Complete Guide To Redirect 404 Page To Homepage In Blogger


How to redirect 404 page to homepage in blogger ? This is the basic question these days in am getting in my inbox. So, instead of replying individually, I preferred to write the complete tutorial to redirect 404 page not found to homepage. 

In our blogging industry day by day new things and algorithms use to come and we have to change our blog accordingly. You can read all the best blogging tips in SolveMyHow blogger category. But lets keep this tutorial to the point and lets learn how to fix error 404 error.

Redirect 404 Page To Homepage In Blogger

What is 404 error page?

Well when your user/visitor landed on deleted or non existing URL then they will be shown 404 page not found. So, this is basically 404 error page and its a good sign of blogger to set this page.

But when your user see 404 page he/she mostly disappear from your blog. So what to do, to not loose those readers ? any idea ?

You can simply redirect your readers (after couple of seconds) to your blog's homepage. There are basically 2 methods to do this job,
  • By adding Java script code.
  • By adding meta tag code (recommended).
I have explained both the methods below but I personally suggest you to go with second 1. As adding java script code may reduce you site's speed and it may affect SEO of your blog.

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Method 1: Adding Java Script Code

Here I will give you one code which you need to copy and paste to specific place. So, to do this just follow the steps written below,

Step 1 :- Go to blogger >> settings >> search preferences. 

Redirect 404 Page To Homepage In Blogger

Step 2 :- Edit "custom page not found".
In "Errors and redirections" you will find the above mentioned option. Now just click on "edit" and paste below code :

Note: Just change my homepage URL with yours.
location.pathname = "". Here 5000 is the seconds after which your user will be redirected. You can set your own time too.

Redirect 404 Page To Homepage In Blogger

So, that it you're done. In this method you have to do this much only. But I recommend you to go with the next method i.e adding meta tag code.

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Method 2: Adding Meta Tag Code (Recommended)

This is the best way to redirect 404 page to homepage, as this won't affect the loading speed of your blog. In this method we will add code in the blogger template. Just follow the simple step by step guide to execute this task.

Step 1 :- Go to blogger >> template >> Edit HTML.

Redirect 404 Page To Homepage In Blogger

PS. Take back of your Blogger Blog and Template

Step 2 :- Search for <head> part by pressing Ctrl + F.
Now you have to paste below mentioned code just after the starting of <head>.

Note: change URL with your blog url.
<meta content='5;URL=' http-equiv='refresh'/>
Here content=5 is 5 seconds. You can set your own time i.e after how much time you want to redirect. You can also set it to zero(0) if you wanted to redirect 404 page to homepage immediately.

Redirect 404 Page To Homepage In Blogger

Step 3 :- Save template.
That's it you are done now. Just for testing, type any url of your blog that doesn't exist and check whether you're redirecting to homepage or not. (e.g :-

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How To Redirect 404 Error Page To Any Specific Page ?

It might happens that you do not want to redirect your users to homepage. You may wanted to redirect them to any specific post or page. So, in that case what to do ?

Well answer is very simple. Just select any of the above method and instead of giving your blog url, give url of your specific post or specific page.

For Example, 

Let me take the example of method 2. So, look at the code below. Its totally same, I just changed the URL of my homepage with the url of specific page.

You can see the change in the meta content part.
<meta content='5;URL=' http-equiv='refresh'/> 

So this was the complete guide to redirect 404 page to homepage in blogger. I have tried my best to explain this tutorial in step by step process. Hope you found this tutorial informative and worth reading. Do let me know if you have any query or if you are facing any difficulty, in the comments below. You can also subscribe for SolveMyHow newsletter to get best blogging, SEO and make money online tips right into your inbox.

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