Top 10 Sites To Learn Coding / Programming Online

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Today the world is of computers and computer software's. Everything from business to share market depends on computer. So, we can say that this is the century of computers and that's why today on SolveMyHow I'm covering this topic. The people who are in computer IT field must know how to write code but the people whose major is not computer IT, they should also learn some programming.

There is no reason why you shouldn't know the basics of coding. You can finish your task very fastly as you can automate it, you can design some part of your website too, etc. Even the basic knowledge of programming will help you in blogging too. Today you will get the complied list of top 10 best websites to learn coding online. So, Go Ahead and teach yourself how to write code.

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Best Websites to Learn Programming Online

1) Codecademy
Code Academy is the most famous website on the web to teach you code interactively. You can take a kick start simply by selecting any course. The interface is well structured and attractive. The content of course are well defined. They also provide you the interface to write your code and test. The courses they offers are,
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
The courses are fully free. So, simply register and start learning coding.

W3Schools is also one of the most famous website for learning programming. This website is very famous for web development courses. The simplicity of w3schools is, they divide the courses into chapters and also provides the coding editor. So, you can write your piece of code and test there only. At W3Schools you even do not required any login or registration. Just visit the home page, select course and start learning. The courses W3schools offers are,
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Angular JS
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • BootStrap
  • and much more.

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3) CodeSchool
Code school teaches you web technologies. This is the next quality website where you should landed on. If you want expertise in any particular language then Code School is for you. They provide you more depth courses as compare to code academy and w3schools. You will get quality video lessons, Coding challenges and screencasts. The courses they offers are,
  • HTML & CSS
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • Angular JS
  • IOS
Code Avengers is the best website for beginners to learn code. It is mainly designed by keeping beginners in consideration. You will start loving programming as each courses are made to truly entertain you. They have divided each courses in lessons and at the end of every lesson you will get mini game to play just to release your stress. They offer 3 courses for now and they are,
Udacity is the website for those who do not like reading much. Udacity explain you code via videos and then take quizzes for interactive feel of students. The videos are made by highly professional say Google employees, etc. The good thing for udacity is that it provides more videos than any other site. So, its a must visit site if you want to learn coding via videos and from highly professionals. The courses they offers are,
  • Web Development
  • HTML5
  • Java
  • Artificial algorithm
At Khan Acedamy you will get videos and much more material to learn basic of programming concepts. Then you can explore and change the given code as per your modification. You will get Spin-Off to save your modification. This site is not limited to computer science technologies. The courses they offers are,
  • Computer Science Subjects
  • Animation
  • History
  • Arts
  • Economics
  • and much more. 

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 7) Scratch
Scratch was previously a offline software which allow kids to create | Upload | Share projects. Now, with the next generation programming and success of offline software, Scratch is fully online. You will get millions of projects here made by using different different technologies. Here you will get many problems to solve, related to programming. So, you must join Scratch to work on very creative projects.

P.S Registration is free !

8) TreeHouse
As we are discussing about project oriented sites. Then Tree House is the great site for that. As its courses are designed project based rather than programming based. So, if you love website development or if you are already a programmer then you can use Tree House to get mastery on it. As here courses are taught by the expert teachers. You will also get quizzes to solve after every chapter/lesson. Tree House courses are paid and the courses they offers are,
  • HTML & CSS3 (Free)
  • JS, jQuery, Ruby ($25/month)
  • Ruby on rails, Android, IOS ($50/month)

9) CodeHS
CodeHS is one of the simple and well structured course website. Its courses are divided into lessons. CodeHS is mainly dedicated to web development and computer science courses. You will get various task like problem solving, game design, puzzle solving, etc. CodeHS forces you to think and solve problem like a programmer. The Courses are paid at CodeHS except problem solving. The courses CodeHS offers are,
  • Problem Solving
  • JavaScript, Animation ($25/month)
  • Game Programming ($75/month)

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Shout for database lovers. SQL stands for structured query language. SQLZOO is the site particular made to teach you database. It has interactive interface and well structured course. You must visit SQLZOO if you wanted to learn database.

Bonus :-
Learn coding and get Certificate too. Yes, this is true. Udemy and Microsoft Virtual Academy will give you certificate after successful completion of courses. Udemy does not have all the courses free but you can find many free courses while, at MVA you'll get all the courses free. So Go Ahead, Start learning and Exploring and get free certificate from Microsoft and Udemy.

So, these were the top sites to learn programming. Hope you found this article worth reading. Please don't forget to share this article with your G+ and twitter friends. In the meanwhile, let me know if you had studied any course from these websites listed above. Please share your experience with SolveMyHow's readers OR have I missed any interactive code learning website. Please comment if you know any !

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