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TrueMail Email Checker: Get Your Emails Verified In Seconds

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In the era of social media marketing, email marketing is the most effective strategy to reach the potential and targeted audience. 

Effective email marketing can convert prospects into final customers which leads you to generate sales. However, the execution of this strategy should be error-free lest it would cost you high in the long run.

Under email marketing, you need to maintain a mail list of the entire prospective group to which you need to reach. 

However, creating a mailing list by using email finders on LinkedIn or so is not enough for a successful marketing campaign as this could be full of spam emails, fake contacts and companies, etc. 

Continuing the campaign with such kind of list can downgrade your reputation due to lack of quality mails. Also, it can spoil your IP and you would not be able to reach those important contacts that want to receive your contact.

For this purpose, a tool known as TrueMail can prove to be the ideal choice. TrueMail verify the emails completely and keeps your mailing list healthy and free from fake contacts. There are some amazing highlights that TrueMail has which are discussed below:

Mass mail checker

The primary yet most impressive feature of TrueMail is the speedy procedure that it follows. It approves all the email records that are most important for you. For this, you just need to transfer the rundown of your mails with the tools and leave the work completed on it. 

It will browse each of your mail perfectly and will show you the outcome of each single email address. In this way, you will be able to look for those emails which are valid and can erase the invalid ones from your mailing list.

TrueMail chrome extension

The chrome extension feature of TrueMail makes it more convenient for the users. It will assist them in validating all their mails on the website directly on the module window. From there, they can see the mail status right ways. Let’s talk regarding its working procedure: The feature consequently imports the outcomes to your TrueMail record and from there you can download them. 

Moreover, it can be augmented either on the site or on the spreadsheet. You can discover all the substantial and fake mails through TrueMail. The fake and invalid emails will be disposed of by the tool and spare your time and money enormously. 

Integrations are possible!

This is yet another outstanding feature of TrueMail. It empowers you to make direct integration with the platforms and administrations of your preference such as registration forms, lead &contact forms, newsletter signup, and other mobile apps and CRM. 

Along with that, it has made it utmost convenient for you as you don’t have to transfer the records manually from that point. You can just set up incorporation with the CRM (customer relationship management) or the mailing platform that you use. 

Following that, you can import your complete mail list for the approval from that moment. After getting approved, you would be able to see the email status from the platform that you chose and integrated TrueMail with.

These are some of the astounding features of TrueMail that one should know properly before using the tool.

Advantages of TrueMail

Some of the advantages of TrueMail which are definitely commendable are:

1)    The tool is a real-time email checker that gives you real-time information and the status of every single mail. You can check whether the individual you are sending mail to is worthy of receiving your content or not.

2)    TrueMail eliminates the duplication of emails and thus makes the email marketing campaign more efficient. It makes sure that no mail has sent twice to any individual you are targeting. Duplication of mail can spoil your image in front of important clients and can cost you higher.

3)    TrueMail also works as a syntax checker and checks the entire computer programming prior to sending the mails of the list. The syntax check is really important to make the content error-free and proper. 

4)    The tool provides great API (application programming interface) and characterizes how different segments and frameworks can utilize it.

5)    It enables the user to integrate with other tools and services of their preferences and make the user experience amazing. Moreover, the procedure of combining the tool with other services is extremely simple.

6)    The human support system of TrueMail is outstanding and ensures 24X7 service support to its user. In case of any query, it resolves all the doubts of its users.

Principles of TrueMail

TrueMail follows various principles that make it an ideal choice for executing an efficient and effective email marketing campaign. Some of the principles of TrueMail are:

a)    Higher accuracy
TrueMail ensures the highest accuracy level in checking the mails. It only uses real-time multi-step verification and doesn’t use any historical data in the process. You will not find any discrepancy in the mass mail verification process and can fully trust the tool without having doubt. 

In case you feel doubtful in any of the features of the tool, you can pitch the human support system of the tool and make your mind clear.

b)    Low pricing
Truemail has one of the lowest pricing in the market. It starts at $7.00 and has a single plan that you can acquire.

c)    Data privacy
Truemail makes sure that all your uploaded data remains fully confidential and doesn’t let any unauthorized entity spy on it. The email verification site will never send the email addresses to anyone and the data is never resold in any case.

d)    Flexibility in the downloading process
You can download the results provided by TrueMail very easily. Moreover, no additional work on excel and spreadsheets is necessary.


