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3 Mistakes You Want To Avoid With YouTube Influencer Marketing

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There are not many other options available that are more effective in the world of modern online marketing than YouTube influencer marketing. 

Youtube Influence Marketing

A campaign can bring in really good results with a minimal investment because of the main reason that the brand is taking advantage of a community that is established by the YouTuber.

Keep in mind that we are faced with a huge market that becomes available for the advertiser so it is normal for some mistakes to be done. 

A huge part of being prepared and bringing in really good results is to know what you should not do. 

Here are the really common mistakes marketers have to avoid.

Choosing The Wrong Influencer

There are countless options available but unfortunately, in many cases the marketer simply chooses the YouTube influencer based on how many views were gained in the past or how many subscribers exist. 

This is an incorrect approach. You need to make a very good choice and when you choose the wrong influencer, the entire campaign can backfire.

As an example, let us say that you are promoting a music service and that the YouTube influencer did say something bad in the past about something similar. 

If the influencer is only interested in money he can accept but the resulting campaign will be bad.

Not Analyzing Subscribers

The subscribers that we expect a YouTube influencer to have may not be what is present in reality. This is why analyzing subscriber demographics is very important for any marketing campaign. 

If the demographic stats do not actually mostly cover the intended target audience nothing good can come of the campaign. 

When you buy SEO links you carefully consider where they are placed as they have to be related. This also happens when choosing a YouTube Channel.

For instance, if the campaign would promote LEGO toys but most of the audience is very young and does not actually have any interest in LEGOs, results would be much lower than anticipated.

Not Properly Discussing Campaign Details 

YouTube influencers are actually really good at what they do and they understand much more about marketing than what people expect. 

Because of this it is a huge mistake not to discuss the campaign at length. The YouTuber may actually bring improvements since he/she is the best person to tell you exactly what the current audience likes and what is not at all appreciated.

Whenever the marketing campaign is set up it has to be flexible enough to make modifications based on what influencers are chosen. 

Also, modifications from one influencer to the next are always possible. For instance, a review done by one YouTube influencer may be just as effective as a simple product placement done by another influencer.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the truth is that it is much easier to get mediocre results through YouTube influencer marketing than really great results. 

It is really important to understand the market, the audience, the subscribers, the casual viewers and so much more. 

Setting up such a campaign should be seriously done and needs to take into account many different options in order to make the very best choices.

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How to Build Traffic On An Established Blog (FAST)

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Getting started with a blog is hard, but that’s only the beginning.

build traffic on your blog

Once your blog has grown to a reasonable visitor level after 6-12 months, you’re dealing with a mature ranking position and stagnant web traffic. How do you get out of the rut to push your blog to new heights?

Here are some actionable suggestions on ways to boost an established blog.

Guest Posting Using Networking

Driving new visitors from other blogs in the same niche is key to growing traffic after the site has been online a year. At this point, your organic search traffic will have grown and then stabilized with Google. 

It’s necessary to give things a nudge by generating new quality backlinks to your blog with guest posts

This can boost the ranking of your existing posts to drive additional traffic to them.

You should be aiming for blogs that cover similar topics and likely have a symbiotic audience to your own. The idea is not just to get quality links, but also to interest their readers sufficiently that they click over from your bio to your own blog to read more.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is an excellent way to deliver paid traffic to your site. With an established blog, you should have enough revenue coming in to fund a PPC campaign. 

Target commercially-focused content that can deliver a real return on financial investment.

Creating a profitable online advertising campaign is notoriously difficult, which is why hiring an agency that has experience with pay-per-click advertising is the sensible way to go. 

The team at The Launch Agency have the right set of tools to create, monitor, and deliver successful advertising campaigns for their clients. 

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting when done right gets the attention of fellow readers on another blog that publishes content around similar topics. Most people do blog commenting incorrectly. 

They use automated software to spam numerous generic comments, like, “This was a helpful post which was useful in many ways. I will implement the suggested changes today.”

Unfortunately, blog owners see these kinds of bland, non-specific comments and know a real person didn’t write them. 

