How to do Power Searching With Google


Google is one of the most widely used and most popular search engine as you all know because the interface is so simple and clean. But, still all of us doesn't know how to use it efficiently.

In my last post I wrote about Google search inbuilt tools you should know. But still there are some tricks/methods available which you need to apply which searching anything on Google !

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So, today I'm going to show you how to use these tricks while searching on Google and that becomes 

Power Searching With Google 

1) FileType :-

Syntax :- cloud computing filetype:pdf / cloud computing filetype:ppt / shakira bamboo filetype:mp4

Just type topic name in Google search box and then type "filetype:extention" .

This is the normal way how everybody search's on the Google !

and this is how "filetype" keyword works !

2)  site :-
add this keyword in Google search when you want the result either site specific or domain specific.

Syntax :- Hack Facebook account

3) " " (Quotes)
Use " " (Quote) in Google Search to search the Quote/Sentence.

4) - (minus sign)
Use "- (minus sign)" when you wanted to remove the term.

Syntax :- "email writing" -training -courses 

5) .. (dot dot)
.. (dot dot) specify range to limit your search. It can be date, Price, year, etc anything.

Syntax :- solvemyhow blogs 2013..2014

6) OR
Use OR in Google Search when you want to allow either one or several terms.

Syntax :- Mobile OR Tablet

7) ~
Use ~  in front of search terms to include synonyms in the query.

8) related :-
Use related keyword in Google Search to get the related website.

Syntax :-

9) *
Ask Google to fill the blanks by adding a wildcard in your search term. " * " Replace the multiple words.

Syntax :- was founded by *

10) inurl / allinurl :-
Search for any specific term in the URL. Also use "allinurl" if you need to find more terms.

Syntax :- hacking inurl:pdf

11) Intitle :-
Search for the specific term inside the page title or document title.

Syntax :- intitle:teen patti 

12) InAnchor:-
Find links in the page containing the mentioned term.

Syntax :- InAnchor:download

14) info :-
It displays the information for the specific site.

Syntax :-


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  1. Hi Mr. Piyush

    keywords are the important factors for the site , right ?

    but i 'm in confusing that keywords should be in which case(upper/lower or capitalize) ?, i ask you this question because , my blog is on blogger blog when i have "" i analyze it with alexa it shows keywords, but now i have custom domain and it almost 2 months i check my site in alexa still it shows nothing keywords, while my alexa rank increasing .

    my question is keywords are in upper,lower or capitalize ?

    1. Hello John,

      Google is not case sensitive. So you can use keywords in anyway :) If you wanted to see the practical demo then you can google one query in upper case and then shoot the same query in lower case.

      The result will come similar for both the queries.

      Hope this helps !

      Keep Visiting !

  2. hello sir,

    just a beginner query i want to discuss with you and that is ..

    when i have a blog with subdomain(blogspot) at the time i have alexa rank around a "175000" i hope its good then , on google search when i type my blog name it shows 6 sitelinks of my blog pages, and now after setting up custom domain it's almost 3 months. i have setup my custom domain, i have reached at "168251" alexa rank , but still it doesn't show sitelinks on google, i already submitted my blog to alexa, bing, yandex, google webmasters and google analytics, just after settting up my custom domain(3 months ago), but the problem is sitelinks my alexa
    rank is daily improving but still it doesn't shows sitelinks

    please help me out ...

    regards rahul

    1. Hello Rahul,
      Hope you are doing fine. Rahul google and alexa are totally different things and they are not related + can you please tell me your domain name so I can briefly analyze your problem.

      I hope you have created and submitted custom domain specific sitemap to google webmaster tools. If not then please do it and google might take some time to give you desired results.

      You can take help of these two below mentioned post.



      Hope this helps.