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10 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

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As the Indian real estate market continues to grow, more and more people are looking to purchase their first home. Buying a home can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you're a first-time homebuyer. To help make the process smoother, we've put together 10 tips for first-time homebuyers in India.

Determine Your Budget

Before you start looking for homes, it's important to determine your budget. This will help you narrow down your search and avoid looking at properties that are outside of your price range. To determine your budget, calculate your monthly expenses, figure out your down payment, and get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Location, Location, Location

Location is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a home. Research different neighbourhoods and consider factors such as schools and transportation. It's also important to visit the neighbourhood at different times of the day to get a feel for the area.

Home Features

Make a list of must-have features and consider your lifestyle and needs. Think about future needs such as a growing family. Be sure to prioritise your list and be willing to compromise on certain features if necessary.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent can make the homebuying process much easier. A good agent can help you find properties that meet your criteria, negotiate with the seller, and guide you through the closing process. Look for an agent who has experience in the area you're interested in and who you feel comfortable working with.

Home Inspections

A home inspection is an important part of the homebuying process. It can help you identify any issues with the property that may need to be addressed before you make an offer. Find a good home inspector who is licensed and has experience in the type of property you're interested in.


Negotiating the price and terms of a home sale can be intimidating, but it's an important part of the process. Do your research and be prepared to make an offer that is fair and reasonable. Consider working with a real estate agent who has experience negotiating home sales.

Closing Costs

Closing costs are the fees associated with closing on a home purchase. They can include things like title insurance, legal fees, and transfer taxes. Be sure to budget for these costs and understand what they entail before you make an offer.

Moving and Settling In

Moving into your new home can be an exciting and stressful experience. Be sure to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to pack and move. Once you're settled in, take some time to get to know your new neighbourhood and make your new house feel like a home.

Consider the Resale Value

While it's important to find a home that meets your current needs, it's also important to consider the resale value of the property. Look for a home in a desirable location with features that are in high demand. This will help ensure that your investment holds its value over time.

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Buying your first home is a major decision that requires careful consideration and planning. It's essential to determine your budget, get pre-approved for a loan, choose the right location, decide on the type of property, research the market, work with a trusted agent, consider the resale value, inspect the property, and negotiate the price. 

By following these tips, you'll be able to navigate the real estate market with confidence and find the home of your dreams. Remember that homeownership comes with its own set of responsibilities, such as maintenance, repairs, and taxes, so be prepared to take on these challenges. With patience, diligence, and a bit of luck, you can achieve the goal of owning your own home and building equity for your future.

How to Customize Settings on Your Mac

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With time, the interface of Apple laptops has veered towards a minimalistic design. It certainly looks good and appealing, but if you want to personalize and customize the interface, you can easily do so.

Here are some cool ways to personalize your macOS. Let’s dig in!

Change Your Wallpaper

Tired of looking at the default wallpaper day after day? You can easily change your wallpaper and feel like you are using a brand-new computer. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1.     In the top left corner of the screen, you will see the Apple menu. Click on it.

2.    Choose ‘System Preferences’.

3.    You will see the option ‘Desktop and Screen Saver’. Click on it.

4.    Go to ‘Desktop’. It will open the wallpaper settings for you.

5.    You can choose a pre-installed wallpaper, or you can click on’+’ button and add a new image from your own photos.

6.    You can adjust the position as well as the size of the image as well. Save, and enjoy your new wallpaper!

Change Folder Color on Mac

Changing the icon or the color of any folder is a great way to make your desktop look appealing. It also helps you keep your files organized. Select the folder that you want to customize and right-click on it. Select ‘Get Info’. Once the window opens, click on the icon of the folder. There will be a menu bar at the top of the screen. Choose ‘Edit’ and change the icon of the folder to whatever you want.

You can follow the detailed steps on to change the folder color easily. With a little effort, time, and thought, you can change the way your Mac looks and make it truly yours. It will not only be a pleasure to look at but also a breeze to work on.

