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MotoCMS Website Builder Review 2018

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When it comes to building a website, you need to put on the scales in its usability, functionality, design, and the amount of money you’re ready to spend on it. 

However, today’s market suggests your various website builders that can save your time and resources. 

The MotoCMS website builder is just this kind of tool that provides you with professional results and, at the same time, saves you from being broke. 

Creating advanced website builder templates for multiple business niches, it also provides you with a first-class website builder, which has lifetime updates on a regular basis.

MotoCMS website builder product is intuitive and has a user-friendly content management system

Therefore, you can use it for building top-quality websites of any complexity and purpose. 

Whether it is an agriculture landing page, exterior design multi-page website, or a huge marketplace just like Amazon, MotoCMS will easily handle it to meet your expectations right away.

In this article, we suggest you dive deeper into a MotoCMS builder to see it inside and outside. 

So, here we go!


If you do not have any professional skills and website building in new to you, do not worry! MotoCMS drag & drop site builder comes with a clear admin panel and a user-friendly interface. 

Moreover, you can easily get a professional assistance that will guide you through the whole working process with an admin panel. Just verify your phone and get an instant call back.


Even if you are not a newbie, you might need an extra help while working with a new type of product for you. 

For this reason, MotoCMS team added various helpful tips that will come up as pop-ups on every stage of editing your website. These brief guides are underpinned with images and so definitely allow you not to screw it all up.



You can adapt any page of your future website to any type of modern devices. Whether it is an old-school PC, a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone, your website will have an amazing look thanks to a fully responsive MotoCMS website builder. 



If you would like to run an online store, this website builder also comes in handy. Here you will find tons of additional tools to manage the e-store of any complexity. 

For example, feel free to create categorized product catalogs, add multiple promo codes, secure payment gateways, manage tax & shipping settings, view out clients’ information, analyze data about daily customers and sales, and more. 


Good SEO

MotoCMS website builder comes with default SEO essentials. Add page titles, proper URL, meta tags, alt and title for images, long tail keywords, whatever. 

Thus, the most effective SEO practices will not be complicated anymore.

Good SEO

Multiple Design Options

MotoCMS suggests you choose from various design options that will help you to create a unique look of your website pages. You can easily customize text styles, colors, background, etc. 

Here you get a rich choice of widgets like accordion, tabs, slider & carousel, and a lot of other elements. Also, you can work with size and values by adjusting spacings and grid settings. 

Multiple Design Options

Comfy Media Library

When building a website you definitely need a proper place to keep your content. 

That is why MotoCMS media library is useful. 

This website builder comes with an enhanced media library, which allows you to create multiple folders to ease the whole working process with the content. 

Feel free to add all possible types of content to your site to boost customer engagement and to create a better presentation of your products.

A Collection of Templates

A website builder is a good foundation but what about the design? No worries, MotoCMS has tons of stunning pre-made designs that you can easily pick up for your project. 

A Collection of Templates

A collection of professional-looking templates, related to everything from agriculture to wedding is waiting for you. In addition, by getting a template you also get a full pack of necessary widgets to set up a chosen template up to your business needs. 

A Collection of Templates

Friendly Customer Support

MotoCMS provides you with a proper customer support that is ready to help you 24/7. 

You can find an answer checking pre-made guidelines related to MotoCMS 3, MotoCMS eCommerce, MotoCMS HTML, MotoCMS Flash, backup and updates, and more. 

If you have any additional question, feel free to submit your request by choosing a necessary department, adding your email address, subject, and description. Customer support representatives will assist you shortly. 

Friendly Customer Support


First of all, it is important to mention, that you can test any product with MotoCMS website builder inside for free. 

Just fill in your email address and get an access to any template for 14 days. During the free trial period, you can create your site’s project mockup and then buy a template. 

Do not worry, all the changes you’ve made will be saved. Notice, if you will not get your website builder template after the trial period, you will lose all your changes.


MotoCMS HTML products will cost you $139, MotoCMS eCommerce $199, Moto 3 templates $199 as well, and premium Moto 3 website builder templates you can purchase for $229. 

For instance, you can add hosting, installation, customization, and other additional services to your shopping cart. 

Their price varies from $19 to $99. Also, you can purchase a buyout license, which allows you to become the last person who gets a template. This license can cost you $1999, $2999, $4500 depending on a website builder template.


We hope that now you’re familiar with MotoCMS website builder and its features. If you have any questions, please, drop us a line in the comments section. 

Create wonderful websites easy and have a good day!

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Why are LED Lights More Energy Efficient?

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LED lighting is known for its unmatched energy efficiency. 

The reason for this high efficiency is that these lights produce light in a different way than incandescent and fluorescent lights.

LED lights

LEDs can be as much 50% or even more efficient compared to fluorescent lights. 

Incandescent lighting cannot be compared with it at all. Find out why LEDs are so energy efficient compared to conventional lighting technologies.

How Efficient Can LEDs be?

LEDs consume 85% lesser amount of electric power compared to incandescent lights. 