So, this was all about the TrueMail tool you can look for before using the tool. Undoubtedly, all the amazing features can really benefit the user. The principles of Truemail are truly impressive and makes the whole marketing campaign gets perfectly executed.

How to generate traffic from Pinterest?

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Pinterest is a unique platform in its own rights. With over three million users every month Pinterest has lots of potential to drive dense traffic to your website. 

To the uninitiated, Pinterest is a visual search engine and the contents are put up as “pins” on Pinterest boards.

Let us take a look at some of the best practices that you can adhere to if you want to generate traffic for your website from Pinterest. In addition, you can buy Pinterest followers to build authority on Pinterest and gain trust of your profile visiotrs. 

A person having 10K followers has better chances to generate traffic from his pins then a person having 1K followers. This is basic human psychology, people tend to follow someone with huge following.

You can easily use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. See some of these well known facts:
·    A pinterest graphical pin is 10 times more attractive.
·    Every time you post on Pinterest you can drive up to 5 page visits and 9 pageviews
·    People can earn $1 from each pin using affiliate marketing.
·    A pin on Pinterest can be fetaured upto one week, this is longest span on any social meida platform.

Creating your profile:

The very first step will be to determine your niche and your targeted audience and customise your profile to align with your brand image. This is very crucial in maintaining your brand identity. 

You will need to make sure that your Pinterest boards look amazing as this will be very important for user engagement. Users generally steer away from irrelevant and incomplete boards. 

You will also need to verify your domain on Pinterest if you want to include links to your website on Pinterest.

Careful implementation of keywords in Pins:

Keywords are very important if you want to drive significant traffic from Pinterest to your website. 

Keywords basically search queries that the user types in the search bar. With careful optimisation of popular keywords into your pins, you will be able to pop up more often in search results.

Relevant Keywords in Your Board

The board you create on Pinterest should have relevant kewords, the title of the board is very important. Choose it very carefully. If the board’s name is relevant it will be shown on top in the feeds of people who are interested in the board like yours. 

You may also be fetaured by ointerest in the search results.  Example: Suppose you want to create board on marketing and want to reach business and individuals who wants to market their products and are looking for best strategy. 

In that case you should name your brand “Best marketing startegy on social media”

Board Feature Images:

Feature image is the first thing the user sees when searching for a board. You will need to make sure that the image that you put up is as descriptive as possible. Interesting images lead to more clicks which in turn generates traffic. 

Edit the images to include concise texts to give more context to the users. 

The size of the pin also matters. 

There are more vertical images on pinterest than horizontal images. Even mobile and tablet users will see pins on the screen in vertical direction so always use images that are tall. 

Is there any recommended size? Yes, the aspect ratio should be 2:3 or 4:5 for maximum benefit. eExample include 650x975.

Pin Scheduling:

Why wait for the right moment to post your pins, when you can have them posted automatically? 

Tailwind is a very simple but effective tool that can relieve your worries. Tailwind allows you to schedule your pins very easily and with just a click of a button. No more staying up all night to post your pin at the best time. Let Tailwind take care of it for you. You can try a free trial version before you buy.


There are several plugins that can be very easily integrated with the backend of your website. Plugins can be quite powerful as this will allow any user to pin your contents on their board very easily. This is a great way if you want to reach your audience.

Featured boards:

This is a great feature for those who want to showcase certain boards to their audience. When a board is selected to be featured, it will always pop up at the top of the list of boards. It is advised to add your best and most relevant boards as featured.  You should join a famous community board so that you can easily grow your followes on Pinterest. 

Once you start pinning to group board many world wide audience will see your pin. If your content is good and has some authority on Pinterest those people will follow you and see your pins.

Have Patience:

It is difficult to get repins and followers on Pinterest since it has matured a lot. You need to put lot of effort and time then only you can generate traffic from pinterest and it will help you a lot in earning good income.
Pinterest can be a great tool if you can figure out what makes it tick. Pinterest with its dense user base will a great ally if you are looking to generate traffic.

The Best Logo Maker App You Need to Try

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Logos are the first impression that potential customers see on the products before buying. If the logo of a product is not appealing and meaningful, then it will create a wrong impression of the brand. Leading companies give a significant concentration on their brand's logo and invest enormous time and money for acquiring a unique and attractive logo.

They hire professional designers and buy premium software for performing this task. You can easily understand the importance of an exclusive logo for a brand from this example.