Choose a Custom Color Scheme

If you want to customize and personalize the feel and look of your Mac, you can simply create a custom color scheme for your PC. Go to the Apple menu in the top left corner. Choose ‘System Preferences’ and select ‘General’. Go to the ‘Appearance’ section and select the ‘color’ option from the dropdown menu. From the list of options, you need to select ‘Custom’.

You can select your desired colors using the color picker. You can adjust the color intensity as well. Simply click ‘Save’ to apply the changes!

Change the Appearance of Your Dock

We all use the Dock feature to access our files and launch different applications. You can update the appearance of the Dock and give your Mac a new look. Here’s how you can personalize the Dock.

1.     Go to ‘System Preferences’ and select ‘Dock’.

2.    To make the Dock smaller or larger, use the ‘Size’ slider.

3.    If you want to enable magnification, check the box labeled ‘Magnification’. You can adjust the magnification level as well.

4.    To change the position of the dock on your screen, click the ‘Position on Screen’ option.

5.    You can also select the number of applications that will appear on the Dock.

You can customize the appearance of the Dock using third-party applications as well. Not only that, but you can add custom themes, adjust the transparency levels, change the appearance of each element, and a lot more.

Final Words

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, you will love using your new Mac. Macs are highly adaptable and give you a lot of room for customization and personalization. Use the tips and tricks mentioned above to tweak the settings on your Mac and get the most out of its capabilities!

The Top Investment Trends To Watch For 2023

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As the world economy struggles bitterly after the pandemic and other catastrophic world events, there's no better time to think about investing your money. Investing is declared as a primary way to ensure your money doesn't lose its value to inflation over time. But in some cases, investing could bring about incredibly lucrative returns.

So, while you're searching for ways to make money online, finding ways to invest your money is also essential.

That said, if you aren't too sure where to get started in creating a successful investment strategy, consider relying on a financial advisor to help you make decisions. Otherwise, you can find success on your own by doing research to choose the best investment opportunities, monitoring your investments, and staying in tune with predictions from the experts.

To help you get started, we've created this informative list of some of the best investment opportunities for 2023.


Real Estate

Real estate is a long-standing top option for investors. But with this investment option, you have several different approaches to consider. You could purchase a property and then maintain and renovate it on your own or with the help of a property manager. Then you can either rent the property for ongoing profits or renovate it with the intention of selling it for a profit.

On the other hand, you could take advantage of 1031 exchanges that allow you to swap properties in the right market conditions while avoiding federal tax implications. This guide details the requirements for 1031 exchange.

Beyond that, you could also decide to opt for shared real estate stocks, in which you will own a portion of real estate along with other investors.


Alternative Investments

Not all investors find real estate and stocks appealing. So, if you're searching for investment opportunities that break away from the age-old norms, you'll be pleased to know that there are quite a few alternative investments worth considering in 2023.

The world of alternative investments can be exceptionally lucrative, but knowing which opportunities in this category are worth your while is essential.

Industries like cannabis and alternative medicine are growing, suggesting that these are excellent alternative investments to go for. But beyond this, there's also the option of investing in fine wines or vats of whiskey; these alcohols become more pricey over time. So, you'll need to store your vat or bottles correctly and sell them in a few years to the right buyers.



Digital currencies have been making waves in the investor's market for quite a few years. While prices surge up and down due to the volatile nature of these currencies, countless investors have made enormous profits here by buying and selling at the right times.

At the moment, cryptocurrency values are plummeting, which makes it an ideal buyer's market. When the prices surge again, you might realize you've made the best financial decision for the new year.


Savings Bonds

Savings bonds are still a wise way to invest your money, and this is also one of the safest options around. Due to minimal risk and slow growth, savings bonds are also best as long-term investments.

Even though you might not find the profits enormous at the end of the day, any smart investor knows that savings bonds should be at the base of any diverse investment portfolio.


Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry is another that's growing dramatically due to a newly increased demand. With this, the industry provides the perfect environment for investment opportunities.

With the world finally waking up to the importance of renewable energy, 2023 will undoubtedly be a good year for investors that choose to fund the industry. Keep in mind that clean energy developments have moved away from electric vehicles and now seem focused on solar panels. 

Now that you have a more accurate idea of which investment opportunities to watch in 2023, you might wonder if relying on a financial advisor is worthwhile. Even though you can invest your funds wisely without one, you'll need to part with a lot of time to figure out a strategy that works for you.

Some of the primary benefits of working with a financial advisor are clarity, confidence, and more options. Instead of stressing about your own assumptions and predictions, a financial advisor is well-versed in the field of investing, so you'll have complete confidence that your investments will grow and reap the rewards for you. 

The right financial advisor will also monitor your investments for you, so you won't need to part with time to watch your investments grow or scratch your head wondering if you should sell or buy.

5 Tips For Handling An Office Bully

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For many of us, middle school was a traumatic time – filled with wedgies and bullies getting the better of us. For most people, those problems end after we finish school and we go on to lead happy lives, despite the PTSD experienced by the majority of bullying victims.

Unfortunately, for some unlucky folks – the bullying doesn’t end there. Bullying has become an all-too-common occurrence in the workplace and can take the form of verbal or nonverbal abuse.

Below are five tips for handling an office bully because you shouldn’t condone that type of unacceptable behavior:

1.    Cyber Bullying

You might think that all bullies prefer to abuse their victims in person, but sadly that is not the case. Many bullies turn to the virtual world to express their unprofessional attitudes and unnecessarily rude comments.

These bullies find it easier to abuse their co-workers while they hide behind their keyboards. This sort of virtual abuse can include sexist or discriminatory remarks, belittling, or gaslighting their colleagues.

Learn to identify the signs of this type of bullying so that you can report the situation to your management team.

2.    Gossip Is Also Bullying

Bullying can take many forms, including physical and non-physical. Many people don’t realize that gossiping about another colleague constitutes bullying, even if it’s during a game of Truth or Dare at the Christmas party.

Some other examples of bullying include posting embarrassing social media posts, withholding necessary resources for someone to get their job done, and yelling at an employee in front of other employees.

The most crucial thing to learn is how to spot a bully and act before their behavior sets into a pattern.

3.    Check Your Company Code

Research your company’s policy on workplace bullying and harassment to determine the correct protocols and channels to take to report this type of abuse. If you’re being bullied at work, or you know someone who is, you need to report it as soon as possible.

If you feel like you are being bullied and management isn’t taking you seriously, take a breather and then contact legal advisors skilled in this field to help you put together a case against your bully and your employee.

4.    Set Limits

This tip is helpful if you have just started a new job. Often a new workplace can be intimidating, and your nerves will get the better of you until you have learned to adjust. Strong personalities can be hard to adjust to, so if you are feeling bullied but don’t want to make a big deal of it then the best thing to do is to set boundaries.

By setting limits on what behavior you find intolerable, you will quickly be able to identify and distinguish between playful and harmful attacks.

5.    Think Of The Future

As difficult as bullies are, their reign of terror doesn’t have to be long-lasting. Stand up for yourself and set the tone for how others can treat you. Even if the person bullying you is your supervisor or boss, you need to set ground rules and stick to them.

There is no reason for anyone to be bullied in a modern workplace. That kind of behavior is archaic and not at all productive – which means there is no place for it in your office environment.

How to Find Industry Experts to Interview for Your Blog

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Interviewing experts is easier said than done. Tracking one down is just the beginning of your problems, then you must conduct the interview and wheedle out the useful information. This article should help you simplify the process.