On the other hand, they consume almost 50% lesser electricity against fluorescent lights. Lumens per watt is the measure of lighting efficiency, and currently LEDs have the highest Lumens per watt. 

For example, this product has among the highest Lumens per watt in its category.

How Light is Produced?

Incandescent lighting works by passing electric power through a filament. The filament is heated to temperatures where the electrons get excited to start emitting light. 

The result is that this technology causes loss of 90% electric power. Only 10% of the power consumed is converted into lighting, the rest into heat. 

LED lights generate light using a process known as electroluminescence. There are no filaments in use and there is only a tiny amount of heat produced. 

It uses semiconductors for generating light. The result is a far higher percentage of electricity is converted into lighting. 

Thus, LEDs produce light without wasting energy in creating the excess amount of heat. This also makes this lighting technology safer. 


Thus, there are many advantages of choosing these lights over conventional lighting systems. This includes the following:

  • Installing LED lights in your home and business place can help reduce electricity bills by huge margins. It can also reduce your carbon emissions
  • The much lower cost of maintenance and longer lifespan also makes this lighting technology much more affordable in the long term
  • The lighting technology encourages lower energy usage
  • Lesser heat produced also provides a higher level of safety

LED lights are not just energy efficient, they are also environmentally friendly.
There are many more advantages of choosing LED lights over fluorescent lights too. 

They don't create any ultraviolet radiations. 

They don't contain any mercury or lead content and can last for almost 5 times longer. LEDs can last for anything ranging from 30,000 hours to 100,000 hours. 

The number of years they can last can vary depending on how often you need to keep them on at your home or business place. Depending on daily usage, the lights can last from as low as 5 years to as long as 30 years.  

Incandescent lights don't last longer than 5000 hours. 

The maximum that fluorescent lights can last is 10000 hours. The reason why LEDs last so long is because they don't have any filaments or glass parts. 

The light is created when electrons move in the semiconductor and not from exciting electrons using very high temperatures. 

Types of LEDs

There are different types of LED lights that can be used in different areas and applications. This includes the following:

LED Bulbs: LED bulbs are available in low-watt and high-watt configurations for illuminating different areas. You can use them for lighting areas like rooms and hallways - wherever there is a need for lighting for long periods.

LED Tube Lights: LED tubes can replace fluorescent tubes for their longevity and higher energy efficiency. They can be used for lighting and motion detection systems.

Battens: LED batten lights create a more exotic look and are compact.

Down Lights: These LED lights are available in a wide range of types and shapes to address different needs.

Street Lights: LED street lights are available in the normal configuration and also as solar-powered LED street lights.   

You can also find LED lights as spot lights and candle lights. The technology is replacing conventional lighting systems in different areas and applications. 

Its energy efficiency, safety, and control factors mean more cost savings, safety, and less hassles.


So, this was all about why are LED lights more energy efficient. I hope you have enjoyed reading this complete guide on LED lights.

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Famoid Review: Become Popular On Social Media (Fast)

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Do you use social media sites every day?

If yes! 

Then, you must know, handling social media accounts is such a hectic job! 

If you own the business, then maintaining it and social media is really impossible and at that time you wish you could have social media service provider right?

famoid review

Well, in this post, you will get exactly what you want :) I will tell you more about Famoid and how it will help you to become popular on social media fast!

So, if you're really looking for best social media service provider which is reliable as well. Then, you should definitely read this post!

Now, let us see, what Famoid is exactly and how it will help you to become popular on social media fast.

What is Famoid?

You must be wondering, what is Famoid exactly and what did they do, right?

Well, Famoid is the best social media service, provider. They provide Instagram services, Facebook services, Twitter services, Youtube Services, etc.

The company is started in 2017 and they have created huge fan following and also created the strong customer base.

Company's main focus right now is to provide the best social media services and they are doing so. When you register with them, you will feel this thing. They are providing the best customer experience. 

They always make sure their customer's are getting pleasant experience.

The best part:

Famoid is the first legal company to provide the social media services.

The company is very advanced and they have the fully automatic system which helps them to provide faster response.

In fact, they do have support team as well and they are just awesome. Famoid provides 24*7 support and they also reply on holidays as well.

So, this was the small introduction about Famoid. I hope you're pretty clear about what famoid is and what business they are into. 

They have made their life's goal to make your popular on social media :)

Now, let us have the close look at the services they provide.

Famoid Services:

Famoid mainly offers social media services for most popular platforms out their such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube. So, let's know more about each service in detail!

Famoid Instagram Services:

Famoid provides following Instagram services packages,
  • Instagram followers
  • Views Package
  • Likes Package
  • Automatic Likes

instagram followers

instagram followers

As you can see the above snapshot, Famoid provides very affordable Instagram service.

They just charge $2.95 for 100 followers and $34.95 for increasing 5000 Instagram followers.

Sounds great, right?

