on send.
After writing the mail, just click on send.

Step 3 :- Click on "undo".
At the top, gmail will show you 1 message "your message has been sent. Undo View message".

Step 4 :- Sending has been undone.
After clicking on undo link, gmail will show you message "sending has been undone". Now you can change you message or email address or if it sent by mistaken, then simple delete it.

Now you can easily prevent from sending wrong emails to wrong person. isn't this amazing ?

So, this was the complete working of undo send feature. Hope this tutorial will help to unsend a sent email from your gmail account upto certain amount of time. What are you views on this recent update from gmail - like or not ? Please write in the comments below.

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