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GTA San Andreas Cheats : PC Cheats - Latest!

gta san andreas cheats pc

In our last guide we saw what is gta vice city and gta vice city cheat codes. If you missed that tutorial, you can still read it by going on the above mentioned link.

I also recommend you to go through SolveMyHow - Games category. I'm sure you'll definitely love this.

But for now lets just talk about gta san andreas cheat codes.

gta san andreas cheat codes pc

Before I should reveal san andreas cheats, I just wanted to let you know what is gta san andreas and when this game came into existence.

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What is GTA San Andreas ?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 26 October 2004 for the PlayStation 2 console, and on 7 June 2005 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. 

It is the seventh title in the Grand Theft Auto series, and the first main entry since 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It was released on the same day as the handheld game Grand Theft Auto Advance - Wikipedia.

The game is all about a guy who is fighting in the streets of San Andreas, US. You will get couple of missions to clear.

The game has everything which it has to be,
Guns, girls, bikes, sports cars, police, gangs, aeroplane , helicopter, etc. 

The game has got some real and excellent effects. The graphics are pretty good. The cheats are excellent too.

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You can read more about what is gta san andreas on official wikipedia page, 

By firing some amazing cheats you can even make your car fly like an aeroplane. Just go through the below mentioned amazing gta san andreas cheats codes for PC.

GTA Vice City Cheats Download : Latest !

gta vice city cheats codes

What is gta vice city ?

I guess this game doesn't required any introduction but for newbie who doesn't know much about it for them we will see a very short introduction about the same.

Well grand thief auto : vice city is open world action - adventure game developed and published by Rockstars Games.

I guess every kid whenever buys PC, he/she must install this game first. You can't live without playing this game. Its effects are so real, graphics are excellent. I have no words for that.

You feel as such you are the one who is playing the game.

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So in this particular game, you are given some series missions which you need to clear to complete the game. You will stumble around on the streets of Miami city.

This game has everything - Guns, cars, bikes, bikes, girls, action, adventure, police, good people, bad people, gangs, etc and much more. I'm sure you already have this game in your PC.

You can look at the official poster of gta vice city below,

what is gta vice city

The poster itself represents everything.

Well initially Rockstar released this game only for PC and laptop version but now it is available for almost all the platforms like,
If you're interested and wanted to know more about "what is grand theif auto : vice city" then you can go through the official gta vice city wikipedia page. 

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Playing this game gets too much fun, when you apply gta vice city cheat codes. So in this post we will see some cool vice city cheats which you can apply during the game.

Get 1TB + 2GB Free Google Drive Space - Definitive Guide!

Free google drive or g drive space

If you are using Google services since long then you might know that google offers 15GB free space with every account you create.

This 15GB you can use with your gmail, Google docs, Google drive, picasa etc.

free google drive space

Google offer lots of services and you can use your free 15GB with all these services. But what if you're short of space someday ?

Have you ever thought of that ?

Ofcourse you can buy or upgrade you space by paying some bucks to Google but why you wanted to do that when you can get free google drive space.

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So in this brief tutorial we will see how to get 1TB + 2GB free google drive storage.

15+ Amazing Sites To Send Large Files For Free

sites to send large files

Have you ever tried to send large files online or via email and got the error message "File is too large in size and you can send it with your email attachment" ? 

Generally you only got 2 options to send big files over internet. One is by attaching it with your mail and another option you got is by uploading your file on one of the hosting service and then share the link with recipient.

You can't send files/videos/documents size more than 25 MB. Even the giants email service providing companies such as Gmail, yahoo and hotmail allows you to share 25 MB max file size at a time.

So what to do this case ? How to transfer big files or how to send large files online for free ?

Are you in this kind of situation before where you wanted to share file/video or photo album having size in GB's ? Even Facebook allows you to upload and send files with max size 25 MB.

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So there is no solution except using free hosting services. I have shared some of the best 15+ big file transfer sites which allows free file upload. You can use them to easily send large files to anyone for free. So, lets quickly see all the sites.

How To Send Large Files, Videos And Photos - Complete Guide

send large files free

Have you ever tried to send large files through email or any other medium ? I'm sure you definitely did.


But do you know Gmail and yahoo has file upload limit i.e just 25 MB. So what to do when you want to send file containing size more that 100 MB ? How you send big files online or how to upload files larger than 25 MB ?

Are these question blowing your mind ? Don't worry you will find a very nice solution today. In this post you will find a quick way to send large files over email that are too big.

Check out our 8 best methods to transfer big files over internet.

Google Hacking : How To Use Google For Hacking

google hacking tricks

As you all know Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Google serves almost 80% of the search queries on the internet. It itself a big achievement.

By doing power searching with google, you not only access the world's information at one place but you can also access credential data of people.


So, Google makes it possible to reach out not only the publicly available information but also give access to the most confidential data which should not be revealed.

So in this post we will see some beautiful google hacking tricks and commands with which you can use google for exploiting security vulnerabilities that exist in many websites. So read the below mentioned tricks carefully.

Free Apk Downloader : Download Apk From Google Play

download apk from google play

Is your android device is out of space ? Means you can't download and install any more apps from google play or do you want to work around country restriction ? Then you can simply download APK files from Google play to your computer and install it on your device later.

In this way you can also store a huge collection of APK files in your computer hard drive or on cloud and later whenever you required the app, you can simply take it and install it on your device.

Here's how to download APKs to your PC.