Blogging didn’t exist a decade ago. The websites that we know and love today were not real yet. If you had told a student in the year 2,000 that they would need to write continual online content to keep their website up to date, they would look at you with a blank face and consider calling your doctor. Nowadays, an accurate, professionally researched, insightful blog is the stuff of internet legends. Without one, your business struggles to achieve relevance in the online marketplace. Here is how you can make your blog even more relevant to the Google bot by giving it what it really wants – an expert opinion.

What Experts Add to Your Site

Google bots love experts. They add value to your site because they enhance it with expert opinions. If you would like to promote affiliate links through your site so you can monetize it, the expert placed in the right blogs and linked to the right products will boost your sales and leads. Experts widen your sales funnel and provide a larger net for you to catch passing traffic. Best of all, they establish your brand as an expert in its field.

Subject matter experts increase customer loyalty by painting your brand as an expert. Marketing guru Neil Patel recommends using them on your site as a way of brand building.

How do you find Experts for your Blog?

There are diverse ways to find experts for your blog. Let’s look at the internet favourites.

1 – Order them Online

Like all the best goods and services, you can now order your own expert online. Sites like help connect bloggers, writers, SME owners, and online content managers, with the experts that they need to boost their brand. Ordering your expert online is quick and easy. You simply tell them what the issue is and what the interview questions are, then allow them to send you, their answers. You can conduct live interviews over video chat, or you can conduct telephone interviews. You could do them face to face if they are local to you.

2 – Network for Experts

If the experts you need are in the same line of work as you, then networking for experts is the next best option. This takes time, then there are the scheduling issues to resolve. Once you have an expert, though, you can rely on them for future information and even suggest mutual collaborations which are beneficial for all parties and businesses involved. Forbes have excellent tips on networking within your field and beyond.

3 – Advertise!

You already have a blog, therefor you already own a free advertising window into the world wide web. Instead of wasting the space, place an ad on your page looking for industry experts. You can advertise on Google or through Facebook for successful feedback. 

How to Promote Affiliate Links And Make Money Through Your Blog

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Ever wondered if you are good enough to start your blog? Even if you did, do you doubt the revenue-generating potential of blog writing? If you do, then you've come to the right place. 

promote affiliate links

You'll be thrilled to know that bloggers and website owners these days are utilizing affiliate marketing as their primary method of earning. Anyone who pretty much knows how to write is clawing after affiliate marketing because it's the next best thing on the internet for making some serious cash. The secret? Affiliate links! Eventually, the proper placement of affiliate links is one of the best blog monetization methods. 

Why Affiliate Marketing is Worth It?

It is not hard to believe that affiliate marketing is the best new thing for internet marketers, but the truth is, it is not 'new' at all. The concept dates back to 1989, and Amazon only stepped up its game in 1996, which means that it is an established and stealth market. It is now helping people make money by efficiently scattering affiliate products and links in their blogs. Following are a few benefits of correctly promoting affiliate links: 

· Placement of affiliate links naturally and seamlessly help you monetize your blog from the very first day. 

· You earn extra if the number of successful referrals you generate is high. 

· You earn a solid revenue by not attracting many followers but by simply targeting the right traffic. 

Steps to Promoting Affiliate Links: 

1. Create Content and Product Reviews: 

Before worrying about backlinks when working with affiliate marketing, your primary focus should be creating valuable content. You already have a blog if you have chosen to promote affiliate links. However, the most effective way to do it is to add exciting content such as product reviews. 

Think of it like this, practically all of us go through at least one or two reviews before buying anything online. Even statistics suggest that up to 92% of consumers prefer to read a product review online before purchasing. The more product reviews you have on your blog with naturally scattered affiliate links, the more revenue you'll generate with each click. 

2. Fill Your Blog with Affiliate Banners: 

It is your job to help consumers discover the right product through your content. The more information and ideas you give the user, the better the chances of getting clicks on the affiliate links. One of the ways to increase those chances is to place affiliate banners on your website. 

