AdSense Invalid Activity Payment Deduction


Does due to adsense invalid activity, your payment is been deducted ? googleadsense has recently added one new feature in adsense dashboard i.e "invalid traffic - adsense for content". Now you do not need to fill any adsense invalid activity appeal form because google itself will show you how many invalid traffic and clicks happens. Does this sounds good ?

So, do you make money with adsense or are you a adsense publisher ? Then, ofcourse its a good news for you. For long, bloggers like you and me were appealing to have report on how much money we are losing due to invalid traffic or clicks and finally to maintain the trust, adsense has added this great feature.

So now finally, you will be able to see the revenue loss due to invalid clicks. 

How To Check Adsense Invalid Activity Feature?

Well this is very easy. You just need to login to your adsense account. Now notice your estimated earnings from adsense dashboard and check your bank account. It will be lesser with around $10-20. 

Why this is so ? As I said above this is because of invalid activities happens on your site. Invalid activities can be clicks or impressions. Google has categorized it in various types such as,
  • Accidental clicks 
  • Using automated clicking tools
  • Getting traffic from unallowed resources
  • anything which seems unnatural
Adsense remain very genuine with advertisers and they don't charge anything for such activities. That's why they also don't pay anything to their publishers also. So, they just deduct it automatically from your estimated earnings.

Adsense have added this feature in may 2015. To check this, just click on "gear" logo from the home page.

Now go to "payment history" and check your "invalid traffic" payment deduction. This feature is available for all publisher accounts. So, simple check yours and share in the comments below to spread awareness. You can check my invalid traffic payment deduction in the snap shot below,

So, this was about adsense invalid clicks payment deduction. This definitely adds more trust of publishers towards adsense and that's why other ad network's are not as good as google adsense.

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  1. that means now adsense won't disable with invalid activity?

    1. Hello Salek,

      No salek its not like that. Google will banned your adsense account if you caught doing black hat SEO or spamming.

      here invalid activity means, user might have clicked the ad by mistake or advertiser may have not got the pay per lead or if google thinks this click is invalid. In these cases google won't pay anything to publishers.

      Hope this helps. If you have any more queries, Please write in the comments below. I would love to help you.

      Keep visiting :)

  2. will it block adsense acount .. i got one time only this notifcation

    1. Hello Ravi,

      This is great you got the notification. So now be alert and don't over do any spam activity.

      You won't get notification next time.

      Hope this helps.

      Keep Visiting :)