Google Search Inbuilt Tools You Should Know

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Google Search Engine as you know its the world's most powerful and most efficient search engine, There is nothing new in that !

But do you guys know Google has some inbuilt search features/tools.

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Google Search Inbuilt Tools

1) Calculate :-
Just type any mathematical equation in Google Search and it will open the Google Calculator. Look at the snap shot !

2) Currency Convertor :-
You might be searching for some currency convertor app, But wait Google already have it. Just type " 25 dollars in rs " excluding quotes in Google search and see the result !

3) Define:  :-
Define: keyword is useful when you wanted to find a definition/meaning of a specific word. 
Note:- Use colon " : " after define keyword.

Example :- Define:Google

4) Flight Schedule :-
If you have the flight no. then you can also find the flight timing/schedule on Google. Look at the snap shot !

5) Time in a City :-
Google Search also gives you the time of the particular city/country. You just have to use "time" keyword with the city/country name !

Example :- time las vegas

Example :- time USA

6) Sunrise in a City :-
This is for the people who like traveling and like to see sunrise. So just type,

Example 1 :- sunrise las vegas
Example 2 :- sunrise rajkot 

7) Sunset in the city :-
pretty similar to previous one, Just you need to write "sunset" instead of "sunrise" with the city/country name in Google search.

8) Weather :-
This keyword is used to find the weather of the particular city/country.

Example :- weather las vegas

So, these were some inbuilt tools provided by Google. If I missed some, You can add it in the comment !

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