How To Get Unlimited Google Plus +1 Votes On Any G+ Post


Have you ever thought of getting unlimited Google votes or unlimited Google +1 on any G+ post ? Yes, this is true. You can get unlimited Google Plus votes on any link or URL you submit, with this simple trick. 

I'm not telling you to run fake scripts and banned your account by Google. But I'm telling you to do some smart work while you submit url of your blog post

Get Unlimited Google Plus +1 Votes On Any G+ Post

Google algorithms updates every now and then and make some changes in existing one. Google panda and penguin were the most dangerous one, which ruined life of many bloggers but one who had survived and believing only in white hat SEO are the most richest bloggers in the world and after so many updates Google cannot change 3 facts as they are the most important parameter of its algorithm and they are, 
Yes it is believed that if you write quality content post about 700-2000 words of post then you have higher chances of coming in top Google search results. You also have to submit your blog sitemap to Google webmasters tools and bing webmaster tools to get organic traffic. Please must do above task and you will see huge traffic coming from both the search engines.

Second thing is Backlinks. This is we can say the most important factor of Google algorithm. Google decide PR (Page Rank) of every blog and site. Highest PR is 10 and lowest is 0. So, getting backlinks from PR9 site will definitely boost up your website traffic. Google+ and YouTube are Google products and they are PR9 site. So if you get backlinks from them, it will definitely improve your position in Google search results.  Below mentioned guide will help you to get PR9 backlinks from Google Plus and YouTube.

Ofcourse you do have to improve your SEO (search engine optimization). Well the third point is, for what you waiting for i.e social media fan following. Yes Google also consider its important.

Whenever you post anything on social media sites, Google will observe how much links are clicked and how much response you are getting. So, getting backlinks and writing quality content is on one side or we can say its in our hand but how to get maximum social media shares (Facebook likes, shares, G+ shares, Stumble Upon, Tweets, etc) ?

Its simple logic higher the no. of shares you get, it will be seen by maximum people and it will automatically start building links and this definitely improves your traffic. So to get maximum shares, do keep one social sharing widget so people can easily share your article by clicking them. Look at below, how I kept social sharing buttons at the end of the post.

So, it is recommendable to must have social sharing buttons onto your blog. Now, do you want to learn the trick to get 100 - 1000 Google +1's daily ? Then please Go ahead.

Get Unlimited Google plus +1's Votes:

This is an fantastic trick. I'm also following this trick since last couple of months and you can see the result, I've 20 Million+ views on my Google Plus profile. This trick is quit simple and short, anybody can learn it to get Google votes and traffic from G+.

Step 1 :- Go to Google image search.
Now, search some images according to your niche or any image will also do. For example,
  • Tech images
  • Funny images
  • Popular images
  • blogger images
Save / download some of the best images into your machine.

Get Unlimited Google Plus 1 Votes On Any G+ Post

Step 2 :- Login into your G+ account
Search for your niche community. At G+ you will find lot of communities. Just join one by one about 20-25 communities. So, you can get lot of people to watch your post. You can also join non technical related communities. Some of the famous communities are,
  • SEO
  • Science on G+
  • Blogging
  • Famous Quotes (
  • Whatsapp Friends (
As I said join about 20-25 big communities one by one. Make sure to see their members.
Get Unlimited Google Plus 1 Votes On Any G+ Post
Step 3 :- Now open any one community and upload the photo.
Upload the photo which you downloaded in step 1 by writing some cool and attractive lines. So people can't stop to open your link.
Get Unlimited Google Plus 1 Votes On Any G+ Post

Within few hours you will see many +1's (plus ones) on your image. In this way your image + your link, you posted will get many votes / likes and you will get free traffic from Google plus. Now, You can post that image in other community too to get free votes and +1's. 
There are people who are taking money to do the same thing. But as know you know the trick no need to pay right ?

That's it. I hope this tutorial helped you in getting unlimited Google plus 1 on your Google post. Still confused ? please shoot your questions in the comments below and also let me know how many plus 1 you made with this trick.

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