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Famoid Facebook Services:

When it comes to Facebook services, the company is offering 2 service packages basically,
  • Fan page likes
  • post likes
In "fan page likes package" they provide 500, 1000, 2500 and 500 page likes, starting from $8.95 to $44.95.

facebook page likes

The price is same for "post likes" as well. You can check the above snapshot.

Famoid Twitter Services:

For Twitter, the company is offering us 3 packages. Which are as follows,
  • Twitter followers
  • Retweets
  • Likes
twitter followers

When we talk about the pricing for above 3 services, they provide service in the range of 500 to 5000 and which cost you $8.95 to $44.95.

This is the most reasonable price I have ever seen and you should definitely opt for it.

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Famoid YouTube Services:

This is the last Famoid social media service. When we talk about Youtube services, they provide 2 services basically and they are as follows,
  • Youtube subscriber
  • Youtube views
Now, these are the 2 most important things anybody is looking for while opting for Youtube services and Famoid took care of it.

youtube subscribers
As you can check in the above snapshot. They offer from 500 to 5000 Youtube subscribers and the price varies from $59.95 to $289.95.

You won't get this price anywhere else and with the price you're getting quality here as well :)
When we talk about Youtube view service. The lowest plan is 1000 Youtube views which will cost you about $9.95 and the highest plan is 500,000 which will cost you about $899.95.
So, this was the detailed overview of Famoid social media services along with pricing.
I've explained everything in detail and if you want to become popular on social media fast. You should definitely opt for the required services.

Over To You:

So, this was all about the Famoid review and how this will help you to become popular on social media fast. I hope you enjoyed reading this detailed guide.

Which social media platform you liked the most. Is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube? 

Do let me know in the comments below. 

Can you share this post with your social media friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? This means the world to me :)

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SendPulse Review: A Multi-channel Marketing Platform

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Today, if you do not have a business online, you’re already losing lots of customers and money. 

But if you have an online business and you know that nothing can beat the perfect email marketing campaigns.

SendPulse Review

…For every $1 you spend on email marketing you will receive the return of $44 and no other digital marketing activity can bring this kind of return except email marketing.

Email marketing will also help you to stay in touch with your customers, give them discounts, pitch them to cross sell and up sell, and send monthly newsletters.

You must be wondering:

How much this will cost you, right?

Well, in this post you will read about SendPulse. It is a great multi channel marketing platform, which helps you to send bulk emails, SMS, and web push notifications.

SendPulse is very easy to use, provides faster service, it has lower rates than other bulk email service providers.

Not only that:

Creating messages and email newsletter in SendPulse is very easy and now you can easily reach out to your audience or nurture your leads.

So, this was the complete overview about SendPulse. Now, let us know more about it in detail!

What is SendPulse? 

what is sendpulse

SendPulse is the very popular name when it comes to providing bulk email services, SMS and web push notifications.

Their service is very user-friendly and anyone with basic knowledge can use it and run the campaigns.

I’ve personally used it and I’m amazed with the UI and UX of this tool. It is damn easy and you will love using it.

The drag-and-drop feature is pretty cool. So, if you’re in the mood today to send the email newsletter to your subscriber. You can go-ahead and use pre-made email templates.

Just drag and drop the things you want and simply delete the extra things you don’t want and shoot the email.

It’s that simple!

Now let us look at this tool a bit closer.

SendPulse Highlights:

sendpulse highlights

When you login into SendPulse you will realize that they have really delivered what they speak in the first place.

SendPulse is known for its following things.

Integrated platform:

One of the best specialty of this tool is its integrated platform.

So, when you need bulk email services, SMS, STMP server, web push notification service all together. You can definitely choose SendPulse.

This means you don’t have to use separate platforms anymore to use all the above mentioned services all together and this will definitely save your time.

Low Cost System:

SendPulse provides very affordable service to large business and it’s is free for small business owners.

If you have less than 2500 subscribers than you can send up to 15000 emails per month for free!

Which is great right?

sendpulse low cost system

Customize Email:

Customized and personalized emails convert best.


Because everyone wants to feel special and SendPulse also took care of it for us.

SendPulse offers email personalization which allows you to customize the email as per recipient and I really liked this feature :)

This increases the chance of email open rate.

SendPulse also has Machine learning and AI capabilities:

The one more feature that separates the SendPulse from its competitors is its unique AI feature.

SendPulse uses Artificial Intelligence while sending emails, SMS, and web push notifications to the recipient and notice’s its best time to be seen.

It observes when the open rate is more and send it accordingly.

Moreover, it also sends the notification to the recipient if the email wasn’t opened in the first place.

…Trust me, you won’t get this feature any tool because I have researched SendPulse’s competitors and none of them having this amazing feature.


So, this was all about SendPulse and how it is the best multi-channel marketing tool.

I hope you enjoyed reading this genuine review and features of SendPulse. The above attached snapshots will help you to get the closer look of SendPulse.

Which feature you liked the most: Its AI feature or email personalization feature?

Do let me know in the comments below.

Also, don’t forget to share this post with your social media friends on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. This means the world to me :)

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