[REAL] 20+ Facebook PRO Tips & Tricks 2016 You Might Not Know


Facebook as being one of the top most popular social networking site across the globe comes with some cool Facebook Tricks. Though being the regular user of Facebook I'm sure you won't know some of these Tricks. So, here I have compiled few usefull FB Tricks for you, that you must want to try :)

Some Tricks are inbuilt in Facebook while, some requires installation of "Add-ons".

20 Facebook Tips and Tricks

1. Appear your Online Status Only to Selected Friends.

...It happens sometimes that you do not wanted to show your online status to every friend. So, at that time you can use Facebook inbuilt functionality of appearing online to selected friends.

Go to Chat down right corner and click on option button and go to Advanced Settings.

Now, select second option "Turn on chat for only some friends" in that you can type your friend/friends name to whom you wanted to appear online and click on save. Now you will appear online to those friends only to whom you have selected and for rest you will appear offline. Try it now :)

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2. Download Facebook Photo Albums with the Single Click.

...use PhotoJacker Add-On to Download photo album but for that use should be a Mozilla Firefox user.

3. Integrate Facebook Toolbar into your Browser.
...To make your Facebook experience a lot easier you can install Facebook Toolbar Add-on. Again you can take the advantage of this feature only in Mozilla Firefox browser. 

4. Easily Create Facebook Photo Collage. 
...Stop looking for any desktop application. Now, you can create Facebook Photo Collage by using Facebook apps such as "Photo Collage" and "mishmash" . 

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5. Share Flickr Photos to Facebook.
...Now, you can share Flickr Photos to Facebook Directly by installing Flickr2Facebook.

...Now, you can set your own Facebook Login Page by Just installing One Add-On and enjoy the new look of Facebook Login Page.

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7. Schedule Your Facebook Messages.
...By using Sendible you can schedule your Facebook messages and you can send them later in the future to your friends, customers or colleagues.

8. Upload Facebook Photos and Videos directly from Mobile Phone.
...If you have Mobile Phone doesn't matter whether its a smart phone or not. But, if your phone supports Facebook App. Then, you can directly upload your Photos or Videos using that app.

9. Have Cool magic Circles on Facebook.
...Now, this is really a cool trick but I guess you won't get succeed in the first try. So, just keep on trying and reload the page after every try by pressing f5.

Try this :- Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter key then press up & down.

10. How to Remove Facebook Annoying Advertisement.
...The Grease Monkey Script - Facebook Cleaner removes the annoying unwanted Facebook ads which you see on the right side.

11. Facebook Auto Poke Add-On. 
...Poking back to our friends who poke's us is a bit time consuming but thanks to auto poke add-on.

But to Download and use that user script in Mozilla Firefox you need Greasemonkey to be installed. If this is already installed then no need to install it again.

12. Upload Photos from Picasa Application to Facebook.
...Now, you can directly Upload your Photos to Facebook by using very cool PICASA APP. This application is developed by Google and has very cool feature one of them is directly upload your photos to Facebook.

Once you have Downloaded Picasa. The next thing you need to add Facebook Plugin to it. So, just install it and start uploading or sharing your pics on Facebook through PICASA APP :) 

13. Post Your Blog Posts on your Facebook Wall Automaically.
...A Plugin called wordbook in WordPress allows you to do so. Just try it once :) 

14. Access Facebook Chat on Desktop.
...Digsby is the app that allow you to chat on facebook with opening full site. You can just use the chat feature of facebook on your desktop.

15. Get Facebook Updates on Email.
...NutshellMail allows you to control you social networking sites via you email.

16. Use Facebook Search Like a Pro.
...Have you faced difficulty in looking for someone on facebook. If yes then I guess you must wanted to try Facebook Search Box. This is the powerfull tool that let you find your Old Friends, Celebrities, Fan Pages etc on Facebook.

17. Access Facebook Through Microsoft Outlook.
...This tip or trick will be very usefull where Facebook is Blocked say in Office or College.
At that time you just download FBLook Plugin and use your Facebook from Microsoft Outlook Mail Client.

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18. Flip Your Facebook Status.
...Now, this Trick is for fun basically. Try Flipping you Facebook Status Upside Down and I'm sure your friends will be tilting their head to understand what you have written. Can't you understand what I'm Saying. Try by Yourself :) Go here UpSideDownText and you will see the effects like this...

19. Get Facebook On Your Desktop.
...Now, you can access Facebook without using any Browser just by installing one of the following app xobni, Facebook for Desktop, Ftalk.

20. Change Facebook Status Fonts
...Now, You can change the default font of Facebook status by downloading Font Changer with Google Web Fonts or you can also use Name Funk Site.

So, these were the 20 Facebook tricks. Hope you loved it and found it worth reading. Do you know any other Facebook trick ? please add it in the comments below. You can also subscribe for SolveMyHow newsletter to get Facebook, Google Plus, Hacking tips right into your inbox.

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