{Latest} Top Torrent Sites 2017 - Alternatives to K.A.T.

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Disclaimer: SolveMyHow does not condone the illegal sharing of copyrighted files. Please use your good judgment while using a torrent file-sharing site!

Kickass Torrents (KAT) was the most popular file sharing website. On 20th July 2016, its owner Artem Vaulin aged 30 was arrested in Poland on charges of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement. So here we bring to you some best torrent sites.

So lets see some of the best torrent sites in 2017 which can be used as an alternative to KAT.

Most Popular Torrent Sites 2017:

#1 Demonoid:


This private community was accepting new membership earlier but now it seems to be offline. With the end of KAT.cr, Demonoid could be one of your best option for finding latest torrents and getting authentic seeders and so this is actually sad.

#2 Torlock:


Torlock is very special in its own kind. These guys actually pay their users a handful of commission for finding fake torrents and reporting them to their community. 

In this world of fraudulent files, this is a treasure. If you are a regular visitor of torrent sites and are tired of fake downloads and bogus files, you can give Torlock a try!

#3 1337x:


This is a general purpose torrent site with an active community and whole lot of good torrents. The best part is, it has no ads and it also offers links to a huge selection of up-to-date torrents. 

Though many of the admins have abandoned the site this year, it still seems to be going strong and is one of the best torrenting sites.

#4 RARBG.to:


It marks all kinds of torrents, is up-to-date and has active community of users who keep on commenting on the torrents to help you find a good one. 

RARBG is all about high quality and good resolution torrent files. You will get to know why this site is not for everyone when you see the size of the file. 

But if you are serious about you video quality the do consider this site. Note: Here the membership is also not free of cost and the adult pop ups are also very annoying.

#5 ExtraTorrent.cc:


With the closure of KAT, ExtraTorrent has bagged the crown for the largest torrent indexing site in the whole world. 

As it has an active community that regularly comments on the torrents, user gets to know the insight of how useful the torrent is, the quality and whether it contains any viruses, etc.  

This site is worth trying as it is user friendly and easily accessible.

#6 EZTV.ag:


This website is run by authenticate uploaders. 

Although it doesn't have the same large volume of torrents as other big sites have, readers say that the quality of the torrent files has remained consistently good.

#7 idope.se:


This is a new site which is created to give tribute to KAT. 

They also offer a mobile app for those users who use smartphones for their P2P file sharing activities. 

Not many people are aware of this site, and the interface is still being tweaked for improvement by the administrators. Folks do give this site a try and let us know if it works out for you.

#8 Bitport.io:


Bitport, a new Czech Republic is a 3rd party service. 

They will first download torrents on their private servers and then you can log on and download the completed file to your computer. 

However the free version only allows 100MB/ hour transfer. 

You can subscribe to get the faster speeds. The small amount per month is worth for the excellent service they provide.

#9 Isohunt.to:


Oh Yes, It is reborn! After being shut down on October 2013, it has been restructured with a new domain name in a new country. 

Please do visit this site and support this longtime champion of P2P file sharing. 

#10 Torrent Funk:


It is a very popular torrent search site that now also supports commenting. Some people prefer ‘verified status’ tagging over commenting, which Torrent Funk also supports. 

The interface can be difficult to recognize between sponsored ads and the actual torrent links. 

But the site layout is pleasing and the cross movie recommendation are also very useful.

#11 Torrents.me:


It offers metasearching of music and movies in English and Spanish. You might like the interface for searching other torrent sites in spite of annoying popup advertisements.

#12 Limetorrents:


It pretty much looks like most other torrent sites which has tabular list of torrents. It also has growing database of nearly 2 million torrents, and multiple readers speak of the high quality of seeds.

#13 Pearltrees:


Containing over 2.5 million torrents, it is one of the largest torrent search sites today. 

The advertisement is a bit clumsy, and it will be difficult to find what is worth clicking and what is just an advertising banner. 

However this site is recommended by readers and the catalogue also have some most popular files.

#14 TorrentDownloads.cct:


With more than 6 million torrent files in its database, this site is considered the second largest torrent site on the web today. 

It also publishes a filter to help you see only those torrents that are verified. Do give this site a try and let us know in comment section if it works out for you.

#15 Torrentz.com:


This metasearch engine may look a bit amateur, but trust me it works very well. 

It conveniently cleans other torrent search sites for you, saving your few more minutes of search time when you are searching one particular song or a movie.

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Over To You:

So these were the Best torrenting sites of 2017 to download latest movies and music.

I hope you loved reading this blog.

Do let us know in the comment section below the torrent sites that worked out best for you. :)

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