How To Create Backlinks From Yahoo Answers

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Traffic is the life line of any blog. So after you create a website the first thing you wanted is traffic. But as there is lot of competition so, getting organic traffic is not so easy. You can only increase traffic when you concentrate on SEO link building strategies + search engine optimization.

These are the two most important factors which Google follows while positioning the results in Google search. At SolveMyHow I already showed you how to build backlinks. The below mentioned post will help you to create free backlinks from PR9 Sites.

Obviously backlinks are of two types,
  • NoFollow
  • DoFollow
DoFollow backlinks are passed as the link juice to Google. So, getting backlinks from high PR sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus will definitely boostup your website traffic. While, NoFollow Backlinks doesn't counted by Google but still they are important when coming from high PR sites.

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So in this article we'll see how to increase traffic with yahoo answers + how to create backlinks from yahoo answers. People mostly forget yahoo answers as they just concentrate on other social media sites. Whereas yahoo answers is the most favorable "Question & Answer" site with PR9. So, lets quickly see how to get traffic + backlinks from yahoo answers.

How To Drive Traffic From Yahoo Answers

Yahoo has alexa rank 4, so millions of people are visiting this site daily either to answer or ask the question. As being one of the most popular question - answers site in the world, answering on yahoo answers will bring lot of traffic to your blog.

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But to ask or answer the question on yahoo. You must have Yahoo account. So, simple create one and log in into your account. Then go to Yahoo answers and start answering the question according to your suitable categories, by leaving your "post link" in the answers. 

So now when anybody want the answer of that particular question, he/she has to visit your link. So, in this way you can drive lot of traffic to your blog just by leaving your post link as a answer of that particular question.

To encourage participation and reward for great answers. Yahoo has designed the points and level system.

There are almost 30 categories. You need to select the category according to your niche and start answering. Your may leave your blog/post link in the answers.

But do no spam else yahoo will suspend your account without any warning. You must take care of below mentioned rules to add personal information in Yahoo answers.

So far you learned how to increase traffic with yahoo answers. But our task is not done yet right ? We still left to create backlinks from yahoo answers !

Create Backlinks From Yahoo Answers

Hope you're now familiar with the yahoo answers. So getting DoFollow backlinks is not the big deal but you have to do some work for it.

The links you left in the answers and in your profile are NoFollow. But as I said it is equally important when coming from high PR site. But the question is how to get DoFollow backlinks from Yahoo answers ?

For that you have to spend some time on answering the questions and once you reached to level 2, by then you will start getting DoFollow backlinks. You can read the "points and level" table from the above snap shot, to see how much points you need to reach level 2.

So when you reach to level 2 you will start getting dofollow backlinks but remember do not spam else your account will be suspended without any warning.

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So this was it. You just saw the ways to get traffic and backlinks from yahoo answers. Hope you found this article worth reading. Please share this article with your Google plus and twitter friends too. Do let me know which other methods you know to increase traffic and backlinks.

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