How to take Backup of your Blogger Blog and Template


Google Blogger is one of the top free Blogging Platform available. Free means it won't tell you to pay for hosting your blog and as it's Google product we know we won't get security/hacking issues any day. But, Still we should take regular backup of our blogs.

As Google is free Blogging platform but it comes with some limitation. Limitation like Google owns the control to your blog.  This simply means that Google owns the right to delete your blog at any point of time.

Google do that mostly when you are using your blog for spamming or any other activities that violets Google BlogSpot TOS. So, I keep suggesting people that if you can afford paid hosting plans you can go for self hosted WordPress Blog.

So, one thing you can do to retain from the loss at anytime is taking a periodic backup of your Blogger Blog. I guess the definition or meaning of backup is pretty clear to all. So, taking backup of your Blog can let you restore your data and posts if something wrong happens in the future. I suggest people to take backup of your Blogs atleast once in a week.

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How to take Backup of Blogspot Blog 

Well any blogger can take the complete backup of its blog's posts as well as comments by using the inbuilt feature of BlogSpot called "Export Blog".

Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Setting >> other as shown in the above snap shot. Now, here in "Other >> Blog tools" you will find one option called "Export Blog".

Just click on this and download it and save it in your computer's Hard Drive . It will be downloaded in the ATOM (XML) format. Now you have the backup of all your blog's Posts and comments.

Well "Import Blog" feature is used to upload the "Export Blog" XML File. So, in this way you can retain your all data and posts.

Unfortunately, this is manual process and depending upon you, how often you update your blog or write the post. If you are a regular blogger you should take backup atleast once in a week else monthly.

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How to take backup of BlogSpot Template

Well, you can also take the backup of blogger Template. This is very mandatory to have the backup of your blogger template at regular intervals. 

Just go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template. There at the top right corner you will find one option called Backup/Restore click on that and then click on Download full template. This will again download the full template in XML format.

This will be very usefull when your Blog get deleted, then you have the complete backup of your Blog Theme/Template. Secondly, this will be usefull when you are doing some changes in your Template Code and you made some blunder or you creates some error at that time you can quickly restore the template from your back up files.

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