How to Create a Bootable Windows 7 OR Vista USB Drive


Why we need to Create Bootable Pen Drive ?

There are several reason but most important is some "Notebook Computers" do not have DVD Drives. So, they can still install windows on there small Notebook Computer using Bootable Pen Drives.

Secondly, you might wanted to keep the backup of your windows in case if your DVD is damaged.

Third reason can be "Reusability" means you can use your pen drive in multiple forms say for exchange/sharing data, Bootable Windows, backup etc.

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To create Bootable USB drive we follow 2 ways. So, simply there are 2 ways with which we can create bootable pen drive.
  1. By Using Software.
  2. Without Using any Software. 
here for now we will see,

How to Create Bootable Pen Drive/USB Drive for Windows 7/Vista  by using Software ! 

So, if we're creating Bootable pen drive by using software. Here also we need 2 things
  1. A Windows 7/Vista ISO File
  2. A Software in which we'll burn that ISO file
Let's see Step by Step process to create bootable windows 7/Vista USB Drive,

Step 1 :- You need Windows 7/Vista ISO File. It would be of 3.5 or 4 GB depending on version of Operating System we use.

Step 2 :- Download ISO file burning Software. There are many freeware software's are available for that you hit the query on the Google.

But I would suggest you to use Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool by Microsoft OR PowerISO can be the another Option. 

Now click on "Installation" and it will automatically download ISO Software from Microsoft Store.

Step 3 :- After installing that software click on "Browse" OR "Enter the Path" of Windows 7/Vista ISO File. 

Then, click on "Next".

Step 4 :- Now you need to choose the media type whether it is "USB device" OR "DVD". So, Select "USB device".

Step 5 :- Make sure that you've inserted the USB properly because in this step it will ask you the destination path i.e your USB path.

If still your USB is unrecognizable then you can click on "Refresh Button" as shown in the above snap shot. Please do make sure that the size of the USB should be atleast or more than 4GB.

Step 6 :- Now click on "Begin Copying". In this step it will format the USB drive to boot it correctly and will start copying the ISO file. It may take upto 15-20 minutes depending on the speed of your machine.

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  1. hi buddy i hav pirated win 7 in my laptop
    i want to upgrade os to win 8
    u r requested to pl guide me hw to get free win8 my id is

    1. Hello Anil,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Anil you can simple download windows 8 anywhere from the internet or simply get it from your colleagues or friends.

      Then download KMSpico software. Its pretty simple. Simple google it and you will get the first link.

      Download it and install it. After that it will automatically crack windows 8 for you.

      Hope this helps.

      Also check :-

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