How to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger with BigRock


There are many advantages to have our own custom domain rather that default Blogspot / Wordpress domain. It'll also help you to get fast approval of Google Adsense. 

As you know most of us as being a newbie in blogging, We use the default domain provided by Google Blogspot. So, When we create our blog on blogger we'll get the URL such as or !

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Which obviously is not looking as good as custom domain. So, there are many companies offering free domain either for year / Life time. It depends to company. 

For Example :- Dottk and codotvu are few of the many companies which offers free domain. But, here for Dottk you can have only the custom domain name ended with the .tk and for codotcu your custom domain will be ended with !

Example :-  and

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So, it is suggestible to pay some money and go for either .com/.org/.in types of domain. Which you can book/get from either Bigrock or Godaddy site. I suggest you to go for Bigrock as it offers discounts and good security. So, In this post I'm gonna tell you,

How to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger with BigRock !

Step 1 :- Visit Bigrock and register your domain !
If you've already registered your domain at Bigrock then please skip this step.

Step 2 :- Login with you Bigrock account and select your domain !

Step 3 :- Look for "DNS Management" and then Click on "Manage DNS" !

Step 4 :- Now one popup windows will appear. By default "A Records" will be selected and then just click on "Add A Record" !

Here you'll find 2 Name with the particular Destination IP Address. 
  1. and Destination IP Address
  2. and Destination IP Address
Here you need to delete the name which contain "www" and Destination IP Address i.e

Note:- To delete the entry/Name just click on NAME !

Step 5 :- Keep "Host Name" empty and in "Destination IPv4 Address" add Google Server's IP Address and then click on "Add Record" !

Step 6 :- Repeat the above step 3 more times !
So, total 4 Name and Destination IP Address would be there.
Note:- The other 3 Destination IP Address will be,
Step 7 :- Now you need to set the "CNAME Records". So, for that go to Blogger and Login in it.
Now go to Settings >> Basic. Then click on "+set up a third-party URL for your blog" !

 Step 8 :- Here just type your Custom Domain name followed by "www" and save it. Then Google will generate one error message !
Error message contains 2 fields. 
  1. Name, Label or Host field
  2. Destination, Target or Point To field
Just copy it and again go to Bigrock and change the "CNAME Record" .

Step 9 :- In CNAME Records >> Add CNAME Record. Copy Those two Google field values as shown in the snap shot below. I've shown the snap shot for one value, Please repeat the same thing for another value.

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Step 10 :- Go to Blogger >> Settings >> Basic and repeat Step 8. This time Google won't generate any error message if and only if you did the setting perfectly/properly. Then, Just Click on Save !

Usually your Custom Domain with DNS Settings is updated instantly but, in some cases it might take upto 2-3 hours !

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  1. Hi, Came from IndiBlogger. You covered the topic nicely but I would like to share with you that Google is not approving .tk type domains any more. And in addition to this; despite of the fact that you have a top level domain or a sub domain you need your blog to be 6 months old.

    1. Hello Rachit,
      You might have mistaken because Google is still accepting .tk domain AboutStarsLife .
      Secondly, Yes Google needs your blog should be at-least 6 moths older but You can apply for adsense directly if you have Top Level Domain only and yeah don't forget to use profession email id's while applying for adsense.
      For Example :-
      You'll get fast approval of adsense.

      If you still have any query please ask :)

  2. That worked ".cf" as well !! thank you so much!!

  3. exactly what i'm looking for...
    excellent explanaton..
    keep blogging..

    1. Hello Pradeep,
      Glad to help you :)

      Keep Visiting !

  4. well explained , thanks :)

    but I’ve confusion that is it affect blog’e seo and alexa rank ?

    means i have a blog with blogspot domain with good alexa rank and after switching custom domain will my alexa rank and seo remain same or it decrese ?

    waiting for your reply :)

    1. Hello parekh,
      nice question and i appreciate your concern. But let me tell you something, when you switch to third party domain your alexa and SEO will improve. Even Google adsense accepts faster request of sites having custom domain specially with .com extension.

      So, no it won't affect your alexa + it will improve your SEO as you increase your domain authority more and more. And after all you have to move someday then, why not today ?

      PS don't forget to submit sitemap again to Google webmaster tools. So, google can index your custom domain blog post's.

      These tutorials will help you,

      How To Create Sitemap For Blogs

      How To Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

      do let me know if you are facing any difficulty in doing that, I would love to help you.

      Hope this helps !

