My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa

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We all have a sweet home. Similarly I'm living in 3 bedroom and 1 hall bungalow but still i feel that I need to change few things in it. The house should look modern and when it comes to house, My expectation never ends. I always want that my home should look better than others and new always. Who doesn't want that right ?

If someday somebody ask me that what changes you wanted to make in your home. Then, I would definitely reply that I would like to change the interior design of my home, The color of bedroom walls - It should be different of every bed room, The layout of dining room, The curtains, The Sofa set, big dining table, The Kitchen, etc. I wanted to make the home like a palace.

Image Source :- Porcelanosa Group

My home represents me and my family members. It should create the brand image in front of others. Everyone who visits my home would get the feel of palace. It should be this much cool and big that we can organize small family occasions, parties, festivals etc at home only.  My mother can invite other ladies for kitty parties. I believe first impression is last. So, whenever anybody visits at my home. I want he/she would go with the positive impression. My home always looks unique and beautiful and I'm putting great efforts to achieve the same.

Whenever I see our Bollywood stars home, I always get jealous and I always wanted to have the same stuff for my home too. But thanks to Indiblogger today that I came across Porcelanosa Group which has come up into Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving ( to offer world class home products from kitchen, master bedroom and much more to create a lively home.

According to me a home should have 3 bedrooms with attached bathroom, 1 dining hall, 1 study room, a wardrobe and dressing room for keeping clothes, shoe cabinet for keeping shoes. The tiles should be ceramic for covering the walls.

Image Source :- Porcelanosa Group

The 3 of bedrooms should have natural wood finish as it looks modern and give the new look to my home. It also looks beautiful and unique. Currently we have marble tiles in my home which gets dirty very ofter may be due to white color and removing stain is very tedious task.

Image Source :- Porcelanosa Group

Kitchen is very important part of home. According to me the kitchen should have wide area and option for storing the vegetables and fruits. Kitchen should also contain front table where my whole family can sit together and enjoy the meal.

Image Source :- Porcelanosa Group

As I said before I would like to have attached bathroom with my bedroom. The bathroom should be of medium size but it contains the spa facilities and bathroom equipments. I like Attica 4 in comparison to all bathrooms - design by Porcelanosa.

Image Source :- Porcelanosa Group

I hope we can move to our new and dream home soon and I can avail all these facilities.

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Which things you wanted to add from this post or Porcelanosa for your dream home. Do let me know via comments !


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