Video Tutorial : How To Use Facebook Live On Android and iPhone


Facebook Live.

This term has created buzz these days. You all have heard facebook live term. Many celebs are using this amazing new feature of Facebook and posting live videos on facebook.

how to use facebook live on android and iPhone

Many live streaming apps such as Meerkat and Periscope has already shown the next big thing for social networks. With these two apps you can do live streaming directly from your smartphone.

So you do have questions such as,
  • how to use facebook live
  • how to put live video on facebook
  • how to start live video on facebook
Well, if you was searching for how to use facebook live or any of the above question. Then you are at the right place because in this post  we will see how to use facebook live for android and iPhone.

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How To Turn On Facebook Live Feed?

You must be thinking how to post live video on facebook right!

Well facebook's live broadcasting feature was originally only available for celebrities. But now you don't have to think how to go live on facebook android or iPhone.

As facebook has officially made facebook live feature enable for all.

This simply means every facebook user can put live video on facebook.

Isn't its amazing ? What do you actually think about this feature ? Please comment below :)

Well for now lets see how to use facebook live on android and iPhone.

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How To Use Facebook Live ?

Facebook live video for android and iPhone. This is something which people were wishing to have.

So just follow the steps below to start posting live video on Facebook and also read few amazing tips below regarding facebook live to get most out of live streaming experience.

How To Go Live On Facebook for Android and iOS ?

Setting up a Facebook live broadcast is really easy. Just follow step by step guide mentioned below.

Step 1 : Open Facebook from browser / Facebook application.

Step 2 : Tap on status area to write the Facebook status.

how to go live on facebook for android and iPhone

Step 3 : A new icon will appear at the bottom on extreme right hand side.

Now just click on the icon appearing on right hand side of location icon. Tap that to set up the live video broadcast.

how to go live on facebook for android and iPhone

Step 4 : Now select your privacy options.

Select the privacy options as everyone can't see your Facebook Live video. Also give brief description regarding live broadcast which excites your friends or fans to watch.

Step 5 : Once you're ready. Simply tap on "Go-Live" button.

This will start three second count down timer to make you ready and your live broadcast will begin.

facebook broadcast live

Step 6 : Broadcast is really an amazing feature.

To make you broadcast interesting just keep your eye on the live comments.

Facebook beliefs that mentioning commenters by his or her name during the broadcast will be thrilling for them.

Step 7 : Click on finish button to end the broadcast.

Once your broadcast is finished, just tap on finish button at the bottom on right hand side cornet to end the stream.

Step 8 : Upload live video on Facebook.

Once your live streaming is over. Facebook will ask you to upload you live video on your Facebook profile for other to watch who were not online at that period of time.

If you do not want to upload it. Simply click on "delete" button.

how to put live video on facebook

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Facebook Live Broadcast Tips and Tricks 2016:

Above you read, how to go live on facebook or how to put live video on facebook. But now lets see some facebook live broadcast tips and tricks 2016.

These tips will help you to get most out of facebook live broadcasts.

#1 : Make sure you have strong internet connection - most important.

#2 : Go live via your Facebook page.

#3 : Make sure you choose who can see you broadcast.

#4 : Get your fans or friends to follow you.

#5 : Be creative

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How To Start Live Video On Facebook ?

So as promised I will show you video tutorial on how to use facebook live. If you do not want to read above stuff and just wanted to go with the video then you can do that too.

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Over To You :

So this was all about how to use facebook live on android and iPhone. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

I hope your question, how do I share live video on facebook is been resolved. 

Still have any queries reading going live on Facebook? Please leave your comment below. I would love to answer them.

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