Top 10 Android Apps To Hack WIFI Password Easily 2018


How can i hack wifi password, as I'm not a technical computer science person ? This is the most common question I hear from the people who wants to hack wifi password and wanted to use free internet. So I thought to help those people by writing one complete tutorial.

In this tutorial I will let you know the top 10 android apps to hack wifi passwords and lately you will definitely say that "hacking wifi password is no more difficult for me". Please comment with the same tag line in the comment section below, if these apps works for you.

wifi hacker andrid apps

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But for now lets talk about wifi hacker app only. Here I have made top 10 list of working android apps. Hope you found these apps interesting and usefull. I made the ranking by reading positive reviews and comments. So, I apologize if some of the apps doesn't worked or something, because some of apps are working only country specific. Hope you understand :)

Top 10 "WIFI Password Hacker" Android Apps:

I mentioned the whole list below with the quick download link. Please do let me know if you are facing any problem while downloading any app.

1)  WIFI Hacker For Free (best app)
If you are looking for perfect app that can easily bypass any firewall and hack wifi password then this is the perfect app for you. Its automatic functionality will break any kind of wifi password. You can download it from the below mentioned link,

Download wifi hacker for free via direct link.

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2) WIFI Password Breaker
This is the another great app which I recommend you to use. They have taken care of UI and UX. This app gives/generate new password for each network your wanted to break.

Download wifi password breaker via direct link.

3) WIFI Hacker Professional
As per the name you can see that this is professional but free app. With this app you can pretend that you are a professional hacker in front of your friends. 

Download wifi hacker professional via direct link.

4) WIFI and Router Password Finder
The level is getting pretty tough now. But though this is very usefull and must download app. This app works in offline mode and gives you default password of any wifi router.

How to use it ?

  • Select router model and version (you wanted to hack) from the list.
  • Click on "get default password and other information".
Download wifi router password finder via direct link.

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5) Hack WIFI
This is the advanced app which comes with pretty modern technology function. The UI and UX is pretty good. You can download this app from the below link,

Download hack wifi via direct link.

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6) WIFI Password Key
This app will generate random keys and give you random WEP and WPA passwords.

Download wifi password key via direct link.

7) WIFI Hacker Password Simulator
If wifi password is default. Then with this tool you can directly login into it. Must use app.

Download wifi hacker password simulator via Google playstore.

8) WIFI Free
It will let you know the nearby "hotspot password" around you. All passwords are shared by real people around the world. So, its kind of "free wifi" based on your location.

Download wifi free via Google playstore.

9) Free WIFI Password Recovery
This app stores all your wifi passwords on your device and use it when you forget wifi password of particular hotspot.

Download free wifi password recovery via Google playstore

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10) WIFI Password Hacker (Prank)
This wifi application is for fun only. This will make you look like real hacker and you can easily make your friends fool. You can download and read more description on the below link,

Download wifi password hacker (prank) via Google playstore.

So, these were the top 10 android apps to hack wifi password easily. If few apps doesn't worked for you then simply switch to another because some of them are country specific only as I said above. Hope you found this article informative and worth reading. Please do let me know which android app you use to hack wifi password in the comments below. You can also subscribe for SolveMyHow newsletter to get pro hacking updates right into your inbox.

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  1. Great tutorials. As a big fan of Android device, I am always looking forward to new apps that can help me enjoy my android phone. Wifi app is a great one, I would try it out.

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      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Yes true said. WIFI app is my favorite too. Its awesome you must try it :)

  2. What's the number of the WIFI app on the given above list.
    Example: 8) WIFI Free

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      Yes its 8 no. app. Hope this helps.

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  5. Hello friend i want to know how to hack WiFi using hacking app in android which app will be work?

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      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Well all the above mentioned apps are working very fine. But 1 and 5 are recommended. So you can try those 2 :)

      You can also read :-

      Hope this helps.

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  6. sir the working app to hack WiFi using android is wps connect and WPA wps tester and can only hack wps I have personally tried and they worked for me

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