How to Create Search Box for Blog/Website

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Creating/Having Search Box for blog/website is very beneficial thing. People can search/Go through N no. of webpages via search box and also they'll get the desired results in the glimpse of their eyes.

So, by adding the search box in our Blog/Website we can save the lot of time of the users and also we'll give them desired results. They can easily get for what they're searching for !

Even Google will give you the desired results if you do power searching with Google or if you use the inbuilt search tools provided by Google !

For Example :- Consider any Online Shopping Website. What if it does not contain the Search Box ?
Simply people get frustrated by looking here and there for the desired product, by just clicking on the NEXT button. Then also it might happen that they wouldn't get the desired products because they can't go through all the webpages !

Even if you want the Sitelinks Search Box in Google Search Results you need to add Custom Search Engine.

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So, What's the Solution ?

Well, the Solution is pretty simple just create one Search Box by writing Java Script Code just like SolveMyHow.

Bloggers does not have to worry about creating the Search Box. They just need to add the Custom Search Engine in their blog

Even Non-Bloggers doesn't need to worry about it because they can also create "Google Custom Search Box" !

How to Create Google Custom Search Box for Blog/Website ?

It's simple, Just Copy and Paste the code written below into your HTML webpage and a Search Box will appear instantly on that page. 


Read Google Custom Search Terms Of Service.

Note :- The code written above should be or must be in the <body> part of the HTML Page !

For Example :- 

                              ... CODE SHOULD BE HERE ...

Do you have the Search Box for your site and are you getting benefit of it ? What are the other benefits of having the Custom Search Engine or Search Box ? Please share it via comments !

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