4th Highest Earner Blogger In The World

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SmashingMagazine.com founded by Vitaly Friedman : $160,000 – $180,000 Per Month

SmashingMagazine secures the 4th position in top 10 blogs sites and that's why its a 4th richest blog in the world. It was founded in 2006 by Vitaly Friedman and he's the 4th highest earner blogger in the world.

SmashingMagazine is not magazine or something. Don't go on name, you will get confused. Well, its a blog for web designers. SmashingMagazine blog is about web designing and development.

This is one of the best blog to learn coding and web designing. They write article on many categories,

  • Coding
  • Design
  • Mobile
  • Graphics
  • UX Design
  • WordPress
These were the only main categories. They are further categorized into few more sub categories. So, if you're a code lover or if you love programming/coding. Then, you must visit this blog.

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They also provide books, e-books, Tutorials, online workshops etc. But mostly these are paid stuff and that's why Vitaly Friedman is making some handsome bucks from this blog. This blog will keep you update with the latest technology and newest languages, etc. If you want to get mastery in any of the language say web designing. Then this blog will be definitely helpful for you. This blog will help you in achieving you goals.
SmashingMagazine is making huge amount of money from advertisement. The whole right hand side bar is full of advertisement banner. They also have the very expert team for every particular category they are teaching or writing. This blog is constantly updating with the latest trends and techniques in web development which makes it one of the most popular blog on the web.

The earning of SmashingMagazine is about $160,000 to $180,000 Per Month. I've analyzed this site and founded the data mentioned below in the tabular format.

Alexa Rank 1984
United States Rank 1548
Backlinks 33,671
Monthly Users 9,265,202
Daily Users 304,610
Monthly Pageviews 14,824,323
Daily Pageviews 487,375
Website Value $1,011,013.50
Bounce Rate 69.80%

Some estimated data is shown in the above table. Most of the traffic and earning of this site is coming from USA. Look at the snap shot below.

About Vitaly Friedman (4th richest blogger in the world) :-

Vitaly Friedman is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of very famous blog SmashingMagazine. He's started this blog in 2006 with the mission to teach web designing and web development online. Today he's very successful in his work and that's why he's making almost 200,000 Per Month. He is also a writer, author and speaker. He runs responsive web designing workshops, online workshops and he also solves complex performance problems in large companies.


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