How to Turn Off Blue Ticks on Whatsapp Official Update


Whatsapp as being a world's most famous free messaging app is being used by almost all the smart phone users. After Facebook Purchased whatsapp, It updates very oftenly. The updates like 2 grey tick marks, Last Seen and Now Blue Ticks (Read Receipts). Everytime it is coming up with some of the new features which other apps (similar to whatsapp) does not contain. But it may happen that all the regular user of whatsapp may not satisfied with these updates. 

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Recently whatsapp came up with the new update i.e Blue Ticks or Read Receipts for message read confirmation. It's the update on the 2 grey tick marks. These grey tick marks will be converted into blue ticks when the other user or receiver reads the message.

Though its a very nice and unique update but some users may not be satisfied with this and that's why we invented a trick to " Hide Blue Ticks on whatsapp " in my last post. Later whatsapp may also realized this problem and they updated the whatsapp version. 

Its not yet on the play store (Android) or ITunes (Apple). But its on the whatsapp Official Site. You can visit their and download the latest version of whatsapp i.e version 2.11.444 . Currently the whatsapp version available in the play store and ITunes is 2.11.432 .

Now, what you have to do is, You have to download the latest version of whatsapp and you need to install it in your smart phone. In this latest version you will get the option of switching off the blue ticks.

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Open whatsapp >> Go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Read Receipts (Disable the Checkbox Button).

However, as I said this version is not available on ITunes and Play Store as they have still not gone entirely public with the new update and if you don't want to wait for the official release on Play Store and ITunes and want this feature immediately. In that case, You can download it anytime from their official website.

Note :- Make sure that you have enabled the option "Unknown Sources" in the settings of android phones (Settings >> Application >> Enabled Unknown Sources) .

Which Whatsapp version you are using and are you satisfied with this update. Do let me know in comments below ! :)

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