Instead, read the blog post in full and create a comment that either adds insight beyond what was written about or extends the article with a couple of additional points. 

This way, it shows that you’ve put real effort into your comment and added value for their readers.

The anchor text in the commenter’s link may have either your name or your blog. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a “do follow" link or a “no follow” one. 

Both are clickable for people who liked your comment and felt that your blog was worth checking out as well. Better comments also encourage blog owners to offer a guest post to you without even having to ask!

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Most people stop blogging after the first few months before achieving success. Push your blog to the next level to make it viable long-term.

Over To You:

So, this was all about how to build traffic on an established blog. I hope you enjoyed reading this amazing article.

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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How To Access Facebook Full Site On Mobile 2018

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In this post, we will see how to access Facebook full site on mobile.

Facebook Full Site On Mobile

You are reading this post because you have already tried opening Facebook full site from your Android or iPhone.

...And Facebook has automatically redirected you to its mobile version website i.e or

But sometimes we want to open/access Facebook full site on mobile 2018 to access all the Facebook features which are available in the desktop version.

So, to access all the Facebook features on mobile version as well, you can follow below-mentioned techniques to access Facebook full website on mobile.

This technique is 100% working and I promise you I will keep updating this post and keep it fresh all the time.

Let's start:

How To Access Facebook Full Site On Mobile (Android or iPhone):

Here, I have mentioned 2 top methods to access Facebook full site on Android or iPhone.

Method 1: Type Facebook URL In Mobile Browser

This is one of the simplest methods to load Facebook full website on mobile phones.

  • Here, you just have to open the mobile browser
  • Tap on the URL section
  • Type -
  • Log in to the Facebook full site and enjoy desktop version on your mobile phone
This method works on both Android and iPhone.


I recommend you to "bookmark" the URL after opening Facebook for later use/ to access it faster next time :)

Now let us see another method.

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Method 2: Using "Request Desktop site" Feature Of Mobile Phones

Please note that this feature will sometimes work and sometimes not as this is totally dependent on Facebook whether to accept this request on not.

But there is no harm in trying as this works most of the times :)

So, let us see in detail, how this feature works for Android and iPhone users.

Access Facebook Full Site On Android (For Chrome Users):


Step 1: Open Facebook on your Android device in the chrome browser.

Step 2: Now, tap on 3 vertical dot option, which you will find on the top-right corner.

Step 3: Tap on "Request desktop site" option as shown in the image.

After this, you will be redirected on the Facebook desktop version website :)

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Access Facebook Full Site On iPhone (For Safari Users):


Step 1: Open Facebook on your iPhone device in the Safari browser.

Step 2: Now, tap on the options icon, which you will find in the bottom of the Safari browser, as shown in the image.

Step 3: Now click on "Request Desktop Site" option.

That's all you need to do to access Facebook full site on mobile.

This is the simplest tutorial on the Internet to open Facebook desktop version on mobile and I hope it worked for you :)

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Final Words:

This was all about how to access Facebook full site on mobile and I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial :)

I hope this tutorial helped you to access desktop version of Facebook from a mobile device.

Do you find this tutorial helpful? If yes, I just need one favor from you. Please do share this post with your social media friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

There are your friends who might are looking for the answer of how to access Facebook full website on mobile. 

Let's together help them :)

Do you have any more doubts about opening Facebook desktop version on mobile? Do let me know in the comments below.

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Why It's Important To Find The Right Logo Designer For Your Logo Design

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one of the vital steps in building a successful brand for your business is the company logo as this often forms the first impression of your company. 


After spending quality time researching and choosing a business name, the logo will be the piece that carves out a memorable part of your business in the customers mind once they start associating your company with the logo. 

Great logo design is more than just displaying your name in an appealing font. Powerful logo design should be strong and balanced without clutter to distract from its message. 

The following are solid guidelines for inspiring logo design and your branding

It should be distinctive and easy to spot at a glance.

The visuals and imagery should be appropriate for your company.

