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Top 10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2017 (updated)

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Free Sports Streaming Sites is always the trending term on the web.

Due to the busy life of today’s generation and due to some channel issues people can’t find the time to sit after the television and watch their favorite sport live. 

So, we at SolveMyHow have decided to share the list of best sports streaming sites 2017 on which you can watch live sports matches and that too for free.

It doesn't matter if you are a football fan or the basketball fan or any other sports fan, below-listed  sports streaming sites will make sure that you are enjoying your favorite sport and that too without casualties.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

Streaming sports online requires an internet connection, so it's pretty much obvious that you should have good internet connection to stream your favorite sports online.

But as we know the reach of internet among today’s generation, so it is not a big problem for any guy to have a decent internet connection.

And one more thing, all the below mentioned sites are supported to run on PC/Computer, Android and as well as iOS platforms. So now you won’t find any reason that you were unable to watch that particular match.

If you're android user then don't forget to read best Android live football streaming apps in 2017.


Free Sports Streaming Sites 2017:


1. FromHot:

Free Sports Streaming Sites FromHot

FromHot is one of the best free sports streaming sites on internet, when it comes to streaming sports online like Football, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Golf etc.

The site has very easy and simple looking UI and you can check all the available live streaming sports on the homepage only.

The biggest advantage of this site is that you can select your Timezone and according to that you can get the related options.

Not only this, they have their live chat widget too where you can chat with the people having similar interest as you and that too for free.

Looking at all these things we definitely think that FromHot is the best free sports streaming site.

2)  VIP League:

Free Sports Streaming Sites VIP League

VIP league is another live sports streaming site which not only allows you to watch sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket but also sports like cycling, Nascar etc.

The site is also available in other languages like Deutsch, Francis etc. you can even change the theme of the site to fit as per your accordance and also time zone can be changed.

Category-wise distribution of all categories like Football, Baseball etc can be seen on the homepage only.

Upcoming events also can be checked easily by this website.

Unfortunately, it’s blocked in some of the countries like India, but you can get access to it by using VPNs.

3)  WatchESPN:

WatchESPN is basically the Free Live Sports Streaming provided by ESPN Channel.

Free Sports Streaming Sites WatchESPN

Every sports enthusiast must be well aware of this channel named ESPN.
This site specialized in streaming US Sports, so if you aren’t interested in US Sports then you should go with another website as its best for US Sports only.

The site is completely free from annoying pop ads and gives you quite good experience.

Not only that ESPN also has its official apps on Android, iOS, Amazon App Store, Windows Store and on other formats.

Surely this is one of the best sports streaming sites 2017.

4) BossCast:

Free Sports Streaming Sites Bosscast

BOSSCAST is one of such sites that not only focuses on big league sports like Football, Basketball but also minor sports like Rugby, F1, etc.

Live Chat feature is also available on this site so that you can chat with other fellows taking same interest as you in particular sport.

On home page only you can see different sports videos like Football, Soccer, Basketball etc.

Moreover, you can also watch live TV as well on the site only by checking different channels from their TV Streaming Page. channels like BBC, AXN etc are available.

It is truly one of the best Sports Streaming sites.

Free Sports Streaming Sites Batman Stream

Batman Stream is among live sports streaming sites that allows you to stream multiple sports like Football, Baseball, Handball, Hockey etc.

It also has the option for selection of Time zone for the country you are currently living in.

Along with matches, certain live events of your favorite sport can also be 
streamed using this website.

Free Sports Streaming Sites Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is one of biggest live sports streaming site.

It streams almost all types of sports.

You can check all the current or say Live Sports Streaming from the homepage and can also get the time expected end time for the ongoing match.

It is best when it comes to stream live sport.

The only thing that you will find annoying about this website is Pop Ads which feels quite irritating while visiting the website.

But, it can be avoided since you are watching the sport for free.

Another good thing is that it has multiple mirrors for each available streaming so if you are finding difficulties with one you can easily switch to another and have the seamless streaming.

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Free Sports Streaming Sites All Sports Live

All Sports Live is basically live sports streaming site which features many sports like Football, Hockey and tennis. 

It is one of the most influential sites in a country like Russia.

Note: It is must that you should enable Google Translator before visiting this website as it provides live streaming but in different languages.

But still, it provides a good experience with it service and can be proved a must try website.

Free Sports Streaming Sites Laola1 is another Free Sports Streaming site which provides live streaming of major as well non-major sports.

Highlights can also be checked of many sports which is the prime feature of this site.

The UI of this site is quite modern and give quite pleasing experience.
Truly, this site is one of the best sports streaming sites in 2017.

Free Sports Streaming Sites First Row Sports

FirstRow is another Free Sports Streaming site where all your favourite sports can be streamed easily.

You can even upload your sports video and can also enjoy the uploaded videos of many other users.

Live scores can also be checked, so in case if you are on low-speed internet connection and want to know ins and out of current sports activity you can happily check it out.

The only problem that you are going to face about this site is lots of pop ads for every single click. So it's always advisable to enable Ad Blocker before using this site.

Overall it has all the features of being the list of best sports streaming sites online.

Free Sports Streaming Sites Stream Woop

Streamwoop is also a Free Sports Streaming site which features different variety of sports.

The UI of the site is good and quite easy to use type.

It covers all most all sports right from Cricket, Basketball, Football to Golf, Boxing etc.

Search Box is also there to help you to get to your favourite sport easily.

Overall the site gives great experience for Free Sports Streaming sites.

Over To You:

So this was all about top 10 best free sports streaming sites 2017 to watch your favorite sports online for free.

It took me a week to personally test and use all the sites. On SolveMyhow I never put things without testing. So I hope you loved reading this post and found this pretty useful.

Which is your favorite free sports streaming sites from the about list of 2017. Is it FromHot, VIP league, WatchESPN or any others? 

Do let me know in the comments below :)

I took me a week to complete this amazing list. Do appritiate my work and do share this post with your social media friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

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