What if I am new to the business and can't afford a professional designer? 

What if I do not have enough money to buy expensive software? Is there any way to get a unique logo for my business without spending huge money?

Well, the answers to your questions are, Yes! You can create an awesome logo for your company by using an online logo creator

The internet is one of the most significant sources of information and offers a lot of tools that can assist you in getting a unique logo. You can use any of the logo maker apps from your device and create an exclusive emblem for your brand quickly.

To understand more about the online logo maker app, let's discuss some of the primary uses and advantages of this online tool.

Benefits of Online Logo Maker App

The World Wide Web has become one of the significant media to get help for performing our daily tasks. You can get many online tools over the network that can assist you in getting your work done more quickly and accurately. 

The internet also provides you with many fantastic online logo maker apps that can help you in getting a unique logo within no time. 

An efficient and best logo maker app allows you to create a fantastic visual symbol for your business without any hassle. This online app also provides you with beautifully designed templates. 

The only thing you need is to make changes in these templates according to your requirements. 

That's all. You will get your original and appealing logo within a blink of an eye.

Furthermore, the online logo maker app is entirely web-based, so you can use this tool from your office, home, or from any part of the world. 

Many famous online companies such as Content Arcade provide you with a fantastic online logo maker app that can be beneficial in making a visual symbol for your business.

Moreover, this online logo maker app allows you to create and edit your logo from your smartphones. So, only an excellent connection to the internet is required to make a unique and eye-catching logo for your brand.

Reasons for Using a Logo

Marketing is one of the central aspects of the success of a business. Famous companies pay vital attention and adopt various strategies to fulfill this requirement. But why do we need a unique and attractive logo? Why is it essential for our business?

Some main reasons for having an exclusive emblem is discussed below,

The primary purpose of having a unique visual symbol for your business is recognition. The logo of a company considers as the face of a company. People usually recognize the brand by its logo. 

An attractive logo helps to create emotional bonding with your customers. For instance, what comes into your mind while thinking about KFC? I guess the older man with a beard and glasses. People usually remember a company by its logo.

The logo becomes the identity of a company. You might have heard, "the first impression is the last impression." If the first impression of your business gets the attention of people, then the money is all yours. That's why it is essential to have a purposeful and appealing logo for your business. 

The online logo maker app can be a great help in getting an emblem for your brand quickly.


A unique logo gives your business a professional look. These logos can help people to understand the nature and purpose of your business. People prefer working with companies that have professionalism in their work. 

Logos are also very significant in the marketing of your products. These visual symbols would be a part of your marketing ads, flyers, and banners. Therefore, you need to have a unique logo to outshine your competitors.


Logos are the essential and vital component in the success of a business. 

If you are a blogger, or new to the market and can't afford a logo designer, then the best way to get a unique and attractive logo for your company or site is the use of an online logo maker app. 

The logo maker app provides you with various graphic designs that assist you to design logos according to your desires within a few seconds. 

So, you don't have to spend huge money on buying expensive software to create a logo, start using an online logo maker app, and get a fantastic logo without any hesitation.

Foil Payments Fraudsters With These Two Weapons!

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As the business realm becomes increasingly digital, data breaches are becoming downright common!

It takes a collection of security practices to remain protected, but luckily there are two major security standards available to help protect your business: PCI & EMV.


Protecting Yourself With PCI & EMV

PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of standards in place to help prevent data fraud and breaches. PCI compliance is compulsory for any and all businesses accepting card payments.

EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa), best known as the “chip” in newer credit cards, is another security standard focused on inhibiting the production and use of counterfeit credit cards. Unlike PCI compliance, EMV is not mandatory.

PCI Standards

PCI compliance should protect your business from data breaches, so its pivotal that your business completes a self-assessment questionnaire and vulnerability scans. If a breach occurs while your business is NOT PCI compliant, you can face penalties of up to $500,000!

EMV Technology

The beauty of EMV cards is that the information is encrypted. Magstripe cards, on the other hand, contain analog data. This means the data can be stolen.

EMV chip cards have made a huge impact on in-store card fraud, with Visa reporting an 80% reduction (between 2015 to 2018) in card-present counterfeit fraud losses.

Data Transfer Via P2PE

End-to-end encryption is the most secure way to transfer data. PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE). Even if a fraudster obtains stolen data, encryption will prevent them from making sense of the information.


