How To Submit Blog to Bing and Yahoo

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As you know traffic is the life line of any blog. After you create free blog on blogger or WordPress the first thing you want is the visitors, who reads you blog. So, you might be always thinking about to increase website traffic or increase traffic of your blog. To increase traffic you need to write the quality content first and then you need to tell the top search engines to index your blog. So, if you're thinking how to get more traffic on your blog then this post is for you. You'll easily get more traffic by writing quality content and then submit blog to bing or Google.

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In this post we'll see how to add url of your blog to bing and yahoo. So, bing and yahoo can index your blog in bing and yahoo search engine. So, lets learn how to submit blog to bing and yahoo. 

Before starting further let me tell you one thing. You do not have to do yahoo submission separately. When you submit blog in bing. Automatically, you submit blog in yahoo. The bing search engine do this job for you. 

How To Submit Blog To Bing and Yahoo ? 

Step 1 :- You should have Microsoft Account to submit blog to Bing.
Step 2 :- Add URL of your blog and Click on ADD (submit url to bing).

Step 3 :- Add a sitemap to bing
Well, you can skip this step for now. But in case if you want to add then add the code mentioned below,

Replace "" with your blog's URL.

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Step 4 :- Click on Add button.

Step 5 :- Now, You have to verify your blog's ownership with Microsoft Bing.
Just copy the meta tag, as shown in the snap shot below.

Step 6 :- Paste this code in Blogger Template.
  • Login to Blogger.
  • Go to Blogger >> Edit HTML
  • Find <head> Section and paste the meta tag.
  • Save template.
Step 7 :- Now, again go to Bing Webmaster Tools and click on VERIFY.
You again have to go to Bing Webmaster Tools and click on Verify button to confirm your verification with Microsoft Bing.

Bing robots will visit your blog and look for the meta tag. If they found the meta tag in your template code, you'll get the successful confirmation message. Else, Bing will generate some error (copy and paste that error in the comments below, I'll provide you the solution).

That's it, If you see the successful message means you have successfully submitted your blog to bing and yahoo. Now you can submit sitemap to get index in bing searches (skip if you had already added). Still if you think your blog posts are not indexing on time, Then try to submit URls or blog links manually to bing and yahoo search engines. It will 100% help you to get index faster in bing and yahoo search engines. Also try to do good seo search engine optimization of your blog to get more traffic on your blog.

So, this was all about how to submit blog to bing and yahoo. I tried to write this post as simple as possible. Hope you will like my efforts. Please leave your valuable feedback or suggestion in the comments below.

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