How To Use Blog URL To Comment As OpenID


Open ID is basically used for communicating purpose. Means one blogger can communicate with other using Open ID url. Now, when you make any comment by mentioning your blog url or your post url. Then, obviously the owner of that blog will delete your comment or make it spam. He/She thinks that you are trying to generate backlinks.

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In that case if you make comment using open id url. Then, you can get backlinks from these blogging websites and even this won't be considered as spamming. So, isn't it cool ? 

Don't you think so this is a very good and valid technique to create backlinks and open id url can be proved as backlink booster for you. In this way you will be also able to increase website traffic.


OpenID (OID) is an open standard and decentralized protocol by the non-profit OpenID Foundation that allows users to be authenticated by certain co-operating sites (known as Relying Parties or RP) using a third party service.

Using OpenID you can make comment on other's blog and comments will be made by your domain name. So, in this way you can get more and more backlinks that too without spamming.

If you understood the importance OpenID url. Then let see, how to use your blog URL to comment as OpenID.

How To Use Blog URL To Comment As OpenID

You have to add one piece of code into your blogger blog template.

Step 1 :- Login to blogger.

Step 2 :- Now, go to Template >> Edit HTML.

Step 3 :- Add the code mentioned below in <head> section.
<link href='' rel='openid.server'/>
<link href='' rel='openid.delegate'/>
Replace "" with your blog URL.

Step 4 :- Save template.
That's it you just have added the code and now you can comment as open id url. 

Commenting As OpenID URL

Step 1 :- Visit any blog in which you want to comment as OpenID.

Step 2 :- Select OpenID from comment option.
Till now you might used to comment using Google Account, WordPress etc. But this time select OpenID and add url of your blog.

Step 3 :- Write your comment and click on publish button.
Now, blogger will ask you for verification of your site. So, simply login with Google account.

Step 4 :- Click on "Yes, always" button. So, this dialog box won't open next time.
After this your comment will be published and you simply created one free backlink. Go on comment more and create more spam free backlinks.

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So, this was all about how to use blog url to comment as OpenID. I tried my best to explain this article in easy steps. Hope you like this article. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding OpenID url then please comment it below this post. Don't forget to share this article with your social media friends and also subscribe for SolveMyHow newsletter to get blogging tips right into your INBOX !

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