How To Send Money Through PayPal For Beginners

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If you are a blogger or if your business is dependent online then you must have paypal account to send money to someone. You can easily send money through paypal but first you need to create paypal account. So create it today, its free :)

In blogging field we need to organize giveaways etc kind of events to attract users at that time we can securely transfer money through paypal. Moreover if you want to hire some freelancer writers from overseas, have you ever thought of paying them via paypal ? Yes, wire transfer is always a option but sending money through PayPal is safer than exposing your debit or credit card.

Send Money Through PayPal For Beginners

Who should create PayPal account ? Well according to me everyone.
  • software or hardware consulting persons
  • Bloggers (Affiliate companies pays through paypal mostly)
  • Affiliate marketers
  • SEO Consultant 
  • Freelancer writers
  • Freelancer developers/Programmer
  • One who works on freelancing sites like fiverr or
  • Running business online (if you are selling goods via amazon, Flipkart etc)
  • Running IT company (your clients may wanted to send you money via paypal)
  • If you want to send money online to someone
The list is endless but still if you doesn't fit in the above categories, then you must fit in the category mentioned below,
  • If you want to receive payments from overseas

Yes, what if you want to receive money from overseas, that you may have made by doing SEO, affiliate marketing, won giveaways etc ? Then you must have to create paypal account.

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Well for now lets keep this tutorial upto the point and lets see how to send money via PayPal.

How To Send Money Via PayPal

Step 1 :- Login into your paypal account.

Step 2 :- Go to Send Payment.

Send Money Through PayPal For Beginners

Step 3 :- enter email id or mobile no. of the person you want to send money.
Make sure you have correct email id or mobile no. of the person you wanted to send money too, so you don't accidentally send money to wrong person. If he/she doesn't have paypal account yet then paypal will mail them to create account to receive money. 

Else you can also tell them to create one, to receive money.

Step 4 :- Enter amount and currency type.
Enter the amount you wanted to send and then select the currency type from the drop down list.

PayPal is available in 150 countries and supports 16 currencies. So you can select one of them and click on continue.

Send Money Through PayPal For Beginners

Step 5 :- Enter the purpose of payment.
If it is asked to enter the purpose of this payment. Then select the desired purpose, why you are making this payment.

Step 6 :- Review you payment.
PayPal will give you error if you haven't linked you credit / debit card with PayPal. You can't send money to anyone until and unless you haven't linked your credit / debit card.

If you have already did that. Then just review your payment. Check you have entered correct recipient's email address or mobile no. , check the amount you are going to send. If you want to change anything then just click on "change" and make whatever changes you wanted to make. 

If everything is fine then simply click on "Send Payment" button. 

P.S make sure you have enough funds in your bank account or PayPal account to make payments, else you won't be able to send money.

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Benefits of using PayPal

  • You wouldn't need to expose your back account no., credit/debit card no.
  • Security
  • You can send mass payments at a time. (Affiliate companies does this thing)
  • You can send invoice to your clients
Sending Mass payments is an excellent feature by PayPal if you want to send money to more than 1 people. Yes you can send payment to 5000 people in one go. Affiliate companies have to give affiliate commission to thousands of people. So they make use of this feature to save lot of time. You must read the article to understand how does it works.

So isn't sending money with paypal is easy ? If you have any query regarding this tutorial, feel free to write in the comments below. You can also subscribe for SolveMyHow newsletter to receive Blogging, SEO and Make Money Online tips right into your inbox.

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