How to Create File Chatbot

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Do you want to Impress your friends by communicating with the computer files ?

won't you got me ? well, I'm taking about creating a simple file chatbot. It would be like whenever you will double click on the file it will show you some text message with the blank text box in which you need to enter some text !

So, now you have the clear idea about chatbot.

So, Do you want to Create Simple File Chatbot ?

If the answer is YES ...! Then follow the simple steps.

Step 1 :- Open Notepad.

  1. Windows 8 Users Click on the Windows Button from the Keyboard and type " Notepad " except Quotes .

     2.  Windows Vista and 7 users press Start button and type " Notepad " except Quotes.

     3.  Windows XP Users  Press Stars >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Notepad.

Step 2 :- Once the Notepad is opened. Copy and Paste the Code given below in your Notepad File.

dim solvemyhow
solvemyhow=inputbox("Hi! What is your name")
solvemyhow=inputbox("How are you feeling " & solvemyhow)
solvemyhow=inputbox("What are you doing " & solvemyhow)
solvemyhow=inputbox("Ok and Keep Writing Blogs on!")
solvemyhow=inputbox("cool, OK BYE!!!")

Step 3 :- Save file with the .vbs Extension. 
For Example :- filename.vbs in my case I had saved it with solvemyhowCHATBOT.vbs and convert " Save as type " to " All Files " 

and save it .

Step 4 :- Now, Open your file by double clicking on it

and you will get this screen shown above. Just type something in the Inbox and Press Ok.

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