It should work in harmony with your company name.

Your logo should always be created in an legible font.

And finally, the logo should look great in black and white as well as colour.

These are the basics. During the logo design process, every single part of the process should be carefully thought about and experimented with. 

For example, did you know that even the font that you choose can help customers form an opinion of the service they may receive at your company?

Colour should also be a major decision regarding your logo. 

There are many colour theories that prove that colour can seriously affect the viewer’s desire, trust and willingness to use a particular business.

For example law and financial companies tend to favour strong powerful colors to project trust and stability. Natural health companies favour green to show the vibrant, earthy nature connection.

Choose a logo created by a professional designer that understands the important factors of logo design to fit you with a logo that works for your company and brand. 

You will be more likely to be remembered and recognized by your existing and potential customers and build confidence in buyers that they are choosing the business that is right for.

They say that customers make a decision on a business within the first third of a second of their first encounter. Often, your logo and company name is the first thing that they see, so sometimes a well-designed logo is enough to hook a potential customer.

The color, font, size and style of the logo says a lot about a business, so you’ll want to make sure that it represents who you are and what you supply.
That’s why it’s important to enlist the help of a professional. 

They will take the key messages of your business and turn them into a visual icon that will catch people’s attention and encapsulate your brand.

First impressions are incredibly important in the world of business, so with the help of professional logo design you can make your first impression count.  

Designing a good logo is essential for any business because it’s a basic foundation block upon which you can build a bigger brand.

A logo is not your brand. A logo and a brand are two separate things (see here for the differences), but of course a logo plays a huge part in giving a brand its identity. 

Often, it becomes an iconic pictorial representation of the brand: the aspect of a business which people can identify the most easily.

Of course, all aspects of branding should be done in conjunction with each other, but if you have the right name and a professional logo design, you can move onto creating branded literature, a cohesive web presence, and even your own corporate graphic guidelines. 

Get the logo right, and it ties everything together, so success with all the other aspects of your business’s branding will come more easily.

Professional logo design agencies/freelancers employ trained designers and creative thinkers who excel at taking a concept and turning it into a visual form. 

The result is that your logo is guaranteed to look professional. There are many styles of logos, as seen above, and designers can recommend what is right for your business goals. You might want to check out sites like LogoMyWay for your new logo design.

If you’re not a designer but you’ve played around with photo alteration or graphic design software in the past, you’ll know that it isn’t as easy as it looks to create smart, professional designs. 

These companies use specialized software which can transform a logo in just a few clicks - while it might take an amateur a few hours - so they are fully set up for the job at hand.

If your logo has been designed effectively, it will reflect your key colors, corporate fonts and your overall brand style in one simple snapshot, so that you can use it anywhere and everywhere that your marketing team can think of!

As your business grows, you will probably want to market your brand across various forms of media. This could include everything from printed material to online content, from trade shows and exhibitions to free gifts and corporate giveaways.

As you progress, you’ll find that many creative agencies and printing companies are very strict in the file types which they can use. You’ll be asked for .eps, .png, .psd, .indd and .ai files (to list just a few), and the color requirements are usually very specific. 

You may even require different Ssizes or layouts of your logo. You may even need a responsive logo design.

Some small, new businesses create new or slightly different versions of their logo each time they need it, but this just comes across as amateurish. 

With a professional logo, you will have one iconic image, with tailored variations, which you can use to promote your brand on virtually any surface. You will have a go-to design in the correct format and a high resolution for use across many different media.

Hiring a professional logo designer might seem like an unnecessary expense - especially if you are at the start-up stages of a business - but it’s a worthwhile, long-term investment.

As your brand reputation grows, customers will begin to trust you and the products or services which you offer.

A well designed logo gives your brand credibility. If your logo represents your business effectively, you will attract the clients which you want to reach.

If your logo looks unprofessional, tacky or homemade, you may end up turning away potential customers who want something with a smarter finish. 

As we’ve already discovered, first impressions count, so a professional logo design will encourage customers to trust you to deliver what they’re expecting.

