How To Send Money Using PayPal Mass Payment For Beginners


PayPal mass payment is very useful service for those who used to make mass payments at every end of the month. If you're a blogger and make money online from affiliate marketing. So, you must be getting money every month via paypal. Have you ever thought how affiliate companies send money using paypal to their affiliates ?

They are using PayPal mass payment feature. Else sending payment to individual affiliate marketer would waste lot of time. More over if you are running freelancer IT company, having freelancer employees overseas or if you have to make lot of payments via paypal at the end of the month then you can also start using PayPal Mass Payments feature to save lot of time.

So if you are the one, sending money individually. Below mentioned tutorial will help you to make mass payments in one go.

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Complete Guide: How To Use PayPal Mass Payment Feature ?

You have to follow the 3 basic steps to sendmoney online using PayPal mass payment. 

Step 1 :- Create a text file.
Follow the basic format to send money,

PayPal Email Address  |  Amount  |  Currency  |  Note/Message 

Press "tab" after every entity to maintain the space. Look at the snap shot below,

Step 2 :- Upload "text file" in your paypal account.
  • Login to your PayPal account
  • Go to send payment >> Make a mass payment
  • Upload the file
You can select "email address" in "my payment recipients are identified by". Enter email subject like "Thanks for business". Enter message to recipient like "Looking forward for more business".

P.S you can send 5000 payments at once.

Step 3 :- Review and send.
Now, review every entry carefully and verify. If you have to make changes then click on "Make Changes" else if everything is fine then click on "submit". 

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That's it, your mass payments will be sent within seconds.
P.S make sure you have linked your credit/debit with paypal and you have enough funds in your bank account to send payment.
If you have to make lots of payment every month using paypal, you should definitely try mass payment method. If you're facing any problem while doing so, do let me know via comments.
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