How to do Rich Snippets | How to get image in Google Search


Are you looking for this kind of stuff ?

Do you ever wonder how you get the images of people in the google search ? How do they do that ?

If yes, then it is called Rich Snippets ...!  
and they do it by just linking their website/Blog with there G+ account. 

This is very important parameter if you wanted to increase the traffic on your Website/Blog because people found the owner and blog real. So, you can get the maximum no. customers by simply setting Rich Snippets with your account.

Now, before setting up Rich Snippets you do have one G+ account. If you don't have one you can create that and it will just take about 5 minutes.

Sometimes, it is also called as Google Authorship Markup. So, Let's setup

Rich Snippets / Google Authorship Markup

Step 1 :- Verify your Email address on Google+ .
here Google verifies that your account is legit. So, it is suggestible to use same email address with the same domain name as the domain of your blog.

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According to Google, if you are posting on that domain and the posts have same byline name as of your Google+ Account. This is enough to create the connection. 

Byline is nothing but the name written after the "by" in the post. In the above image it shown that "20 Facebook tips and tricks you might not know" by Piyush Golani. So, this "Piyush Golani" name should also match with the user name of Google+ .

To Verify your email address you can visit Google Authorship

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Step 2 :- Setting up authorship by linking your content to your Google+ account.
In this step you can link your content by using "rel=author" parameter.

If you have bio page for your blog. You can simply add "rel=me" tag to link your bio.
To add this tag you would have to edit your template.

If you do not have bio page of your site/blog then you can link directly to your Google+ profile by adding "rel=author" with the link.

Now, go to your Google+ profile's about page.

Come a bit down you will get one "Links" section. Edit it and look for "Contributor Section". Now, Click on "Add Custom Link" you will get 2 feilds 
  1. Label
  2. URL
 Now, in Lable you have to add this
<a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Google</a>
Replace "Profile_URL" with your Profile ID and Google with you user name. But most important 
don't forget to add "rel=author". 
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For Example :- 
<a href="">Piyush Golani</a> 
It can also be like,
<a href="">Piyush Golani</a>
At last click on save and you're done. You can check your Google Authorship / Rich Snippet .
WordPress users don't panic you do not have to do all that stuff you can simply use Author Box 
Reloaded Plugin. That will add markup and image for you. 

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  1. cool trick but looks like not working anymore

    1. Hello,
      Certainly Yes. Except some cases. But you should add your blog or site link to G+ to get backlink :)

      Thanks and Keep Visiting !