What Is Adsense Revenue Share Between Publishers And Advertisers


One of the most common topic people talk on making money online forums is how much does adsense pay to their publishers. Even you are here to know about the same right. So, Google finally revealed the adsense revenue share on its official adsense blog. Till now Google had kept it secret but now finally they decided to reveal the truth.

What is adsense ? Well adsense is the most powerful advertising network and life line of any blog. I saw many bloggers to left blogging field just because their adsense account is blocked and one who are earning, become the richest bloggers in the world. You can always try adsense alternatives but none of the company will give you much return as much as Google adsense gives.

So, if you are thinking how to make money online. I would suggest you to start blogging and after some time apply for adsense account and make money with adsense. But for now lets keep this article to the point and lets see how much percentage of revenue Google gives to its publishers.

Well Google broke down the revenue share in two parts mentioned below,
  • Adsense for content
  • Adsense for search
1) Adsense for content is a contextual advertisement which shows the relevant ads to the users on your blog and because of that it helps us to get high CTR. Google revealed that they pay 68% of revenue share to their publishers and rest 32% kept by Google. 

I think this is fair enough. As Google needs money to maintain existing things and developing new technologies. As compare to "adsense alternatives" like chitika or infolinks, Google pays much more than them. That's why it is no. 1 advertisement network.

2) Adsense for search is the search ads you see for using Google search on your blog i.e by using Google adwords. So, we can say adwords and adsense are related when it comes in getting rev share from search. Google adsense pays your 51% of rev share while rest 49% is kept by Google. Are you satisfied with that ? I think its pretty low right ? Please let me know in the comments below.

Google also have other ad units like,
  • Admob (adsense for mobile applications)
  • Adsense for games
  • Adsense for feeds
But Google said they're not going to reveal revenue share for above ad units. May be they will reveal it in future. So, this might be the bad news for mobile developers, using admob for their mobile apps. You can refer the official Google adsense blog.

Must Read :-

They also mentioned, why they finally decided to reveal "revenue share" with the publishers. They said, they wanted to build more trust for Google adsense and by sharing this information i think they succeed right ? They also wanted to show how much more revenue share they give as compare to other ad networks. Look at the snap shot below, this is what exactly they say,

I'm glad finally that they revealed the revenue share between publishers and advertisers. What do you think about 68% revenue share from Google adsense. Is it ok or it should be some more ? Please do let me know in the comments below. I would love to know your reaction. You can also subscribe for SolveMyHow newsletter to get blogging, SEO and make money online tips right into your inbox.

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  1. very nice ...
    I just want to ask you that adsense really works for newbie bloggers also
    as you have adsense in your blog so, how much you earn from this blog using adsense from the day one till today ?

    1. Hello daniel,

      adsense is really a best contextual ad network in the world. You can give first priority to it. but if your request got rejected then you can wait for 2-3 months as adsense terms are bit difficult. In those days you can also try media.net by microsoft and yahoo or infolinks !

      hope this helps !

      do let me know if you have any more queries.

      Keep Visiting :)

  2. hey piyush,
    well whats your daily adsense revenue ?