Relevant banners on your blog or website are as helpful as blog content. These affiliate banners are best visible in email marketing messages, your blog's sidebar, or getting embedded in blog content. Affiliate banners work like magic for affiliate links when you get sufficient targeted organic traffic to your blog. 

3. Create a Resource or Tools Page: 

According to stats represented by Capterra, about 30% of consumers think that if there are no negative reviews for a particular product, then the online reviews are fake. It is a problem that can easily get solved by adding a resource page to your blog. A resource page is where you add honest reviews of your favorite products which you have used personally. 

You recommend those products to your readers and then strategically throw in the relevant affiliate link. By running a list of recommended products on your tools or resource page, you quickly establish the reader's trust in your content and eventually turn visitors into affiliate customers. 

4. Promoting Affiliate Links on Other Platforms: 

As an affiliate marketer looking to promote affiliate links and make money, you should understand other online platforms' importance. Whether it's a blog or a video, the amount of exposure you get on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook is insane. 

What better than promoting your affiliate links on YouTube by naturally placing them within a small video? You can promote affiliate links in two ways on YouTube, including using YouTube annotations, which are transparent boxes usually offering a CTA that pops up at preselected times within a video. On the other hand, you can promote the affiliate link by putting them in your video description. 

For platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can promote affiliate links through your business or personal page. However, make sure you are placing these affiliate links in relevant content or other forms of media. You can share a post or a video on Facebook with the link or generate traffic with appealing Instagram stories and photos. 

5. Sign Up with an Affiliate Network: 

Becoming a part of either an affiliate network or an individual company is smart to increase your blog income and 'naturally' to promote affiliate links. The only difference between the two is that you can become an affiliate for any network companies by signing up with an affiliate network. 

Becoming an affiliate of an individual company means that you'll promote that company's specific products. Both of these options are advisable because, in the end, you get a variety of products to write reviews about and do comparison posts on, which make favorable grounds for promoting affiliate links. 

Conclusion: Boost Your Blog Income Through Smart Affiliate Linking

When promoting affiliate links, you should be mindful of trying out ways that are genuine yet effective. You can ramp up your revenue by giving valuable info to users and indirectly guiding them to the 'purchase.' 

This valuable info can be in the shape of authentic affiliate product reviews and comparisons, using affiliate links inside your blog posts. And promoting them on different platforms, using affiliate banners on the sidebar, and more. You have to feed visitors with content and fresh ideas such as resource pages, product giveaways, feature posts, and exit-intent popup.

7 Best Rank Tracking Software's to check Google Keywords Rankings

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Is your content reaching the right people? 

Does your work keep up with the neck-to-neck race for producing quality content? On what page of Google Search do you stand, or, where are you in the competition, so to speak? 

Is there a way to find out if you are on the right track to serving the society and instead your work is not buried permanently in the 2nd page of Google Search for no one to ever find out?

We are here to help you out and give you the push you deserve for your hard work in building your service. Keyword rank checkers are handy tools that will track your website’s ranks in Google and tell you what features you can add that will give a lift to your rankings and change them over time.

So, without further wait, let us talk about the 7 best rank tracking softwares that will not let your work dig deep into search engines! 

1. AccuRanker

If you are looking for a thoroughly paid position checker for keywords, then AccuRanker is a perfect choice. Their interface is intuitive and you can get started with ease. In Google search, you can track keyword rankings and they also have an option for Yandex and Bing search.

 AccuRanker is very popular as a monitor for Yandex keywords. AccuRanker is a standalone keyword rank tracking software, unlike Semrush and Ahrefs, dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and precise data for rankings. 

It has all the features provided in this post by the other tools, but its main differentiator is to provide data for on-demand keyword rankings. Their service is commendable. 

We have listed here the top 3 keyword tracking features of Accuranker revealed by the experts:

  • Updates for Instant 'on-demand' keyword ranking 
  • Track rankings through various search engines 
  • Map Traffic and Conversion Rankings (unique feature) 
  • Google Data Studio Integration

Their Google data Studio Connector gets many experts hooked to this software, so AccuRanker is worth checking out.