Even with PCI and EMV, fraudsters can still get their hands on sensitive information. Make sure that your business has a plan in place to deal with data breaches, and that your MarketPlace Payment Solution Provider offers your business proper security measures.

Contact Agile Payments For More Info on MarketPlace Payment Solution Providers.

What Are Some Of The Best Photo Stick Mobiles available for iPhone

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The Photostick has risen up and earned its name and reputation to be one of the most sought after gadgets when it comes to backing up all your photos, videos, and any other files from your phone. 

It offers a fast and easy way to backup photos and videos at almost lightning speed. The Photo Stick is designed to save on memory safely and let you continue taking more memories with your phone without the fuss of getting the “storage is full” pop-up warning.

Using a photo stick will help reduce the worry of having less space on your phone and limiting the number of things you can have on it. Taking pictures and videos to save the precious moments of our lives has become a daily habit to most of us and having a way to never run out of space to do that can increase the joy of enjoying the moments even more.

So now we will look at the best the market has to offer when it comes to photo sticks, a way to save up on phone memory.

Some of the best photo stick mobile for iPhone may include, but not limited to:

1.    The Photostick Mobile 2.0 MEi certified

The Photostick Mobile 2.0 for iPhone and iPad is an easy and cheap method to back up pictures and videos on an Apple gadget and save up on space. It is available in the sizes:32 GB and 64 GB. With the accompanying downloadable app, the Photostick works like a charm.

The device will grab all the photos and videos saved on the phone with much ease and transfer them to a hard drive for safekeeping leaving you with more than enough space to add more to your gallery.

It comes with easy to follow instructions and if they’re not clear enough, you can contact the customer care who are more than willing to help you in any way. The Photo sticks mobile works on almost all the smartphones and is thus suitable for iPhone series 5 and newer. When ordering make sure to specify the one that is suitable for your operating system.

2.    HooToo iPhone Flash Drive

This device is available with a maximum user capacity of 128 GB. It has quite a  long lightning connector extension on one end which works with almost all the iPhone cases and on the other end is a 3.0 USB connector that transfers files at an amazing speed of 35MB per second for writing and 80MB per second for reading. It is certified by the Apple MFI as a quality and long-lasting product in the market of best iPhone photo sticks.

When connecting it for the first time you’ll be prompted to download a user-friendly app that is compatible and works together with the device. It also comes with guidelines and instructions which when followed properly makes for smooth sailing when using the device.

It is compatible with all iOS devices and also a windows PC. It can be used to transfer, backup and store almost all types of files and in a secure way by encrypting them to protect them enabling easy sharing. It is a light device making it very portable.

3.    RavPowr iOS Flash Drive

The RAVPower Flash Drive for iPhone works as a drive and doubles to a charging cable, making it a very versatile product. With its exquisite and flexible small design, it offers up to 64 GB worth of external storage with high transfer speeds for both write and read speeds.

The extended fast connectors are long and allow for use with most iPhone cases without having to remove the case and it’s also used for lightning charging of your mobile phones. It is Apple MFI certified for future-proofing. And with the secure encryption storage with fingerprint protection, it makes everything easy to share and backup files.

4.    SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

The useful companion iXpand Flash Drive allows you to free up space on your iPhone or iPad, by backing it all up from the drive. It has a lightning connector which is flexible that mostly works and  a Connector of USB 3.0 might plug into the Mac computer PC which you own, for fast and easy transfers. The drive also includes a password-protected software to secure your sensitive documents across your devices. With the iXpand Flash Drive you’ll always be ready to take more and more with the following qualities all in one:

• Fast to free up space.
•  Automatically Backup photos.
• Grants access to your files on the move anywhere.
• Compatible with all iPhone devices.
• Lightning-Speed Transfers.
•  Downloadable iXpand Mobile App to help with the transfer.

5.    Omars iPhone Flash Drive

Available in the sizes up to 128 GB, this device allows you to free and save memory on your iPhone instantly. It uses a high-speed USB 3.0 tech to enable for transfer of files much faster and on the go. It is supported by a  user-friendly “wit stick” app that supports nearly all file formats, allowing direct access of your saved files from the drive.

It is password protected and the added touch ID feature helps to secure the drive’s contents. The flash drive has a fast and easy one-touch backup feature to automatically back up your files. An added bonus is the exFAT feature which allows you to transfer files larger than 4GB at a go.

