How Microsoft Has Impacted My Life And How Do I Plan To Bring A Change In Society By Being A Microsoft Student Associates

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" Microsoft has Revolutionized the PC. The Dream of 1 Man has been come true. Bill had a dream of inventing the cheapest Computer and OS. He brought the PC on every desk and at almost everyone's home ".
Microsoft - the name might have heard to every human being living on the earth. Right Guyz?

Microsoft is the Company that had brought GUI (graphical User Interface) into existence. Basically it was established when Bill Gates was of just 20 and today he's the world's richesh person as we all know.

Microsoft is producing all kinds of Software products say from basic MS Office or Paint to IE (Internet Explorer) or Visual Studio (used for making Websites). The Products on which Microsoft is working on are these many that we can't even count it on our fingers.

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The company is not only producing S/W products but they're also introducing the programs like MSA (Microsoft Student Associates) and MSP (Microsoft Student Partners).

MSA and MSP are the programs for the students who are currently studying and enthusiastic about the Microsoft Technologies. The purpose of writing this blog is to let you know 

"How Microsoft Has Impacted My Life And How Do I Plan To Bring A Change In Society By Being A Microsoft Student Associates".

So, if you are the computer geek and enthusiastic about Microsoft Technologies. Then, here is the right opportunity for you to show case your talent and your leadership qualities. MSA is for those who would like to work with MS and like to spend his/her time on various social media's and can be able to publicize the events.

MSA is for those who can Organize the events, can perform fun activities during Seminars/Workshops, having good organizing skills, who can attain the workshops and seminars and learn different different technologies of Microsoft. 

MSA if for those who wanted to become winner, who wanted be famous, who wanted to be different then others.

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If you have all the above qualities and you are willing to work with the Microsoft the you can apply for Microsoft Student Associates. It's the great opportunity to work with Microsoft and learn few new things and gain good experience.

Obviously, Microsoft has created the new era for generation of computers by changing or upgrading the technology. Microsoft has the huge impact in the market and not only in the software field but hardware field too. Microsoft Hardware products like Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone, Nokia Phone etc.


The above snap show the few higher level Microsoft Tech's.

Being a tech enthusiast, I have got many things from Microsoft. The company has the highest OS (Operating System) selling market and that makes Microsoft very unique. The company has about 90%-95% of the OS Market. This figure show how people are crazy about its products and I'm proud to say that I am one of them :) . 

The Products like tablet PC's, Microsoft Surface, X-Box One, One Drive (Sky Drive), Skype, Developers tools. The Interface and GUI Nokia Lumia is providing is high class. No one can beat it. 

If we talk about particularly OS then from basic staring MS-DOS to Windows 8.1 all the OS has/had attracted the users. Windows Picture Password in Windows 8 is also really cool and one of the new and unique feature it has.

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Microsoft is also taking care of students not just MSA and MSP but it also has programs like Microsoft Virtual Academy which provides a great way to learn new MS Technologies online for free. The Course teaches us how to create Microsoft apps, MS-Office and many more.

Though MS-Paint is very simple and used by many of us and most of people might think it isn't be this much useful. But, as being a Blogger I used to edit to many images and that to in few seconds. Windows Movie Maker another cool feature of Microsoft which provides a very cool featues and ways to create Movies. The good thing about MS products are that they are very user friendly and that makes it Unique from other company's products. They basically keep there end users in mind while creating products. Windows Media Player the another cool Music playing app used by most of us.

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My plan as Microsoft Student Associate 

By being Microsoft Student Associates I would Conduce many activities in the campus and also I will also visit to the near by colleges and will share the words with them about MS Technologies. I'll conduct the activities like Idea Sharing, Microsoft Products and its use, The Programs Offered by Microsoft is for Students as well as for Professionals too. My Ultimate aim after being Microsoft Student Associates is to bring Microsoft Enthusiast forward and motivate them to work with Microsoft. I'll also share about MSP (Microsoft Student Partners) to those who are interested in coding and who really wanted to work with Microsoft as MSP and can create apps for MS.

Those who are interested in learning Microsoft technologies i would suggest them to join Microsoft Virtual Academy and also will talk with the authorities of the college to start smart class for those who are passionate to learn Microsoft Technologies.

Apart from all this I will also make the use of different social media's to create awareness about the latest Microsoft Products and its Technologies. I will do all this stuff by Creating Facebook Page, G+ Page, by starting YouTube Channel, by tweeting, by posting on reddit and Quora too.

I will connect with the technical as well as non-technical people too. Because MS products is also used by non-technical persons. Thus, all can connected with Microsoft and its Products.

Microsoft Products and Programs has really Impacted my life and this made me to apply for this Program (Microsoft Student Associates) to learn more about it and to explore more.

I believe in one terminology i.e LEARN | SHARE | EXPLORE . Because " Sharing Is Caring". looking forward to this Program :)

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