DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs With High Page Rank : List 2015


Traffic is the backbone or life line of any blog. That's why the first thing you wanted after creating the blog is organic traffic and as we know Google and Bing search engines plays the important role in increasing blog traffic. 

To get traffic from search engines is not an easy thing. The first thing you need to do is improve SEO search engine optimization of your blog and secondly you need to create SEO backlinks. Though Google follows 200 different factors to rank results in search results but these 2 things always remain important. So if you wanted to improve page ranking or website ranking then you must concentrate on SEO link building strategies.

Please remember buying backlinks is spamming and are not SEO friendly. So, you always create dofollow backlinks manually. You may see ads like "buy quality backlinks", kindly ignore all these types of ads and concentrate on creating free dofollow backlinks with SolveMyHow.

We don't have any back link software to create backlinks but we do have some SEO white hat ways. You may see some here,

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FAQs :

Q) What is Backlinks ?
Backlinks are inbound links or incoming links from some other website to your website/blog. Backlinks are of 2 types,
  • NoFollow
  • DoFollow
Q) What is NoFollow Backlinks ?
NoFollow backlinks doesn't count by Google and they won't pass as the link juice to Google. But still they are important if coming from high PR sites.

Q) What is DoFollow Backlinks ?
DoFollow backlinks is pass as the link juice to Google and also improves you site ranking and position in Google search results. In simple words as many as High PR dofollow links your blog has, it will rank high in Google search.

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Q) What is commmentLuv enabled blogs ?
Commentluv is WordPress plugin which allows commentators to leave there own recent post link in the comments. So, this is win - win situation as commentators will like to comment and you will get more comments on your blog post.

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So, now lets quickly see the complete and verified list of Dofollow commentluv enabled blogs.

DoFollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List 2015:

Blogs with Page Rank 7

Blogs with Page Rank 6

Blogs with Page Rank 5

Blogs With Page Rank 4

Blogs with Page Rank 3

Blogs with Page Rank 2

Blogs with Page Rank 1

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It took me almost 10 days to create this list. I hope you found this article helpful and worth reading. Please do share this article with your social media friends too. Do share you views in the comments below and you can also join free SolveMyHow newsletter to get Blogging, SEO, WordPRess and Hacking tips right into your inbox.

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