25 Worst Domain Names Ever : 2015 List

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Website address or domain names are the most crucial factor for anyone getting online. Choosing the domain name is not an easy task. While purchasing a domain name you should keep in mind that it should be easy, short, clever, memorable, properly and easily spelled and must communicate your business message. 

After following these many parameters you check domain availability that suits your blog or business website and finally you register a domain name. People also book domain for domain flipping business and make millions of dollars from it. Even you can purchase domain name and lately make lot of profit from it like these expensive domain names ever sold. People unintentionally also buy most funniest domain names you ever seen.

While buying domains make sure that it doesn't contain any dirty or inappropriate words else they will come in worst domain names. At initial level you can go with free domain name provided by 30+ companies.

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25 Unintentional Worst Domain Names TO Laugh Out Loud

1) WhorePresents.com (Who Represents)

2) ItsCrap.com (IT Scrap) 

3) WinterSexPress.com (winters express)

4) SpeedOFart.com (speed of art)

5) TheRapistLocator.net (Therapist locator)

6) Swissbit.ch (swiss bit)

7) PenisLand.net (pen island)

8) ChoosesPain.com (Choose spain)

9) TheRapistinabox.com (Therapist in a box)

10) AnalLemma.org (Analemma society)

11) TeacherStalking.org (Teachers talking)

12) MasterbaitOnline.com (Master bait online)

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13) TheRapist.com (Therapist)

14) BiGalsPets.com

15) ExpertSexChange.com (Experts Exchange)

16) LesboCages.com (Les Bocages)

17) AmericansCrapMetal.com (American Scrap Metal)

18) BigBustyCoons.com (Big Busty Tycoons)

19) TheRapistFinder.com (Therapist finder)

20) Budget.co.ck (Budget Cook Islands)

21) KidSexChange.net (Kids Exchange)

22) BiteFartCafe.rs (Bitef Art Cafe)

23) CumStore.co.uk (Cumbria Storage System)

24) LadRape.com (La Drape)

25) OldManShaven.com (Old's Man Haven)

These are some top business website's with funny and worst domain names. If you know of more such worst website names, let me know via comments. Don't forget to share this worst website names list with your social media friends so they can laugh out loud on this. For now you can also join SolveMyHow newsletter to get free updates on Blogging, WordPress, SEO and Web Hosting.

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