• Inclusive of an extended connector that is compatible with most iPhone cases.
• Safely secures files which can later be used at any moment and shared instantly
• The device is easily portable with its light feature and available in your choice of colors of grey, gold, rose gold or red

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Running Multiple Businesses

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Entrepreneurship is on the rise now but the latest trend is for entrepreneurs to start more than one business and many of them are succeeding to excel in both the businesses but running multiple businesses also means you will have to face multiple challenges and juggle between the different businesses.

Hence, if you are an entrepreneur bending towards running more than one business, then avoid the following mistakes.

Doing Everything on Your Own:

When you are already juggling between two businesses, then it makes no sense to do everything on your own as you will not have that much time to do every activity involved in the business hence start planning on taking help from others. 

Hire a team to work for you which will ease out your workload. 

Also, there are many activities involved in a business which could be outsourced to a firm which is an expert in that field, for example, digital marketing tasks like creating PPC campaigns and handling enterprise SEO may not be your company’s specialty but you can't even ignore marketing hence instead of hiring an entire team for it and paying salary, you can outsource the job.

Not Distributing Equal Time to Both Businesses:

Doing more than one business means you will have to give enough time to both businesses hence set a timer every day to make sure that you can give time to both. Sometimes one business may need more attention than another hence you can plan a need-based schedule distributing time for both businesses.

Not Writing Down Business Plans:

As you are not just doing one business hence you should start writing whatever you plan for each business as you may get confused and get things mixed up or forget a few important points.

Not Maintaining Work-Life Balance:

Handling multiple businesses means less personal time but that should never be the case. Do not sacrifice personal time to do multiple businesses as a balance of work-life is important to be maximum productive at work.
Starting a Second Business Before the First has Stabilized:

If you are keen on running two successful businesses, then do not start a new business before your first business stabilizes and gives a constant cash flow. Parallelly starting two businesses is a bad idea as the work in the initial stages is more hence first make sure one business is doing good and then start the new one.

Starting a Second Business Without Adequate Funds:

If you have not been able to collect enough funds for your new business, do not empty the funds of your first business. Wait for some time until you are able to collect enough funds. 

Using development funds of other business to start a new business may cause a loss to both your businesses.

While running more than one business is a great idea but first analyze the objective of starting an additional business, is it to make additional money or because your primary business is not doing well, and you need a backup plan. 

The reason may be anything but be sure that whatever business you start, it does not take a toll on the productivity of your existing business due to your attention diversion.


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Online betting company and Barça sign sponsorship agreement for the next five seasons, through to 30 June 2024.

FC Barcelona and 1xBet have signed a new sponsorship deal whereby the online betting company will become a new Global Partner of the Club for the next five seasons, through to 30 June 2024.  

The agreement, which comes into effect on July 1, forms part of the Club’s global expansion strategy, and also relates to its mission to source the best possible partners in different categories to help it to maintain its leading position not just on the field of play but also in terms of sports sponsorship and marketing. 

As a result of this agreement, FC Barcelona and 1xBet will be working together in different activations from a wide range of assets, including access the players to create promotional material and marketing campaigns.

1xBet is a leading international gaming and technology company with more than 12 years of experience in the field, and offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America. The company has sponsorship deals in place with major rights holders including Serie A, Tottenham Hotspur and LaLiga Media Partner, to name a few. 

Statement by Josep Pont, member of the FC Barcelona board and head of its Commercial Area  

“We are convinced that this deal with 1xBet will help us to continue to grow both on and off the field. This deal consolidates our global expansion strategy and we are sure that it will help us to connect with new sports fans all around the world”. 

Statement by Alex Sommers, spokesman of 1xBet

“We are very pleased to reach an agreement with one of the best clubs in the world. We are certain that 1xBet has something to offer to all FC Barcelona fans. We expect that the cooperation of two world-class brands will be lucrative for both parties. Barcelona’s slogan is “More than a club” and we hope that over the next 5 years, the fans will come to realize that 1xBet is more than a bookmaker”.

About 1xBet 

1xBet is a leading international gaming and technology company with more than 12 years of experience in the field. It is one of the most rapidly developing companies in the betting industry, with offices in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, employing over 5,000 professionals.

1xBet boasts the largest number of markets in pre-match and live odds while also delivering a vibrant portfolio of online slots, live casino and table games, offering players the widest choice of entertainment. A digital first business, 1xBet accepts more than 250 payment solutions from all over the world and offers around the clock customer support in 30 languages.