How to Create Mouse Over Drop Down in HTML


HTML stands for hypertext markup language. You can design a very cool website by just using HTML and CSS.

HTML5 and CSS3 has included some powerful inbuilt features, Which is pretty hard to write the same code in JAVA SCRIPT !

So, you might have seen some websites having drop down features in there navigation bar, have you ever thought that how they're doing this.

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Well the answers is they're doing it by Simply writting CSS and HTML Code !

In the above snap shot I've shown 5 Menu's in which Menu 2 has drop down of 4 Sub Menu's on mouse over event. Now, you can create this type of simple drop down by using HTML tags i.e <ul> and <li> .
  1. <ul> stands for unordered list
  2. <li> stands for list items 

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Simple Drop Down Using HTML and CSS !

The above is HTML Code in which I've simply used <ul> and <li> tag, Now let's see CSS Code.


The Output of the above code will look a like this,

You can set your own background and font color in the "Link Appearance" part of code in CSS.

But, Do remember one thing you need to add CSS Code inside <head> and <style> tag. look at the example,

                           CSS CODE HERE !!!

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