Brand loyalty is one of the most sought-after things within business, so once you convince your customers to trust you, you will have overcome the biggest hurdle. 

Of course, happy customers are likely to refer their friends and family, so if your well-designed logo represents trust, security and support, you will likely see an upturn in both new and returning customers.

A stylish and properly-designed logo commands respect. In this world of specifics and higher market expectations, people need something they can trust. 

They need a brand worthy of their money. 

When customers see a professional looking logo in social media, they can sense that it is not a fly-by-night company and it can be trusted. A well-crafted logo plays a very huge part on how clients across social media platforms perceive the brand it carries. 

The distinctive colors, fonts, and images you use in a logo have huge impact on the face of the company. 

In social media, people tend to remember the best and worst about a product or service - and you don’t want to be associated with the worst parts. Therefore  going for a professional will be highly valued in such.


So, this was all about why it's important to find the right logo designer for your logo desing.

I hope this article has solved your couple of question. If you still have any, don't forget to post it in the comments below.

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Go Online And Exploit The Benefits

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With the advancement of technology and the opening up of the internet highways to almost everybody, e-commerce is the way out to have the edge over the competitors and sustain the pressure of survival in the market. 

Go Online

As the markets have changed from physical to e-markets, the marketing strategies have also changed. 

So, what should one do I this scenario? Tick on to the traditional methods of marketing? 

Of course, no is the answer. 

The days marketing through the traditional channels are going digital through the promotion of websites with proper keywords and AdWords. 

What was once in the physical form and needed huge investments is now at the tip of the finger. 

Are you thinking how to do website marketing? 

Well, following few tip tips and guidelines one can promote the brands or services to the top in the list of any search engine.

Going Online

Are you really planning to shift your marketing focus and going online? 

The answer should be yes as the latest methods should always be adapted to earn more revenues increasing the profits before others eat way your market share. 

Reading the online marketing tips at various reviews one can have an idea of how to promote the brand.

Basically, it is nothing but optimizing the search engine as well as the website of your organization with particular keywords and AdWords that are most commonly used in the locality or globally and have an advantage of staying on the top of the chart as and when someone searches for any particular things on the website.

It is found that consumer marketing decisions are influenced by the process of digital marketing any company does and the revenue generation results in leading the customer to seal the deal in a few easy and smooth process. 

In order to make the whole process to complete with few clicks by the consumer, some search keywords are used on the website so that the customer is lured to go for the deal. 

The timing and the Adwords used are very vital to make the whole process favorable. 

Are you worried how to do it? 

Well, forget your worries and relax. There are many expert professionals who are doing SEO and developing & designing the websites in such a manner that even a small business entity is giving tough challenges to the Goliaths of the industry in the local market.

Changing The Marketing Strategy

Designing the website to be user-friendly is a challenge. 

Expert digital marketing agencies design the website in such a manner that it can be accessed both through the mobile and through the computers. 

As mobiles had become a part of life with many features and internet technology more and more people are using them in place of a computer for quick solutions to their needs. 

Website marketing has become an art today to have a customer base and track the usage.

One has to identify the gaps in the website and the keywords or AdWords that are locally used so that a positive effect is attained after narrowing the gap and getting the best traffic on the website. 

A professionally expert Local SEO agency can do the best job to help in website marketing as the local trends, timings, competitions and vocabularies are known to them.

Being a small business owner, many have no idea how the giants are earning more revenues in the local markets too. Feeling worried? 


The best local SEO is there to help you out with their expert tips and strategy so that you have a strong foothold in the local market in spite of the challenges posed by the big business houses. 

The adjustment of the website focus and visibility of them in the top of the search list is done efficiently by these SEO experts.


It should be kept in mind that the markets are shifting the focus rapidly from one point to another on a regular basis. 

Following the digital marketing tips and going for a search engine optimized website marketing one can definitely earn handsomely giving challenges to the competitors in the local markets. 

The experts are there to help and position the website in a manner after thorough research & analysis that it always stays on the front seat. Go for them and don’t be laggards.

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