  5. Excellent post :)

    but i want ask you that, is it good choice to purchase expired or deleted domain i asked this question to you b'coz i want to set custom domain for my blog,

    suppose I have a blog with "" and i want to register "" but is already expired or deleted domain and available now so what should i do, go for it or buy a new one ? and i dont want to go with ".net/.org"

    please reply :)

    1. Hello Vinay,
      Glad to help you brother :)

      and nice question. See vinay its always a good idea to buy expired domain related to your niche. You get higher ranking automatically + Domain authority will also be good as it is expired. So, it might happened that links are also coming to that domain.

      So, if you are getting that kind of domain, you should definitely buy it.

      if you want to check backlinks and domain authority for that domain, you can check Top 5 Fastest Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

      PS: vinay don't forget to check, it is not penalized by Google.
      to check type "" in Google search results. If you see search results then you should definitely buy it, there is no problem in that:)

      If you have any more query, feel free to comment.

      Hope this helps !

    2. Of Course it Help's me a lot :)
      thanks for the reply and explaining me this doubt..
      again I'm very very very thank full to you...
      and must say keep sharing such a nice articles ..

    3. Hello Vinay,

      Glad to help you. don't forget to share this tutorial with your social media friends. and thank you for your kind words. This is what something which is keep on pushing me on writing useful and informative tutorial. Don't forget to share :)

      Keep visiting !

  6. one more question ..

    I already add google analytics code to my blogspot blog and after setting up custom domain is it necessary to resubmit blog in google analytics and replace the new code with existing one

    and same query with google webmasters

    1. Yes vinay. Like if wanted to see real time traffic + acquisitions reports, then you must replace your GA code with the new one, else it will show you your reports !

      this tutorial will help you in adding GA property, How To Install Google Analytics Property In Blogger

      and you also have to add new property to Google webmaster tools and then again submit sitemap,
      How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

      Hope this helps :)

      Do let me know if you need more help.

      Keep Visiting !

  7. I like the way of your explanation of this tutorial...
    I read this tutorial with comments so many doubts you have cleared and explained them easily but i have one question or doubt ...

    suppose i have a blog as "" submitted to analytics and webmasters, and after getting good readership and alexa rank, now i want to setup custom domain with another domain name as "" not "" so is it affect on seo and google site linking ,

    after setting up custom domain is it necessary to fetch all posts as googlebot in webmasters manually to get quick site linking ?

    please reply

    1. Hello Vikas,

      Thank you for your kind words. Vikas setting third party domain will improve your SEO + authorship too. Your blog will look more genuine and legal. So, go and set up. And yes you again have to "add property" in webmasters for your third party or custom domain. Fetching is automatic.

      Do let me know if you need any help. And to setup custom domain with your blog below mentioned post will help you,

      How to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger

      Hope this helps :)

      Keep visiting !

  8. Hi Piyush

    post was excellent..

    i have setup my blog with custom domain in bigrock, my blog is about tutorials and programming as "" and now i want to create sub domain for my primary domain for demo tutorials as "",

    i have used "" and used free domain as "" so how can i map "" to ""

    please help me...

    1. Hello Ankit,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Ankit I'm not sure whether free domain providing companies allow sub domain or not. But if you have custom paid domain then its very easy. Here I'm taking an example of big rock only.

      just login and go to dns management >> manage DNS

      Now one pop up will be open and give your sub domain hostname for example "" just copy cname records. Make connection with blogspot as shown in this post.

      That's it you are done !

      Hope this helps. If your have any more queries please comment :)

      Keep Visiting :)

  9. post was excellent ..

    what this value means = TTL : 38400 ?
    how much time it takes to update blogspot domain to custom domain, and how many sub domain we can create in bigrock ?

    1. Thanks krishnan.

      Well 38400 is 10 Hours and 40 mins and normally this is default in DNS settings because it is not very long for TTLs propagation and not short for too frequent DNS refresh.

      Time normally 2 hours and big rock allow free 2 subdomain !

      Hope this helps :)

  10. and one more question...
    why we need to create four a records

    1. Hello Krishnan,
      Every company is giving more that 1 IP address, just in case if one server fails. So, that's you need to write 4 IP address / CNAME records.

      Hope this helps :)

  11. hey piyush ,

    when i have a blogspot blog with subdomain as (, i have put the web master verification code along with analytics code, and after i convert my blog to the custom domain as ( i have also put the new analytics code, so there are two analytics code on my blog first one is for subdomain, and second is for new custom domain, so i just want to ask you that, is it good for seo to put the both GA code or i remove the old one

    waiting for your kind reply ...

    1. Hello Vikas,

      Buddy I would say kindly remove domain because now you wanted that google index your top level domain only. So, don't confuse google in ranking your post.

      Simply remove your domain that's it :)

      Hope this helps :)

      Keep Visiting !