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How To Turn Off / Disable Mobile Version Of A Website On Your Phone

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disable mobile version website.

You have seen many big websites like Facebook and amazon were already offering mobile version websites to there users that are browsing from phone. 

But after mobile friendly Google algorithm update, almost each and every website is now displaying mobile version of websites to there users who are browsing from phone.

Even SolveMyHow shows mobile optimized website to their users.

Disable mobile version website

Why big companies and bloggers are moving towards mobile optimized sites ?

I'm mean there must be a strong reason behind doing this right. Let me tell you the reason. The first reason is Google algorithm update.

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So from March 2015, the sites which are not fully mobile friendly will be penalized by google and people searching from mobile will be given mobile friendly sites first. So obviously if amazon's site is not mobile friendly then other eCommerce company would have been shown in the mobile search results.

P.S this won't affect when users is searching from desktop. So you only need to worry about this when you want traffic from mobile sites.

Backup, Monitor And Restore SQL Server Databases With SQLBak

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SQLBack Database

Database is the heart and core of any business. You can't do any online business without database. You do need SQL server to store your data right.

Your SQL server database will help you to make better and faster decisions and also help you to track down your business and performance.

[Image Credits]

However any wrong decision or any unattended event can destroy all you data or some fault or attack on your database due to lack of security destroys your database or corrupt your database. As you haven't taken any backup of your data in the past, you can't be able to restore it.

This is the worst part.

So what you can really do so you do not have to go through all this.

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This thing is pretty simple. You can take backup as well as you can monitor and restore your sql server database with amazing tool called SQLBak. So if you do not want to go through data loss or if you are really looking for a reliable database server then do read the below mentioned article.

Docs.Zone Best PDF To Word Document Converter Online

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Online pdf to word document converter

Are you a student or do you work online ? Then pdf to word converter must be a headache for you. This is my personal experience as I'm both a student as well as digital marketer.

best pdf to word document converter online

I daily used to send dozens of documents to my hod and clients. At the same time I make sure that they should not be easily editable.

So in this case I can't send documents and papers in word file, I must have to convert them into pdf format for security and safety purpose.

Lets see what wikipedia defines about portable document format.

So that's why PDF's are still the one of the safest methods to send documents online. But the question is you can't easily make PDF documents. You must have to create docx files first then you need PDF to word document converter tool to convert it into pdf.

How Do I Turn Off Mobile Version Of Websites On Android Chrome Browser

turn off mobile sites

According to 2016 report there are 1 billion+ active android phone users are there across the globe. Out of 1 Billion, 10-20% are obviously using internet on there phone.

So this article is for those android users who are using internet on there phone and cannot able to use all the functionality of websites due to smaller screens.

The native HTML browser of android phones by default load mobile version of websites automatically.

For example when you type :- on your android chrome browser it will automatically redirected to

As this site is mobile friendly and after update in Google algorithm from April 2014, it is compulsory to have mobile friendly sites else websites owner may see huge loss of traffic on there sites. The world is moving on mobile site and google has also kept proper care of its users.

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But sometimes as being a user of website you don't won't to see mobile sites instead you would love to see desktop sites only. But you don't know how to turn off default mobile version of websites on android chrome browser.

So what to do at that time ?

Don't worry. Its pretty easy to turn off mobile sites. You just have to make couple of change in you phone settings and you are done.

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So lets see how to do it and how to block mobile sites to open on android chrome browser.

Download, Play and Convert Music With Audials One - A Definitive Guide!

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Audials One

I guess you all are aware with this amazing tool right. Audials one is a smooth way to download or convert music and videos for free.

Name the song and search it in Audials one, I guaranteed you, You will find it in the next second with Audials one. It has the great database of songs.

audials one 2016

Not only this you can play radio, record, convert or edit songs with just clicks of buttons. You can manage your collection of playlist easily with this tool.

Name something that's even distantly related to Online music, music streaming or anything and Audials will get the job done for you.

Don't you found this tool interesting ? If yes, then keep reading because I'm going to introduce you its amazing features and overview.

4 Awesome Apps To Help You Through Your JEE Mains

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JEE Main

If you are studying for JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) then it can be a pretty tough time. Although the syllabus for the examination is quite similar to that of 12th standard, the competitiveness is way too high here.

JEE main exams

However, if you are aspiring for a technical career, JEE is your gate pass for any prestigious institute in India. 

Thus, getting as much help as you can with your exam preparations is a must for all JEE aspirants.

While most of you are already studying hard, you need to study smart too, in order to achieve a higher rank and your smart phone can be of immense help here! 


Well, today there are a number of apps that can help you prepare for JEE on the go. Study carefully, reach your JEE main exam centres at time and keep a cool head during the test to crack JEE with ease.

So, here are 4 must have apps for all JEE aspirants.

300+ Good, Hard, Embarrassing Truth Or Dare Questions To Ask Anyone

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good truth or dare questions

Truth or dare is an amazing Q/A game played by all the age people. There are different version of games from children's version to adult version.

good truth or dare questions

In this game of truth or dare each participants has to choose either dare or truth. When the participant choose truth. He/she will be given several truth questions. In this truth game participant has to express only truth.

So you will get a chance to ask personal questions to a person to know more about him. You can also ask a question like "are you in relationship" ?

But when participant selects dare. He/she has to do whatever task is give to them. Its pretty risky and one needs lot of guts to select dare. Dare questions are pretty dangerous too.

You might can get a dare such as "Go and propose that girl". So if you're unable to complete the dare/challenge. You will be given some penalty by the group.

So I guess this is the game which we like to play the most specially when we meet our old friends right ?

In this game of truth or dare, participants may make there own rules. For example playing truth or dare game is no fun, if one continuously selects truth only. So to avoid such scenarios groups can make some rules like only 5 truths will allowed per participant 

It is most often played at parties by youngsters, at get to gather or at some nice occasions. Truth or dare game gives you an amazing opportunity to know your friend more closely. You will get the chance to know more about his/her personal life (depends on what he/she chose from truth or dare).

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Not only this, truth or dare game is also played by girlfriend's and boyfriend's. In this post I'll also let you know good truth or dare questions for your girlfriend. So you will get a chance to know more about her. This is also applied vice versa ;-)   

Let's Play !