30 Companies/Websites Providing Free Domain


Are you a blogger and do wanted the fast approval to the Google adsense ?

So, you must need custom domain to qualify for adsense program these days. Because according to new Terms of Google Adsense. Your blog should be atleast 6 months old if you belong to either of two countries India or China or the trick is you should have custom domain.

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Custom domain is not only important for Google Adsense but it also has many other advantages too. One of them is you can increase your blog's traffic.

So, you should need to spend some money and buy the custom domain either from Godaddy or Bigrock and change your default domain to Custom domain.

For Example :- moving from solvemyhow.blogspot.com to solvemyhow.com !

It's good to have either .com/.org/.in kind of domains but if you do not want to spent the single buck until and unless you made some from adsense. Then you can go for free domain providing companies !

Don't worry the free domain works as similar as your paid domain and you can also get approval to the adsense program easily and obviously you can shift to paid domain anytime you want. 

30 Companies/Websites Providing Free Domain ! 

1)  FreeNom
Freenom allows you to book free domain with 4 different types of extentions.

For Example :- solvemyhow.CF, solvemyhow.GA, etc !

COdotVU allows you to register with .co.vu extension.

For Example :- solvemyhow.co.vu

3) dotTK
DotTk allows you to register with .TK extension. 

For Example :- solvemyhow.TK

4) CO.NR
CO.NR allows you to register with co.nr extension.

For Example :- solvemyhow.co.nr

5) CU.CC
CU.CC allows you to register with .cu.cc extension.

For Example :- solvemyhow.cu.cc

Get the list of rest of 25 companies providing Free Domain.

See and select the desirable Suffix/Extension and Register for it and if you don't like the Suffixes on 1st page. Then Click NEXT to go on 2nd page and repeat the same process !

Certainly, There are 4 pages see all and select one desirable suffix and register your domain for free and Enjoy !

Do you know any other companies/website's except these 30 which are providing FREE DOMAIN and are you using the FREE DOMAIN for your blog ? 
Please don't forget to share free domain providing company/website's name/URL and your website's URL if you're using free domain via comments !


  1. How do I shift from ".blogspot.com" to ".cf" ? When I try it says "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 13".

    1. Hello,
      The problem may be because you might had not set the CNAME and DNS settings properly. Get the help from here Set Custom Domain .
      If you need any more help then please ping me :)

  2. thanx for providing this list. i was thinking to open any subdomain for free. thanx once again....

    1. Hello Rahul,
      Thank you for appreciating the Post.
      You should also add Sitelinks search Box for you blog :)

  3. Hello Golani,

    Nice article. If we get a free domain how long it valid? and those are trustable?

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Well free domain are valid from 3-12 months whichever validity you select. for example you can go for ".tk" whose maximum validity is 12 months.

      Yes these domain are trustable but if your goals are long term then you should go for paid because anyhow you have to switch after 1 year.

      Hope this helps :) Do let me know if you have any more queries.

  4. Thank you for this greate article.

    1. Hello Uday,

      Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked the tutorial.

      Don't forget to share this post.

      Keep visiting :)