Their price starts at a US $99 per month. You can access a 14-day free trial to see if you find their software easy to navigate through and help sail your content across the rocky waters of missing keywords and improper distribution.

2. SERPWatcher

Mangools Company offers an impeccably smooth and aesthetic UI in all their tools. SERPWatcher is their latest addition where the domain does not matter at all-you-can track your keyword position for any domain, basing on Devices (like Mobile, Laptops, etc) and Geolocation. 

It track the fruits of your work through “Dominance Index” which is a smart word coined by them to creatively track your overall progress instead of the confusing day-by-day ranking of your website. One of the fastest ways you can increase your organic traffic is by using their “Ranking in featured Snippets” provision. 

You can go for a ten-day free trial that allows you to track 10 keywords. Otherwise, you can track 200-1500 keywords according to their reasonable monthly and annual plans.

3. Zutrix

Zutrix is powerful rank tracking software that assists you in understanding the core components of rank tracking and SEO easily. It has an easy to use interface and how to guides to help users find the right kind of information within no time. 

  • Here are some outstanding features of Zutrix rank tracking software:
  • You can track each and every location whether local or global with Zutrix.
  • It provides 100% accuracy in its results and works as if a person is doing your job.
  • With Zutrix real time notifications, you will never miss an update on the recent changes made to your project.
  • It helps you understand your competition and outrank them with right set of keywords and ranking strategies. 

4. Moz Rank Tracker

Moz Rank Tracker monitors the success of keywords on your website as well as overall exposure over time in the search engine results. 

All Pro plans include a comprehensive collection of SEO software, including tools such as Keyword Explorer, crawl on demand and more. 

With a 30-day free trial, all features included in the Moz Pro Medium are available. You can use Rank Tracker for competitor analysis to track your competition as well. Use that feature to compare their SEO strategies with yours, and enhance your visibility.

5. Semrush

For small and medium companies, they are the best for guest blogging and evaluating competitor tactics. You may use them for SEO technical audits as well. 

Apart from Google, they also offer Bing Search for keyword tracking. They provide a free 7-day trial. If you plan to buy, you can opt for their pocket- friendly Pro Plan which is the US $99.95 per month. 

Some tools that Semrush provides are their On-Page SEO Checker, Site Audit and Brand Monitoring. Semrush shows the progress of keyword rankings over time in paid and organic search. Right from the date you start a project, you will be able to track historical data for any competitor. 

The data will be available as daily data for up to 60 days, and as weekly data points thereafter. Some plans allow you to import historical details from other SEO resources as well.

6. Ahrefs

The highlight of using Ahrefs is that you get to detect automatically, without you having to put in anything, on what keyword makes it or breaks it for your website ranking. This service can also show country-wise results. You can simultaneously track your competitor’s website rank along with your own. 

They are ideal for all businesses, with their premium most plan being the agency plan costing the US $999. If you want to try, you may pay $7 for 7 days. 

Across 170 countries, position tracking is provided. With the Lite and Regular Plans, however, it is only possible to track your keywords for up to 1 and 5 locations. 

On higher plans, there's no such limit. Even, in the Advanced and Agency plans, mobile ranking is only available for Ahrefs.

7. SEOprofiler

SEOprofiler is a full website promotion tool that includes a function to check the ranking of Google keywords. 

With an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee, there are four plans are available- Normal (US$69.95/month) that checks daily for 500 keywords, Smart ($99.95)- for 1,000 keywords, Skilled ($249.95) for 2,500 and Enterprise ($999.95) for daily 10,000 keywords.

Their Free Plan allows you to access all their tools for free of cost lasting for one week. They provide history reports and track your keyword progress, all boiled down to simple charts and ranking reports for you to make smart decisions. They have an automatic keyword addition option and the ability to track your ranking in 162 countries.